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Thursday 27 March 2014

#Carinn21st Birthday Party!

[Warning! Lengthy and photo heavy post!]

I know it's been more than a month since my birthday, but I still want to write down my thoughts and feelings here so that I won't forget it many many years down the road. It wasn't anything grand, just a simple party at home but it was perfect to me because of all the love I received. So yes, please don't mind the date and let's do a little #throwbackthursday to my 21st birthday party on Feb 4th, shall we? :)

The theme was Stripes & Polka Dots. It wasn't a smooth-sailing party at all, but I'm glad it turned out great in the end!

My actual birthday is on Feb 6th, but because it falls on a Thursday, it's not a really good day to throw a party right? Also, Feb 4th happened to be on a holiday since it's the fourth day of CNY so most of my relatives are still around JB and we can make it a family gathering as well. See, my dad had it all planned. Lol. Initially wanted it to be on the second day, but most of my friends will not be back from their hometown. :(

Woke up feeling pretty.. worried. Worried because I had lost my voice, because my props and backdrop which I ordered online for the photobooth had not arrived, worried if I can't get my backup deco up on time, worried that no one would enjoy themselves, worried that no one would follow the theme or would even attend the party...... Aiya, long story lah. I was kinda emo that after I switched the date of my party to accomodate my friends and family but in the end, not many could attend. I was really sad on CNY Eve, plus I fell sick just before the reunion dinner (and for 21 days after that I lost my voice, might I add), so it wasn't a good start to the new year. I'm quite stupid for being so emotional, I know. I mean, it's just a party right? So much for being an adult, huh? LOLOL.

I needn't have worried because I have a wonderful and helpful family and boyfriend to help me do up the place! I was seriously, seriously TOUCHED because everyone offered their help and did such a good job with the makeshift "photobooth" within a few hours.
I really thank God for placing these wonderful people in my life. Thankful for my big and helpful family who spent time and effort in making my party a successs!

I look sick, because I was. (Mishap #1) The birthday girl had no voice that night to entertain guests lol! Everyone asked me why my voice was so "sexy" and I just made a joke that my voice cracked cos of puberty lololol!

Birthday OOTD:
Polka-dotted bustier dress from Bugis Street, Singapore (thank you bf for shopping the whole day with me!)
Floral crown from
Accessories were my 21st birthday presents :p

All photo credits that night to my dad, aunt Ellen and cousin Rayson who lent me his DSLR as well.

(Mishap #2) On that day, the props that I ordered could not arrive on time because PosLaju wasn't opened during CNY. Can't blame the seller as well, cos I ordered kinda late.. I initially wanted a real photobooth machine, but it was wayyyy too costly to hire one as they will charge transportation fees + extra payment since it's CNY -_- I wanted helium balloons too, but no party shop was opened since it was still CNY. Conclusion, don't have your birthday party during CNY or start preparing whatever you can earlier to avoid mishaps.....

The crazy pre-party preparations! Everything was super last minute. 
My mum and sis cut and pasted the photobooth backdrop and props. 
My little brother and cousin Joel were pumping balloons in the back room. 
Boyfriend had brought me shopping for supplies days before the party and even skipped class on that day to help me decorate. 
My cousin Annie and cousin-in-law worked for an event company before and they came earlier to help me tie balloon pillars and decorate the place so it looks cheerful! 
Omg seriously... Touched.. T.T

The end result. Totally different from what I ordered initially, but perfect nevertheless. IMO, it's a great job for something that we rushed out from scratch within 5 hours!

Sweet chocolate cupcakes baked by my aunts Joo & Ellen, better known as The Baking Sisters, that morning! You guys can check out their Facebook pages here and here cos they bake yummy homemade goodies all the time! I'm one lucky niece.

#Carinn21st Desserts Table. Somehow it turned out to be quite dreamy and girly, just like how I'd imagined it'll be :)

The outdoor tent & deco. Yep got the striped tent to suit the theme.

The party food which I couldn't eat at all cos of my throat. All I had was porridge with Bovril and a slice f cake that day :( But according to everyone, the food was quite good so yay!

It was pretty hectic running in and out and entertaining everyone that night, but I had fun! Kinda felt like the star of the show ahaha. So basically just chatted with everyone, got so many gifts (!), said thank you and took pics until it was time to cut the cake. Felt kinda bad for my friends cos I took pics w ALL my family members before we actually cut the cake so they had to wait quite long. Ahahah. But hey, I have a huge family!

Lemon meringue cake baked by my aunt too! You can order it here. Everyone loved it cos of the fresh lemon cream!

Daddy dearest.

Mummy <3 Only my parents didn't follow the theme...

Sissy. Thanks for doing the deco for me, woman!

My grammamas <3

My aunt Mary who did my makeup for me!

With boyfie's family. I'm so short :(

My cutie pie Jeff!

Convent girls!! Got so excited to see each other that we started screaming and hugging each other when we met. All the other guests and even the dog next door got a shock. HAHAHA. #conventftw

With da boysss.

My blogger friend, Audrey. Thanks for coming, babe! Even if it's for a short while, I really appreciate it! :)

Finally time for the birthday song lolol.

Silly boy trying to get everyone to stop singing hahahaha! Too cute!


Oh you thought there wouldn't be anymore mishaps? Mishap #3 was when I tried to light the RM15 fireworks candle on the cake and it wouldn't ignite at all -_- Then one of my cousins was so mischievious, he took it outside to test it out and it actually worked but he was the only one who caught the "show". -_-
Dad got my uncle to light fireworks after I blew out the candles (which I didn't) and I didn't know about that so I guess everybody got quite a shock at the loud noises heh.

Everyone was kinda shy to test out the photobooth inside, or I guess it's not common for Johoreans (?) to have a photobooth at parties. But I'm glad I got to take pics with everybody that night. Else the photobooth would've been wasted. 

PS: Collaged the pics cos there's just way to many! Spot yourselves :)

With the fam. :)

Family part 2. With dad's and sis's friends as well.

Family part 3. Spot Jeff! He was the only one who couldn't bear to leave the photobooth hehe.

Not-so-little brother.

Group pic with the girls!

The "Convent" face.

My college friends.

Primary school friends! I've known this people for more than half of my life!

The striped...

..and the polka dotted!

Groooouuuppp picccchhhaaa!!

The party ended around 11pm but before that we had a short gambling sesh. Hey, it's CNY after all! I didn't win nor lose money so it's fine with me.. 
I'm thankful for everyone who came, who followed the theme (!), for hashtagging your pics and for all the encouraging words when I was freaking out days before the party (you know who you are!). Not forgetting Ely who FaceTimed from Ireland to wish me happy birthday, Reuben who came but left early and Jack who dropped by just to pass me my gift from the Ausmatians! Thank you also for the messages, texts, phone calls and posts on my wall on that day! Sorry I couldn't reply all as I didn't have time, but I did read each and every wishes :) You guys seriously made me feel so #blessed :')

Awkwardly posing with my gifts lolol. I don't think I've ever received so many cards, angpows and gifts before in my life! Ok maybe with the exception of my first birthday XD

So many pricey gifts.. I cannot... T_T 
Dad knew I was saving up for an iPad Mini for a year already (and failed lol!) and he surprised me with one.  Funny story here. MY DAD. Actually TROLLED me. He insisted that I opened the present on first day of CNY itself. Told us to guess what was in the box and my sis said iPad Mini. And inside it was a... TM MODEM BOX! HAHAHAHA. But yea, actually the iPad Mini was INSIDE it, wrapped nicely. He even got it in waaay better specifications than I could've afforded if I had saved up for it and it's engraved with the words "To Carinn With Love, Dad" at the back. TOO MUCH FEELS T_T I love you daddy!
Mum, gramma and aunts got me gold jewellery because apparently all girls need dowry (whut) and a key when you turn 21. Thank you!
Boyfie got me an Instax Mini 8 in baby PINK along with a handmade card!  <3 Read how we celebrated my actual birthday + Valentine's Day here.
And my uni friends in KL actually delivered my gift and card to me because they could not attend the party! It was my much coveted Topshop Moto Joni High-Waisted Jeans! I was actually gonna buy it already, now I don't have to. They planned it with my bf to pass to me. Omg thank youuu!
Eunice, Erica and my music club friends got me the Victoria Secrets' fragrance set in my fave Pure Seduction! Thank you!
Also, remember I lost my wallet? My aunt got me a Mandarina Duck purse from Spain because she was worried I don't have anything to keep my cash in haha. So cute wan, I love the design <3

Convent friends got me The FaceShop body shower kit, nail polish and the hugest mascara I've ever seen. Thank you, girls!
Got Diva earrings from Ely and Reuben too, and yes, the style is so me!
A cute polka-dotted Cath Kidston-inspired purse from Yen Huay along with a sweet card made by kids with special needs. Thanks too for offering to come over early and help out :)
The Body Shop shower gel set and a super nice handmade card from Su Yi.
Lancome Blush Subtil Rose and Gloss in Love from boyfie's elder sister, my first ever high-end makeup products :o
Aud gave me 3CE blusher and eyeliner from her store,! *screams* Will review it soon! 
The Ausmatians got me a Beyonce and Imagine Dragons album with a card. I loved the album, but my dad loves it more cos he actually borrowed and listened to the Imagine Dragons one before me hahahah!
A cute scrapbook kit from sis's friend, Shanaz. I will put it to good use!
Chocs from Ben & Emily and also Zhi Ying! :D
Cute door curtains from Nevell who rushed over from Mjuat to be at my party. Thank you, babe! 
A hand-drawn crayon portrait of me by Daniel. It really resembles one of my Insta pics heh. :D  
Looks like a card, but it's actually a "voucher" from my gf HY and Sarah to "redeem" my desired 3CE producs from them in the future. What a cute idea! XD <3
Not forgetting, my Carousell colleague, Victor and his wife got me Lush Cosmetics Honey Series Bath Set all the way from Japan! I don't think he knew I always wanted to try Lush, but the gift was so spot on!

Thank you boyfie, for the gifts, for listening to my rants, making decisions with me, bringing me to Singapore to shop for party supplies and my outfit, driving me around to look for party supplies in JB, rushing all over to buy last-minute items, setting up before and cleaning up after the party, entertaining my friends for me that night and just overall being there for me from start till end. I love you! ^^

I thank God for my lovely family who helped out so much along the way and for all the love they've showered on me :D My sis and bro took so much care of me when I was sick and helped so much with the deco. I super sayang you all too!

Of course, none of this would've been possible without my parents who paid for the party, made the necessary bookings like food and tent, cleaned up till 3am that day, brought me to alter my dress, rushed up and down, in and out talking to everyone, giving angpows and taking pics and many many more things that night. I am grateful for your love and upbringing these 21 years and even though I don't always say it, I love you guys with all my heart.

Turning 21 is more of a realisation to me. I know now how many people love and care for me, how much my friends and family are willing to do for me and how lucky I am to be happy and healthy everyday. It doesn't have to take a big, sad event for you to realise that you are blessed in every way. Be appreciative of what you have because what you have may be exactly what another person wants. Treasure your loved ones around you because they are the ones who will always have your back. Just open your heart and you will see the good in everyday. :)

I am #blessed.

Love lots,

PS: You can view more pics here and here!


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