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Sunday 12 January 2014

Carinn x OOTD: A Touch of Red

Lace cropped top from Topshop
Asymmetrical chiffon skirt from China
Red heels from Taobao
Nude clutch from Dazzling Couture
Hearts ring from Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid
LOVE and Cross bracelet from Happy2u
[Not in picture] Flower earrings from Forever21

Photographer: MCY

Just a quick update on what I wore for our 1st year anniversary dinner yesterday :) Big thanks to the boy for snapping pics for me even though it was already 8.30pm and we were both hungry!
We spent the day in Singapore, hence we came back quite late for dinner. Got drenched in the rain, but it was so so so fun! <3

Finally got the chance to wear the skirt which was given to me by my aunt. High-low skirts make the legs look slimmer and longer! It's so hard to find one where the length suits me just fine.. #shortpeopleproblems
I'm fine with wearing monochromatic colours most of the time but since it's our anniversary, a touch of red added a more sophisticated feel to the look. Red is the colour of love, after all! ;)
Together with the laced cropped top that is bare-backed and red stilettos, it makes this outfit subtly sexy too; just right for a dinner date!
You can dress this look up with elaborate accessories like a chunky bracelet or statement necklace too. For me, the red lips and shoes were enough so I kept everything else neutral and simple, like the nude clutch and gold bracelets. The only thing missing is pretty curled hair but I had no time to do that -_-'' #aintnobodygottimefodat
Oh btw, know what's the best part? My whole outfit put together was RM100 or less :p Ask me how HAHAHAH xD 

Love the first & last photo though, how did he manage to capture it to look like the skirt was flowing?? XD Love the bf more for learning how to use the DSLR and always snapping pics for me, waiting for me to get ready, driving me around, etc..

Lastly, Happy Anniversary to us. :)))) <3

If you'd like to see more, you can view my previous Carinn x OOTD post here :)



  1. hey babe! saw ur blog on Young Bloggers fb group. nice red shoes btw! :) i've followed ur blog, mind following me too? :)

    1. Hi babe! Thanks! :) And thanks for following me, followed you back! :) x

  2. love your red shoe!! so envy you gals can just wear any shoe/ heels.. >_<

    1. Thanks! And it's very cheap only lol. You can wear heels also ah, Aud!


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