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Saturday 3 June 2017

Beauty: 'Reaction by Viora' Skin Tightening (ST) "ReLift" Procedure by Delta Medisains @ Ng Dental Surgery

If you've been following me closely on Instastory (I'm obsessed with Instastory lately lmao), you'll notice that I went for Skin Tightening treatment recently. Delta Medisains recently invited me to try out the Viora machine - currently there's only ONE unit in JB and I got to test it out at Ng Dental Surgery at Taman Sri Tebrau. Read more to find out about the process and results!

Now, I received a few enquiries from my Instagram friends who asked why I did the aesthetic treatment at a dental clinic. I was initially confused too, but Dr Ng of Ng Dental Surgery or Klinik Pergigian Ng explained to me that it is because dentists have done in-depth studies about the facial muscles for their job and hence, makes them more than qualified and experienced to perform aesthetic services on the face. Also, the clinic has been around for years and knowing that Dr Ng was a certified Viora practitioner, I knew I was in good hands.

Anyway, a little more about Delta Medisains Sdn Bhd. They are an aesthetic devices provider in Malaysia who have worked closely with clinics, hospitals and other skin, beauty and health-related organisations for about 24 years since their inception in 1993. One of the machines that they have brought in is the Viora Med machines which promise a new dimension in contouring, cellulite and skin tightening (ST). Reaction by Viora machine provides a non-invasive, safe and painless way for procedures like body & facial contouring, ST, cellulite reduction and reduction of wrinkles & lax skin.

Before the procedure, I went over for my first consultation with Dr Ng to determine that I am suited to go through with the Reaction process. We decided that I would be most suited to do the skin tightening treatment on my cheek area to reduce the effect of laugh lines. After that, I was asked to feel in a consent form before the procedure starts.

Here's how the Reaction machine looks like! Reaction uses the most advanced radio frequency (RF) energy and vacuum technology, developed by Viora's highly experienced research team to ensure that treatments are quicker, safer, with no pain or downtime. Reaction can be used to treat the entire body including the face, neck, decollete, underarms, stomach, buttocks and thighs. The process of tightening loose skin around the body is called "ReFit" while the process of reducing local fat volume around the facial area is called "ReLift". I will be doing the "ReLift" treatment.

Isn't it amazing how one machine is able to perform multiple functions? I asked Dr Ng about it and he explained to me that this is a specialised tool attached to the machine specifically for ST purposes. The bi-polar head is used to heat up the dermis and stimulate collagen synthesis to strengthen existing collagen fibers.

The mode and intensity level will be displayed on this screen. Dr Ng explained that the machine has 4 modes but for the face, we will only be using modes 1 to 3. Mode 1 breaks down the in-depth dermis while mode 2 and 3 gets gradually shallower to target the upper surface areas. Mode 4 would be a combination of all the modes, but it is only applicable for body contouring.

First, the nurses helped me to wear a disposable shower cap to push back my hair and also remove any makeup residue on my face to ensure maximum results. 

Dr Ng then indicated the areas to target by marking with a white pencil. Apparently, my face isn't that symmetrical (as most people's face aren't) so we had to do 5 spots on the right side on the face and only 4 on the left. This treatment will ultimately help to lift my cheeks and make my face look more symmetrical and younger. The doctor will also snap a quick 'Before' photo to do a comparison at the end of the treatment.

While the ST procedure uses a built-in cooling mechanism, cooling gel is also applied for maximum comfort. After all, we are going to be heating up the skin to break down the layers, so it's best to apply cooling gel.

Now comes the exciting part. Dr Ng first uses Mode 3 to zap the lower dermis of the skin to "heat" it up and subsequently stimulate hyaluronic acid (HA) and collagen production. He goes over each side of the face on the spots indicated for 6 times. At first, the pain was very tolerable as I did not flinch much, but it slowly got hotter towards the end as the skin gets exposed to the heat more and the cooling gel is running thin. However, I wouldn't say that it's very painful - just imagine a tiny ant's bite, not that bad right? Well, if I could still take photos and Instastory throughout the process, it must be a pretty chill and quick procedure.. Haha. The machine produces a red light when "zapping" the skin as a result of the radiofrequency.

Here's a quick video to illustrate what I meant! It will also give you a good insight as to how the machine operates :)

Each side of the face takes only about 10 minutes to get done. Fast, right? After that, the nurse wipes off the excess cooling gel and Dr Ng helped me to apply some Rosken moisturiser to cool down the skin. I was advised to apply sunblock and not go into direct sunlight on that day, but otherwise, I can go about my daily activities as usual. I felt like my skin was tingling a little and definitely felt tighter right after the treatment. The full results should appear in around 48 hours.

Each treatment course depends on the body part and specific individual. ReLift and ReFit have special protocols that may differ in the total number of treatments. Because I'm still young, Dr Ng recommended only 2 or 3 sessions for me to see the full results. A week after that, I went back for my 2nd session and this time, Dr Ng increased the frequency a little. FYI, before each session, the doctor will check if you are able to take the intensity by doing a spot test. He was surprised that I was able to tolerate up to 70 joules haha! For the 3rd week, I went back to follow-up and take my 'After' photo but Dr Ng realised that one side of my face looks imbalanced, so we only performed the procedure on the left side. That was when I could REALLY feel the difference on both sides of my face. The left side felt tauter and firmer as compared to the right side.

These photos were taken after the first treatment and last treatment (2 days after each treatment) respectively. The most noticeable difference was that my laugh lines (the areas around my nose) are less obvious after the treatment! My cheeks also feel more lifted and you can tell that my cheekbones look higher when I smile. My bf himself said that my face looks sharper and I'm quite pleased with that :p Of course, the results are subtle on me and would be more obvious on mature skin, but I am impressed at the difference it made on my skin after just 2.5 sessions. According to Dr Ng, as the treatment has helped to stimulate collagen growth, it will become a good base for my skin to give it better texture. Some people also get naturally pink, flushed cheeks as a result of the treatment, but unfortunately, that did not happen for me :( Oh well! The next part is just to get my follow-up treatment done in 6 months because that's how long the results will last!

Thank you Dr Ng for the careful and attentive procedure. This treatment is not to change the way you look, but rather enhance it. It's no wonder this treatment is so popular among older women who are looking to recapture their youth and stimulate collagen growth in the skin for a more youthful appearance. For those in JB, if you're interested, don't forget to make an appointment at Ng Dental Surgery for a consultation!

For more info on Viora Med:

For more info on Delta Medisains:

Disclaimer: Even though the treatment was sponsored, it has not affected my opinion in anyway. All opinions on treatment and services are purely my own after experiencing it personally.

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