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Friday 30 June 2017

Beauty: Picnic Day Makeup Look and Review ft. 1028 Visual Therapy

It's been awhile since I've done a one-brand makeup look on my blog. I realised another thing though, and it's that I rarely talk about Taiwanese makeup brands on my blog. Well, I'm thrilled to share that recently, I was introduced to 1028 Visual Therapy from Taiwan and I'm impressed! This cosmetic brand is also known as 'Skincare Cosmetics' which means that it cares for your skin while you have cosmetic on. Now that's what I call killing two birds with one stone!

Because of the super cute packaging, especially the Macaroon eyeshadow, I was inspired to do an ideal look for a picnic date. A beautiful scenery and an array of cute & yummy food are what makes up a picnic. I'd like to think that we too can beautify ourselves with 'a picnic of makeup'. That doesn't mean that the look has to be heavy or cakey; you can achieve something really subtle yet pretty with just a few products!

A little insight on the name of the brand before we delve deeper into each product - 1028 Visual Therapy is a high-fashion makeup brand that is specially customised for Asians! The brand aims to help care for consumers from inside out from its design to good benefits for the skin that helps ladies to gain their self-confidence. 

The '1028' was the date that inspired the brand, October 28th (not the year that it was started ok!), while 'Visual' means the visual of a unique and beautiful Asian face & features and 'Therapy' represents the treatment essence infused into the cosmetics. Endorsed by multiple celebrities and with proven lab tests to vouch for its wonderful skincare benefits, it's no wonder that girls of all ages go for 1028 to help express their unique identity through makeup!

The 1028 Moisture Infusion CC Essence Cream SPF30 PA++ is an ultra lightweight cream that provides excellent coverage while instantly correcting dullness, dark spots and redness. Skincare is essential for your face especially, so it's good news that this product contains Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Ceramide to provide deep hydration while locking moisture in the skin.

Most CC creams don't offer that much coverage but for this, the coverage was quite decent that I didn't even have to layer a foundation over it. I got mine in Shade 01. Also, I love it when products have SPF in it! Now, I'm not a fan of CC creams but some friends have told me that this is one of the best CC creams in the market, and I totally see why now! It is so lightweight and easy to blend, perfect for those days when you just don't feel like wearing too much makeup.
Price: RM64.90
Volume: 30ml
Where to Get: Selected Watsons nationwide or website (here)
No face makeup is complete without a setting powder. The 1028 Ultimate Oil-Control Powder may look tiny, but it sure packs a punch. This revolutionary creation of ultimate oil-control powder with a double matte finish (phew, what a mouthful to say!) is perfect for touch-ups on the go! Most setting powders can be drying, but not this one! The mineral-base content provides long-wearing colour that will not oxidise or darken but rather, helps to transform excess oil into a natural glow so your makeup actually looks better throughout the day. It should note that this product only comes in one shade.

Besides the adorable packaging, this powder really does what it says and doesn't dry out the skin while successfully minimising the appearance of pores. I'd say I'm quite impressed by it based on that factor, but I wouldn't say the oil-control is fantastic especially on the T-zone. Still, it's worth a shot as the price is quite affordable. The fluffy puff is really soft and doesn't irritate the skin when you pat it on too. I find that this powder works well with the Moisture Infusion CC Essence Cream as it helps to mattify the slight shininess of the CC cream.
Price: RM29.90
Volume: 4.6g
Where to Buy: Selected Watsons nationwide or website (here)
Here comes the cutest item of all! The 1028 Macaron Eyeshadow Kit has got to be the most popular product under this brand, and you can tell why! With 6 sugary sweet shades ranging from light pinks to browns, it's the perfect eyeshadow kit to make your eye makeup look sweet and gorgeous!

The colours are absolutely gorgeous and while not very pigmented on its own, the eyeshadow shades do stand out with the use of an eye primer. Most of the shades are shimmery with glitter bits in it, but it's still easy to blend. Not only do I love the packaging, I like the fact that this kit is compact enough to bring around for travelling. Check out the 2 mini dual-ended brushes that it came with! They help to pick up and blend the eyeshadow really well too! Did I mention that this kit comes in other variants too, like the Brownie and Mont Blanc version? They're all super cute too!
Price: RM69.90
Volume: 2.1g*6
Where to Buy: Selected Watsons nationwide or website (here)
This is my favourite product out of the whole lot! The 1028 Longwear Eyebrow Definer is what every girl needs in their makeup pouch. I got mine in shade 02 Dark Brown. This brow pencil allows you to have perfect control to create your desired eyebrow shape. The rhombus-tipped pencil helps a lot in creating a soft finish while the other end of the pencil features a customised groomer or brow spoolie that helps to seamlessly blend in the product for a natural brow look.

Did I mention that this brow pencil has a hidden sharpener as well? All you have to do is twist off the spoolie part to reveal the sharpener - so convenient as most eyebrow pencils don't allow you to sharpen the tip. I'm a big lover of eyebrow products, pencils in particular, and am always on the lookout for a good one. So happy that this did not disappoint me, I would actually consider repurchasing this!
Price: RM39.90
Volume: 0.4g
Where to Buy: Selected Watsons nationwide or website (here)
The 1028 Ultimate Super Black Eyeliner with an improved formula of super saturated black pigment promises to deliver the most intense colour of 'blackest black ever'. With its innovative technology of three film-forming polymers, it forms a protective film that gives a waterproof, smudge-proof finish and double long-wear time. As you can see, the eyeliner has an ultra-thin felt tip to give precise application for sharp, defined lines.
Protip: Remember to shake well before use for maximum colour impact.

However, I would have to say that the 'blackest black' allegation is not up to par as you might have noticed on the swatch on my hand - the colour does fade off at certain angles and it also doesn't come off easily in one stroke. A little bit of pressure needs to be applied to the tip to get the product out but thank goodness the felt tip pen performed better on my eye to give sharp, thin lines. Sadly, the formula is a little too watery for my liking and while it doesn't smudge throughout the day, it doesn't dry fast either. The product isn't really suited for tight-lining or drawing your lower lids as it tends to 'run' before it dries, so be careful of getting the formula in your eye.
Price: RM54.90
Volume: 0.55ml
Where to Buy: Selected Watsons nationwide or website (here)
The 1028 Hook Mascara has quite a 'scandalous' packaging, hehe. However, you gotta admit that the hot pink & black combo is quite eye-catching! The mascara formula is an innovative anti-oil, long-wearing formulation that gives a smudge-proof and clean eye look all through the day. It also contains Vitamin B5 and as we all know, it is an essential vitamin in helping to repair and strengthen your eyelashes at the same time!

The specially designed hook brush is what caught my eye. This user-friendly brush really coats every single lash from root to tip with each application. The final look is a natural 'fan' shaped lash that is clump free and quite satisfactory in length. However, as I have mentioned multiple times, it isn't easy to keep my lashes curled so unfortunately, I did not get gravity defying curls as promised :( I would say though, the formula is quite good and can be easily removed by warm water.
Price: RM59.90
Volume: 8g
Where to Buy: Selected Watsons nationwide or website (here)

To create this look:
1. Achieve a flawless base with the Moisture Infusion CC Essence Cream. Use a Beauty Blender to easily blend out the product.
2. Eyeshadow next. Choose a lighter, matte colour from the Macaron Eye Kit as the base and apply all over the lid. Then, progress with darker shades, with the darkest on the outer corner of the eye for a gradient effect. Dab a little bit of the pink shimmery colour in the middle of the eyelid to make your eyes pop and add a dash of sweetness.
3. Shake the Ultimate Super Black Eyeliner well before use. Draw the eyeliner only on the outer corners of your eyes as you want to maintain a sweet, subtle look.
4. Apply 2 coats of Hook Mascara for longer and darker lashes.
5. Draw on your brows with the Longwear Eyebrow Definer's rhombus-tip in soft strokes and going with the hair grains. Then, blend out the lines using the groomer at the other end of the pencil.
6. Sweep a sweet pink blush colour all over the apples of your cheeks.
7. Finally, pat on the Ultimate Oil-Control Powder to set your base makeup.
8. Finish off with a bright pink lipstick to make you stand out at the picnic site!
And.. Ta-da, the final look! So far, 1028 Visual Therapy products are more of a 'hit' than miss for me. It got me wondering, how come I hardly ever try Taiwanese brand makeup? I'm so going to explore more now that I learnt that there is a higher end brand made especially for Asians. Let me know if you decide to recreate this look too, I would love to see it! :) Lastly, thank you Butterfly Project Malaysia for the chance to try out this makeup brand!

For more information on 1028 Visual Therapy:
Website (Shop on Watsons) | Facebook | Instagram

Disclaimer: Even though the review is sponsored, it is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after personally trying out the products.

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