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Saturday 17 October 2020

Home & Living: Sleep Easy with GETHA Latex Pillows!

Today I'll be reviewing something that I've never reviewed before.. BUT it's a post that you will wanna read! Now that everyone has to stay home during the RMCO, we spend a lot of time in our bedroom. I myself have been investing in sleepwear and bedsheets/ comforters so that the 'stay-at-home' stint feels more comfortable. I don't know about you, but the stress of the last few months have made it hard for me to get a good night's sleep. I toss around a lot in my sleep and usually wake up with sore neck, so I've been wanting to change my pillow for awhile. But I didn't know what pillow would be a better choice for me.. If you've had the same problem, then read on!

I had the chance to try out these GETHA pillows in different variants. I'm sure most of you would've heard of GETHA or seen their stores in malls. GETHA has been around since 1969 and they are the pioneer in creating natural latex bedding and pillows. I myself have never thought of trying out natural latex pillows before but now that I've discovered GETHA, there's no turning back for me :x

First up is the Soft Latex Pillow. For both pillows that I'll be showing you, I actually went to the stores to try them out first before purchasing online. I went to two different outlets and both times, the salesperson are extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the product range so I was pretty impressed. I asked for their recommendation and they asked if I was more of a back sleeper or side sleeper. So yes, the way you sleep matters when choosing a good pillow! 

The pillows came delivered in a dual-layered carrier aka dust bag with the product information card in front. The parcel I received was huge (but too bad I forgot to take pic for y'all!) Just know that they are efficient in terms of delivery as I received my pillow within 3 days after placing my order.

The GETHA 100% Natural Latex Soft Pillow is ideal for back sleepers. While their best-seller is the Firm Latex Pillow, the salesperson told me that most ladies actually prefer the soft variant of latex pillows. It is slightly lower than the normal down or foam pillows that you'd find but it's perfect for my size. As you can see from the tag at the side of the pillow, more than 18 rubber trees were tapped to produce this pillow! 18!! Just goes to show you how "pure" the latex material they used is and their dedication to quality and transparency. All GETHA latex products are also environmentally and ecologically-friendly.

The pillow might look odd and plain with its tiny holes that are very noticeable as the outer protective layer is more of a mesh material. However, it is quite light and you don't feel the bumps at all when you sleep. The Soft Latex Pillow conforms or follows the natural shape of the spine to provide comfort for the head, neck and shoulders so with this lesser pressure, you won't wake up to a stiff neck (omg godsent for me). Personally I like this pillow a lot and I slept like a baby the first night I tried it! By the way, the pillow is 65 x 38cm, about the same measurements as a regular pillow so your normal pillowcases would fit well.
GETHA 100% Natural Latex Soft Pillow
Price: RM260.10 (n.p. RM289.00)
Size: L 65 x W 38 x H 15cm
Where to Buy: GETHA website or in-stores

Next up is the GETHA Aroma Latex Pillow. The name may be a bit of a misrepresentation as this pillow does not have any special scent to it (i checked haha). However, I should note that all Getha pillows has a unique subtle scent which I believe is the latex. It's not uncomfortable and barely noticeable.

Similarly to the Soft Pillow, the Aroma Pillow comes in a carrier bag too in case you need to store your pillows.

There are more labels on this pillow though for some reason. It states that the pillow is made from 'Getah Asli' or natural latex, and more than 13 rubber trees were tapped to produce this pillow.

Aesthetically, the Aroma Latex Pillow looks better than the Soft one thanks to its stripes and dark blue seams so I think even without a pillowcase on this pillow, it would still look great, like hotel standard. This pillow is slightly smaller though at 58 x 34cm, and also a bit flatter. The pillow is also perfect for back sleepers and helps to alleviate pain on the head, neck, shoulder and spine.
GETHA 100% Natural Latex Aroma Pillow
Price: RM233.10 (n.p. RM259.00)
Size: L 58 x W 34 x H 13cm
Where to Buy: GETHA website or in-stores

This is a little "squish" test that I did so you can see the pillow firmness. My hand sinks in more on the Soft pillow. The pillows retains their shape well for years so you don't have to fluff it up as they won't flatten. If you noticed, there are hundres of tiny "holes" all over both pillows (more obvious on the Soft one) and this is because it provides ventilation and continuous flow of fresh air to allow body heat and moisture to dissipate when sleeping. FYI, the pillows are pre-washed during the manufacturing process so you do not have to wash them as they are naturally dust-mite, allergen, bacteria and fungal-resistant. You don't even have to, and are not supposed to, sun them like we do with regular pillows! Last but not least, all pillows are tested against harmful substances in accordance to the European ECO requirements so they are non-toxic and hypoallergenic so people with allergies or asthma, you don't have to worry about not cleaning your pillows regularly :)

I actually chose the pillows for me and my boyfriend to use. We both went to the store to try out the pillows and we have slept on each pillow alternately to test them out. We both agree that the Soft Latex Pillow is our preferred choice because it conforms to our head, neck and shoulders better. Even though it is stated that it's better for back sleepers, I am a side sleeper and I still find it extremely comfortable. I personally prefer pillows that are of medium firmness but do not be misled, the Soft pillows do not have the same effect as down pillows that go flat after you sleep on it lol. So the firmness for this was just perfect for me. We did not choose their best-selling Contour Latex Pillow this time which is shaped like those memory foam pillows in the market because we both have had bad experience previously and ended up with sore neck even though it is said that this kind of pillow fits our neck better. Didn't wanna take our chances so we got the Soft and Aroma instead, no regrets!

Studies show that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, so it's so important to get a good night's sleep everyday to function better during the day! Go test out these GETHA pillows if you don't believe me, I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised too because they are worth every penny!

For more information on GETHA products, check them out on:

Disclaimer: [Sponsored] I have received complimentary pillows from GETHA. However, this is a non-paid review and is written based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after personally trying out the products. 

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