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Friday 11 November 2016

Home & Living/ Lifestyle: The Epitome of Luxury Living @ Molek Pine 4 Luxury Apartments

I've always dreamt of living in a resort with many facilities at my fingertips. The name “Molek Pine” is not at all unfamiliar in the real estate industry in Johor Bahru. With so many ongoing residential developments in our cityscapes, Molek Pine 4 Luxury Apartments by Berinda Properties prides itself as the “epitome of luxury living” and let me tell you, they are nothing short of the best when it comes to eco-friendly living with one-of-a-kind facilities! I was lucky enough to spend a day there with my blogger friends, and let me tell you, we were more than impressed! 

Even from the exterior alone you can tell that the place is extremely high-class, and just screams 'serenity'. Molek Pine 4 is built with the aim in mind to let their residences live in ease and comfort, away from the stresses of hectic living. It should also be noted that they are the 1st Residential New Construction (High Rise) in Malaysia to win the Green Building Index (GBI) Platinum rating certification! This means that not only are the facilities great, the management emphasises on eco-friendly living that is useful to both the residences and the environment. For added lifestyle elements, there's also a Japanese restaurant, cafe, wine house and laundromat outside the apartment area for the residences' convenience. Those who are familiar with Taman Molek would know that this place is also located near a convenient neighbourhood with multi-award winning development that boasts a financial, telecommunications and logistic hub.

   Ample Parking and Electric Car Charging Space   

Unlike most high-rise apartments, Molek Pine 4 offers an underground parking space with sufficient lots to cater to the residences' cars. One of the most notable features that I noticed is that they have an area for parking and charging electric cars too! How many places in JB do you know that offers this?

   Lush Gardenscapes   

Once you step into the place, the landscapes and gardens around the area will 'wow' you. There is obviously a sense of Japanese aesthetics in the place, and rightfully so because Molek Pine 4 caters to many Japanese residences. There are taproot trees planted all around Molek Pine 4, giving off that dreamy, wonderland feel. A rainwater harvesting system is also installed in place to water the plants and clean common areas! It's not hard to feel a sense of tranquility just walking around the place, surrounded with clean lakes, ponds and lush greenery.

   4-Tier High-Tech Security   

Of course, your security is of highest importance when living in an apartment. Molek Pine 4 assures your well-being in a 24/7 well-guarded and secure community with their specially designed 4-tier security system. These state-of-the-art technological facilities means that one single smart access card will be used to enter the barrier gates at main entrance and then the car park entrance, security access to the lift lobby, lift access to specific levels (check out the touch-screen panels, no more buttons!) and lastly, access to your own home. Yep, you don't need keys anymore to unlock your front door. The cards will even allow you to access the facilities like gym, onsen room and more! There are also CCTV monitoring systems in place to ensure your security. Besides that, you can also expect the building to have Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), 2-way video intercom within your homes, fibre optic high speed broadband telecommunication and SMATV (with Astro HD capabilities). 

   Green Living   

With multiple prestigious awards on their hands, like the Gold & Platinum GBI Accreditation, Molek Pine 4 lives up to its name to conserve energy and preserve a clean & green environment. The building itself has solar panels on the roof to accumulate energy and sell off the extra solar power to TNB! All the income collected from this will be channelled back into maintaining the apartment and its facilities. They have also devised a clever way to minimise materials waste by placing a water tank in the middle of the tower. As in the above photo, the management encourages the residences to use this "Cross-stack" ventilation system that reuses the energy from their air-conditioners to dry their clothes! 
   The Penthouse   
Now for the part that you've been waiting for, lemme take you on a virtual tour of the INSIDE of the building yea? We managed to visit a few showrooms in the show-office to see the types of apartment styles offered by Molek Pine 4 and they include a 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom option. However, none of it takes my breath away more than the penthouse on the top floors of the building! The penthouse is exclusively designed for luxurious and elegant living. It is obvious that the design is more oriental with a touch of East-meets-West elements. I'm in love with the dining area and master bedroom with the giant walk-in closet. Check out the killer view too!

The best part about living in an apartment is that you get to enjoy many facilities without going too far. These are some of the facilities that we got to explore. There are your conventional ones like a basketball court, tennis court, walkway, barbeque pit, multi-purpose hall, outdoor gym area and playground for the kids...

   Japanese 'onsen' Spa   
...and then there's the less conventional facilities, like this onsenOne prominent Japanese culture is the onsen or Japanese hot spring. To keep up with the ‘Little Japan’ culture and cater to Japanese residences, Molek Pine 4 stands out with its very own authentic onsen spa room. This is the first of its kind in JB where the onsen is filled with natural geothermally heated spring water that contains minerals like iron, sulfur and metabolic acid. It is said that frequent use of the hot spring can promote healing properties. We had so much fun just chatting and relaxing in the hot spring! There are water jets and ‘seats’ along the sides of the onsen pool too where you can sit and enjoy the experience. Typically, you are supposed to go in fully naked, but obviously we couldn’t do that.. Just imagine if you live here, you can have a good soak in the hot spring almost everyday after a long day at work!

There are 2 onsen rooms available, separated for men & women. The space is fully-equipped with facilities like lockers, a seating area and powder room with hair dryer for you to fix up after you're done. Most importantly, there is a bathing area where you can either use a shower head or the wooden bucket and pail provided to wash yourself before stepping into the onsen. I have been to the onsen in Japan, and I can vouch that the facilities and design are pretty similar to the real deal!

   Sauna Room   
An additional feature in Molek Pine 4's indoor onsen is the sauna area! It's common to relax in a sauna after jacuzzi to really sweat it out. This is an infrared sauna that uses charcoal in the heating area to heat up the room. We let the room heat up while we were in the onsen. Because the building insists on eco-friendly living, each residence is responsible to turn off the lights and heat of the sauna once they are done, and I personally feel that this is a really good habit to practice. 

   Swimming Pool   
A swimming pool might be a common facility in most condominium and apartment. However, a thoughtfully designed and well maintained one is hard to come by and Molek Pine 4 has it all. Even if you're not that into swimming, you can just sit by the edge of the pool to chill on one of their pool chairs. The building has an adult pool with fountain features for added fun. Both adult pool and kids’ pool adopt the shape of the figure eight, hence it does not has any dangerous spots or awkward corners. The water is clean and yet does not have an excessive chlorine smell. The changing room is conveniently located right beside the pool. Oh, and the wading pool features a water slide that allows the kids to have some great fun and keep them entertained for a long while!

For the workout junkies, Molek Pine 4 has a spacious gymnasium at level 2. The gym is very well-equipped with fitness equipment such as exercise bikes, treadmills, flat bench, elliptical trainer, dumbbells, kettle bells and stability balls. There are fans and air-conditioner in the gym which you may turn it on during workout. Personally think that it has quite a good air circulation in the gym where one can work out comfortably without the musty gym stench, hehe. The gym is actually facing the swimming pool and it is quite nice to workout by viewing such a beautiful view out there. The big glass windows which makes the gym looks wider and there is even an empty room with huge mirror fixtures in the gym where you can use to hold yoga classes and such. 

From left to right: Dave @ Vouch Alliance, Audrey, Shirley, June & myself
So for all potential home-buyers seeking a place where you can escape from the hectic lifestyle, why not consider Molek Pine 4, a place where you can relax and let loose like a VIP at the end of every day! Special thanks to Berinda Properties for letting my girls and I spend a fun day at the residences!
Address: No. 7, Molek Pine 4 Apartment,
Jalan Molek 1/27,
Taman Molek,
81100 Johor Bahru, Johor
Tel: 07-359 1049
Operating hours: 10.00am - 6.00pm
For more information on Molek Pine 4 @ Berinda Properties, check out:

Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored collaboration with Molek Pine 4 @ Berinda Properties.

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