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Friday 15 March 2019

Beauty: Easy Colourful Makeup Look ft. #AltheaMakeup

I don't think I've ever done a one-brand makeup look featuring Korean products on my blog before. Since Althea Korea just launched their first exclusive makeup series, I thought this would be a good time to show you how to create a simple colourful yet wearable look using the makeup products that they sent over! Honestly, joining Althea Angel has given me so much cool swag and the opportunity to try out their products first-hand, which I'm really grateful for. 😁

You've probably seen my reviews on Althea Exclusives skincare line on my Instagram (find the hashtag #carinnxalthea for more) and I'm quite amazed at how they can produce such straightforward yet multi-functional products. So, I was definitely quite excited to try out their affordable makeup range!


Ok, this isn't technically a makeup product but it was one of the things that I was quite excited to try since I watched some videos of similar products online before. With a name like Skin Relief Spot Film Gel, at first I thought it was just a regular pimple cream but it turns out, it's a zit-zapping treatment that you apply thinly on the skin and when it dries down, it acts as a protective barrier and allows you to have "flatter", smoother canvas to apply your makeup! It contains tea tree oil which everyone knows is effective in treating acne, with a mix of Centella and pine leaf extracts to calm redness.

The formula is really quite unique, it comes out as a milky white gel but once you apply it on your skin thinly, it becomes a colourless thin layer instead. The gel is sticky when you apply and try to really SMOOTH it down, not dab. 

Once it dries, the feeling is kind of tight, but matte, like how it would be if you applied a peeling mask. Or.. do you know how it was like when you applied glue on your hand in primary school and when it dried you peeled it off? That's the only way I can describe it haha.. The interesting part? You are able to achieve a smooth, flat surface as it covers your zit and allow you to apply makeup over it properly. In theory, this sounds like a great idea but to my disappointment, the gel tends to rub up from the sides and if your skin is too dry, makes you look like you have bits of dry skin on your face. I'm not sure if it's cos I did not apply it correctly, but in my opinion, this would only be suitable for people who rarely break out and have smooth skin to begin with, or if you're not planning to be outside for long hours (it can be just a really quick solution). Proof that you can't believe everything you see on the Internet.. You would also have to be careful not to touch your face throughout the day so as to avoid accidentally scraping off the film. I gotta admit, it does feel quite therapeutic to "peel off your face" when you're removing your makeup though! XD
Price: RM 19
Volume: 15ml
Where to Buy: Althea website

If I could only spend my money to buy ONE makeup product, it would be concealer. I use it daily and sometimes in place of foundation to cover up my flaws. The best part about the Flawless Creamy Concealer? It is only priced at a wallet-friendly price of RM 15! Yes, you read that right! The buildable formula is made of Aquaxyl to moisturise and improve the overall healthy appearance of the skin, while the long-wearing properties ensure long-staying power.

When I first started using the concealer, I thought it was quite dry and did not like it, especially when used with the Skin Relief Spot Film Gel. Then my friend advised me to do proper skincare first to moisturise my skin. I tried it again and after that, I fell in love with this concealer! I am quite picky when it comes to concealer and I have tried SO MANY, but this one really lives up to its name, while having a great price point to boot. It is really creamy, easy to blend, buildable and has decent coverage. My only qualms is that you have to work fast when applying it as it tends to dry fast, and also that there should be more shades to cater to people with darker skin tone. Inclusiveness, y'all! But overall, I would say this concealer has now become one of my daily favourites!

For me, the shade that suits my skin the most is #02 Ginger for my under eye and pimples. However, I found that by using the brightest shade #01 Vanilla and #04 Mocha is great as highlighter and concealer. So what I usually do is apply the different concealer colours on my face like "clown makeup" and then blend it all in using a beauty sponge.
Price: RM 15 each (4 shades)
Volume: 4g
Where to Buy: Althea website

This is probably the most expensive thing in the whole Althea Exclusives range, but also the most special and the one everyone looked forward to as it is a collaboration between Althea and Indonesian singer and actress, Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) to create Althea's very first eyeshadow palette: Sunrise & Moonrise. The 8 shades featured are designed to help you take your look from practical daytime makeup to sultry night time looks, so you look as glamorous as BCL all the time. 

The shades have no names, but you may find a short description of the colours below:
1. Shimmery nude with pink undertone, perfect as a highlight.
2. Matte light brown to use as base shade, crease definition or lower lashline.
3. Metallic rose gold shade.
4. Metallic gold that shimmers. The glitter are quite chunky though.
5. Shimmery rich brown with gold hues.
6. Shimmery deep wine shade that I've seen so many bloggers loving.
7. Shimmery, pearly pink with purple undertones. I would use this as a highlighting colour too! Do note that this colour contains Carmine though.
8. Subtle shimmery cool purple tone to add definition and finish off the look.

There are 5 shimmer shades, 1 matte and 2 glitter shades to create endless looks for any occassion! Shades 1 - 4 are the Sunrise shades which are more warm-toned, while shades 5 - 8 are the Moonrise shades that are cooler. When swatched and applied with your fingers, the eyeshadow glides easily onto the skin and come out quite pigmented. However, it's a pity that it slightly missed the mark when you use a brush, especially the lighter colours. I'll definitely have to play around with it more to find the best way for it to work. Overall, I'm pleased with the colours range and buttery smooth application (non-patchy). Also, it would be great if Althea is able to collaborate with artistes from other countries in the future too to create nice products like this!

To achieve this colourful look, you will start with Shade 2 (the light brown) as a base. Then, apply Shade 6 (shimmery deep wine) at the outer corner of your eyes for more depth. After that, use Shade 8 (cool purple) as eyeliner for your top lash line and half of the bottom lash line, fading it out as you reach the pupil. Lastly, dab a bit of Shade 4 (metallic gold) in the middle of your eyelid to draw some attention to your eye.
Price: RM 140
Volume: g
Where to Buy: Althea website
I'm guessing the name Spotlight Eye Glitter was given because the glitters are gonna shine as bright as spotlights! Grab everyone's attention with these sparkly babies that double up as an eyeliner or eyeshadow in one easy to use product. The formula is buildable so you can either go for a subtle glow or a full-on glitter look. The formula is said to be hydrating as well and glides like butter over the lids for an easy blend. Before they set down, you can blend it out and they are virtually budge-proof after.

Now, I've had bad experience with glitter eyeliners as I find that a) they tend to not be pigmented enough and b) the glitters are too chunky and tend to flake off and fall into my eyes. For these, I find that they are not exactly too pigmented in one swipe (you might have to go over few times if you wish to use as eyeliner), but they are not uncomfortable to wear. Definitely blendable, but don't wait too long as it dries quickly. I prefer #01 Gold Light shade to #02 Pink Light shade, simply because it is easier to pair with any eyeshadow colour and it surprised me cos it looked silver in the tube but when applied, it comes out gold! Amazed! 😱

To add more glam to your eye look, finish off with #01 Gold Light on your inner lower lashline. You can either use the thin brush provided, or dab it on lightly with your fingers. 
Price: RM 24 each (there are 2 shades)

Volume: 4.5ml

Where to Buy: Althea website

Get deliciously juicy lips with these Watercolour Cream Tints! The design is so sleek and reminds me of certain high-end beauty brands. In typical Althea multi-use function, these have the pigmentation of a lipstick, the long-wearing power of a lip stain or tint and the moisturising formula of a lip gloss. The lippies contain hyaluronic acid and squalene to prevent chapped or flaking lips, something I desperately need lol. The shades are all in pinks or reds and has a doe-foot applicator, plus sweet strawberry scent!

Tints are useful as you can apply them as both lip or cheek product. To be honest, upon swatching, I feel that the name is a little off as the first 3 shades are more liquidy or tint-like and only shade #04 Marron Cream is a truly creamy tint. This has thus become my favourite shade as it is so comfortable to wear and gives a MLBB effect with a semi-shiny finish.

Use the doe-foot applicator to apply the lip colour. I chose #04 Marron Cream and as you can see, it's quite similar to the swatched colour on my hand (has a slight orange tinge to it). If you prefer a more pigmented finish, you can finish applying on your whole lip with the applicator, or if you're just looking for a slight tint, dab some product in the centre of your lip and use your fingers to spread it out.

The lip tint can also be used as a blusher by lightly dabbing the colour on your cheeks and working quickly to blend it out before it dries.
Price: RM 20 each or RM 72 when you get it in a set of 4 shades

Volume: 4.5ml

Where to Buy: Althea website (individual or set)
And.. you're done! The colour doesn't look that strong on my camera but trust me, it is pretty colourful and totally wearable in real life. Overall, I would like to applaud Althea on a job well done once again on their Althea Exclusives range. Their products are so, SO affordable and if you are just starting out on makeup or skincare, I would advice you try out Althea Exclusives as they are wallet-friendly and effective. My favourites from the Makeup Box would be the concealer and eyeshadow. Remember to check out Althea's Instagram page to get updates as they tend to have promotions, special sets or freebies on the Althea Exclusives range sometimes! Hope you've enjoyed my review and swatches!

For more information, check out ALTHEA's:

Disclaimer: Even though the review is sponsored, it is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after personally trying out the products.

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