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Monday 5 December 2016

[Guest Post] If you are single, you should not miss this ft. Datein #LoveBeginsHere

Image from Datein
T'is the season of love. We all love to have a friend, a partner to share every moment with, especially the holidays. I do have a few single friends so when I was approached by Datein to write about their speed dating site, I thought, why not share about it on my blog since it may benefit others too? Read what the founders of the site have to say about it!


A year ago, my friend Amy and I were coming back from Penang trip. Long way ahead, plenty of time for girls talk. Amy is a beautiful and successful young lady who in eyes of her culture is supposed to be long time married. Yet, she was not. She did not even have a boyfriend. And me? Exactly the same, with a slight complication of being a foreigner.

We both went through multiple dating sites and apps and felt frustrated about it in many ways. Not to purely blame on their services, at the beginning we did not know how to use them well. Being realistic and self-critical, we always said that if you work out in an incorrect way, of course, you won’t see any results. Same applies for dating.

We wanted the real thing to happen. Not being the first one, not being the only one, but being the devoted and excited one, we decided to organize speed dating events. And so it all started. Established a group on meetup and within first two months, we had over 900 members. We were ecstatic about the attention and felt like nothing can stop us. Our first singles event, sadly, had only 6 participants turning up. Almost giving up, we thought why not to give it another shot. So, we migrated to our own dedicated web and started to pick singles who are ready to give it a try, for real. Step by step, we managed to organize greater events and we started to see the results. #LoveBeginsHere

Image from Datein
Who participates in our events? You would be surprised how high-quality singles join us. The first group is young professionals who are focused on their careers with busy lifestyle and low priority to their private lives. However, seeing their friends getting married and setting up families, they realize time has come to do something about it. The next group is second chance seekers who already went through a long term relationship which fell apart, a failed marriage or their partner passed away. Many months or years later, they feel ready to open their heart to a love again. We are really excited about our gold age group, singles in their 50s who missed their first chance when younger but still have not given up. It is not age that defines, it is just our attitude and mindset. It is inspiring to see ladies and gentleman who go for what they want regardless of what majority of people could possibly think about it. Love knows no limits.

You know what is the most exciting about all this? The thrill during the singles events and our evening phone calls with new members. Your stories are what keeps us going and we love to create more opportunities for singles to fall in love. As one of our participants told us: “You guys create opportunities for people with the same intention of getting into a relationship to virtual relationships, no embarrassing moments, no pressure of accepting or rejecting someone, you all do it on our behalf...really enjoy the format.”

Oh yes, did I tell you our next event is on 17th December? Join us to enjoy the Christmas love spirit!

This festive season, why not give yourself a chance to meet some new people? Even if you do not end up as something more, you still might make a new friend :) Don't forget to check Datein's blog for more details! Happy Holidays! ♡

Disclaimer: This article is published in partnership with Datein.

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