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Wednesday 23 August 2017

Carinn x Invisalign: ClinCheck Updates + Invisalign Open Day in JB!

So, y’all probably already know that I will be restarting my Invisalign experience soon >< Just a quick update as I think it’s been awhile since I updated you guys on my teeth progress. Previously, I shared with you my Clincheck report so I don’t see why I shouldn’t share with you again! There are 2 versions here – one with and one without extraction. Try to guess which plan I decided to go with in the end!

A Clincheck is basically a digital report that predicts how your teeth will move once undergoing the Invisalign process. The patient or the doctor are allowed to make adjustments if you are not happy with the prediction or final results. For my case, my dentist, Dr ST Tiew, did some readjustments and had requested for both a Clincheck WITH and WITHOUT extraction involved so that I could make my decision.

The first report is one that doesn’t require any extraction. I hope the videos are clear enough! It will also take a shorter time to complete my whole Invisalign course as it only takes 5 months or so, with only about 20 aligners! However as you can tell, there will be multiple attachments to put on my teeth and I have to be VERY disciplined to ensure that my teeth moves according to the plan.

Seeing as my teeth is quite crowded now and that my side profile/ top lip juts out slightly (you can find the picture here), Dr Tiew suggested that I do extractions in order to get a prettier side profile plus ensure that my teeth is straighter. After extracting four, yes FOUR, teeth (2 on top and 2 at the bottom), my teeth will definitely have more space to move. You can tell which tooth I'll be extracting, it's the ones that are grey. However, this plan will take a longer time (about 41 aligners, about double the amount of the plan that does not require extraction) as the teeth needs time to move and cover up the gap.

Guess which plan I decided to go with?
Yeap, I’m gonna be doing extractions. FOUR TEETH EXTRACTED IN ONE SHOT. OMG I can’t believe it! It took me SOOO long to decide as I have a pretty low pain tolerance 😰 But since my previous Invisalign plan without extraction did not seem to have much significant effect, I decided that extraction would be a better choice. Plus, factoring in the fact that my top 2 wisdom tooth are starting to grow out, it is quite important that there are ample space for my teeth to move should the mature wisdom teeth grow out fully.

So excited yet nervous I will be doing my extractions this Sunday at the JB clinic (a subsidiary branch of White Dental Clinic, a part of Tiew Dental Group as well) as I’m not sure how I will travel back to JB in pain after getting 4 teeth extracted XD Now, please excuse me while I go binge on all the food that I love and be prepared to see me with awkward toothless smiles after this as there will surely be a temporary gap in my teeth for a while! <haha> ! I’m afraid of pain, but I felt that this is what I should do (alongside being more disciplined in wearing my aligners) in order to get the beautiful teeth I want! 

Now, I've got a special announcement to make.....


If you wish to get Invisalign done too, or if you just wish to get some professional advice on what the treatment is like, I would STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to visit Klinik ST Tiew & Partners at Bukit Indah this Sunday, 27th August 2017 for the Invisalign Open Day! Yes, I’ll be there too as that is the day that I’ll be doing extractions haha.

Now, what can you expect from the event?

There will be free consultation, free X-Ray scanning, free photo shooting (for data collection) of your teeth, free gifts and more! I also heard that there will be a special price on the Invisalign package, you will save A LOT, trust me 😁 Limited seats left, so make sure you fill in this form to reserve your slots!

Venue: Klinik Pergigian Tiew & Partners, Bukit Indah JB (Facebook here)
Address: Wisma SP Setia, C3-0427, Jalan Indah 15, Taman Bukit Indah, Tampoi, Johor, Malaysia
Date: 27 August 2017 (Sunday)

Time: 10.00am - 3.30pm
Fill in the registration form HERE to reserve your slots!

Disclaimer: [Sponsored] I have received complimentary Invisalign treatment from Align Technology, Inc & White Dental Cosmetic Centre (Bangsar South branch). This post was written in kind on my own accord for a subsidiary branch of ST Tiew Dental Group in Johor Bahru (Klink ST Tiew & Partners).

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