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Thursday 9 November 2017

Home & Living: 5 Minimalist Home Décor Pieces You Need to Beautify Your Home

My sister and I have been talking about revamping our room lately. We have decided to go with the minimalistic theme as it is simple, clean and youthful. Also, you can never go wrong with black & white! Because there are a limited selection of items to shop in stores in JB, we have been browsing online for some inspiration and here are some items that I think everyone should consider purchasing in order to up your home décor game! These pieces would look great in the bedroom, or any other space in the house for that matter!

Modern Ceiling Light
The first thing that caught my eye was this Modern Ceiling Light with its cool geometrical shape! In my opinion, this light will add a touch of minimalism and luxury to any home. Because it comes in black, it would most certainly suit any interior styles that has black, white or brown notes. This light would look nice in the dining room or bedroom, don’t you think so?

Swing Chair
In keeping in tune with the minimalistic theme, this Swing Chair in black would be a great addition to your living room, balcony or patio! My aunt has one in white, and my sis has always talked about getting one for our home too. Don’t be fooled by its rattan material, because it is sturdier than it looks and actually very comfy when you place a few throw-pillows on the chair. There, now you can really relax in style!

Elegant Bedside Stand Lamp
Every room needs a bedside lamp, but why not get a Bedside Stand Lamp instead? This lamp would also be great for lighting up the living area. I was attracted by this one with a white lamp shade as white is a versatile colour and suits the minimalistic theme very well.

Vintage Mirror
If you’re a girl, you definitely need this mirror! Just imagine doing your makeup in front of this pretty round mirror with steel frame. I can imagine this mirror hanging above my dressing table or in the bathroom. Minimalism doesn’t have to be boring, as testament by this mirror with its black, vintage rim.

Book Case
This bookcase is probably the biggest item that I found while browsing the Home Décor category for furniture inspirations! While this book case would certainly look great in my study, I can also visualize placing this book case in my bedroom and filling it with quirky trinkets and possibly even display my makeup collection :p Because it’s white, it’d be great for me to place items there and take product photos for my blog as well hahaha #bloggerlife :p

When decorating your home, it is important to visualize your theme and also have an idea of what items you need or don’t need, especially if you're on a budget. I hope you loved these minimalist home décor pieces that I picked out for my room! Please let me know which piece you loved the most and leave me a comment below!

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