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Wednesday 1 November 2017

Lifestyle: Aromatherapy Full-Body Massage @ Thai Odyssey, AEON Bandar Dato Onn JB (New Branch)

Congratulations to Thai Odyssey on yet another new outlet opening! Did you know that Thai Odyssey is actually the largest Thai massage chain in Malaysia? So glad to be collaborating with them yet again! For Deepavali this year, my parents and I had the chance to experience the Aromatherapy full-body massage at their new outlet at AEON Bandar Dato Onn, JB which just opened less than 3 months ago.

The interior of this branch is pretty similar to the other branches as it still resonates the same Thai interior elements such as dark wood,  carvings and gold accents. It's really like being in another world because you feel instantly relaxed once you step away from the noisy, crowded mall into Thai Odyssey.

Since I have introduced the Thai Massage and main interior of the largest branch in my previous post, let's talk about the Aromatherapy massage instead!

Before going in to the massage rooms, the staff at Thai Odyssey will let you pick the aromatherapy essential oil that you will be using. I really appreciate that they let us smell which scent we prefer beforehand. There are 5 organic massage oils altogether and the staff helpfully explained what each one does.

Muay - to relax your aching muscles (lemongrass scented)
Relax - to help your body relax and sleep better (lavendar scented)
Purify - to improve and detox your skin (orange scented)
Energy - to refresh your senses (peppermint scented)
Tone - to remove back acne/ backne (tea tree scented)

I chose the Relax (lavendar-scented) one to help me sleep better, while my mum went for Muay (lemongrass scented) to help with her muscle ache.

We all had to get our feet washed and scrubbed before the massage began. My mum decided to go for the aromatherapy massage with me, while my dad purchased a full-body Traditional Thai Massage instead as he dislikes essential oils, lol.

Totally calming as the massueuse took special care to use warm water and they even have a special honeydew jojoba scrub to scrub our feet clean before we put on their special slippers.

I would say that the rooms are similar to the Holiday Villa branch too, albeit smaller. The little towels folded into the shape of a swan is so cute! The bed also had a hole for you to put your face in as you lay on your stomach when your back is getting massaged.

I appreciate the Thai Odyssey's thoughtfulness in preparing a special cupboard that has a long mirror and safe combination to keep our belongings in, so you don't have to worry about your things going missing while you are doing your massage. Inside the cupboard, you will find a robe to change into, a hair brush and comb (inside that brown basket), shower cap and a pair of disposable underwear. The massuese handed me a towel to change into instead as I will be doing aromatherapy.

Before and after the massage, the masseuse will prepare a cup of warm thai herbal tea to sip on and help you relax. FYI, this is my first time going for a full body massage and I was kind of shocked to be fully undressed for aromatherapy. Explains the disposable underwear, AHEM... Hahaha. I was initially worried that it will hurt me as I am quite thin, but after the experience I found that aromatherapy is much gentler than traditional Thai massage and definitely more relaxing when you feel the massueuse's professional hands work away the knots in your muscles and the soothing essential oil scent calm your nerves. I could almost fall asleep...

After the 90-minutes session, I honestly felt like I was floating on air cos my body felt so relaxed and less tense 😇 We were each also given a Feedback Form to fill in after that and what I did comment was that it was slightly noisy due to the 6D arcade next door. I heard from the staff that many customers have complaint too and they are trying to elevate this matter to the management. Hopefully they will be able to fix this!

It was a good first-time experience for me and definitely made me feel lighter, especially the shoulder area, because I'm constantly working on my computer or looking down at my phone (Very bad, I know). My mum enjoyed it too but she remarked that she prefers Traditional Thai Massage too as she didn't enjoy the "after" feeling of the essential oil HAHA (what did you expect mum). Anyway, now that I know that both my parents fell in love with Thai Odyssey already, I decided to get them vouchers to do full-body Traditional Thai Massage again as their birthday presents XD Fuss-free and thoughtful gift if anyone's looking for any gifting ideas! :p 

If you're in the neighbourhood and looking for a place to soothe your aching muscles, drop by Thai Odyssey! They are available in all major shopping malls around Malaysia, so shouldn't be too hard to find. I found out that they have recently opened another new branch in Genting too! Btw, the Full-Body Aromatherapy Massage (90-minutes) is priced at RM188.70 (inclusive of 6% GST), in case anyone's interested!

For more information on Thai Odyssey, check out their:

Disclaimer: Even though the review was sponsored, it is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after personally trying out the services offered.

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