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Saturday 29 March 2014

Sale Alert! : Charles & Keith, Victoria's Secret, Pedro & Flow Warehouse Sale!

One thing I'll miss when I graduate and go back to JB is definitely the sales in KL! There are sales almost every week on almost any product or brand that you can think of!

This month is just too awesome, with too many warehouse sales going around! Season clearance for Spring/ Summer 2014 I suppose. I'm gonna share with you about an EPIC sale by big brand names like Victoria's Secret, Flow, Pedro and... Charles & Keith!!! It's a Singapore brand and I know most girls covet their shoes and bags like me cos they are fashionable, durable and affordable! :p So when you know there's a warehouse sale of UP TO 80% by C&K, you know you have to go!

It was a very spontaneous trip to SSTwo Mall for the sale. It's my first time here btw. Actually planned to go with my girl friends the day before but we were all too tired after assignment submission so we cancelled it and went for a quick lunch at Empire Gallery instead. I was quite disappointed that we couldn't go but we went back to uni after lunch and my VUBC juniors suddenly approached me and asked if I wanted to go for the VS and C&K Sale. Of course I wanna! XD 
Thank you Kwai See for letting us use your car, Vincent for driving us in "your" car and Mika for accompanying me to shop! Forgot to take pic w you guys aiya :(

Btw, please note that parking is quite limited in the mall (or maybe too many people are taking advantage of the sale). We went around 5pm and it was jammed all the way on the LDP. Arrived around 5.30pm and spent so much time looking for parking! Luckily we got one in the end near the entrance where the sale was.

We thought the queue was going to be real scary because we saw people posting photos of the huge crowd earlier in the day. I guess it was the traffic jam or something but there were not many people when we arrived. Phew! So you guys know what time to go ya... I can tell that the mall is quite empty on days when they aren't hosting any warehouse sales lol.

I attended the C&K Warehouse Sale two years ago near Sunway and it was crazily packed! Not to mention HOT and stuffy cos it was literally in a warehouse. This time's venue had air-conditioning and wasn't as crowded, thank goodness! 

The "bouncers" will walk up to you when you are queuing with a plastic bag to wrap your handbags in and then tie it with a strong plastic strap thingy. I guess it's to avoid stealing? And also pick-pocketing. Win-win solution so the organisers won't lose stock and customers won't lose their belongings haha. The downside is that you won't be able to get your purse out unless you want to hold it the whole time you're shopping. We were also given black C&K recyclable bags at the entrance to put our "loots" in. How thoughtful!

The first thing I saw when I stepped inside the place. Flow belts selling for RM3 and other accessories for RM15 - RM39! Pastel-coloured C&K belts were on sale too for RM9.
PS: Sorry for the bad pics, I was too occupied in shopping to snap the pics properly. Also because there were signs saying that "Strictly no photography/ fiming allowed" and I felt quite malu after that. XD

Flow clothes. Not my style and most of them are in large sizes. I don't think the discount was very great too? Cos I randomly picked up a kimono jacket and it was about RM99 waooo~

I know everyone just wants to see the shoes! Sorry I didn't snap much pics but trust me, there are SOOOO MANY! This is not even of one/ eigth of the shoe section XD  Of course they only display one shoe so you won't have to dig for the other shoe haha. They have good new shoes in boxes, don't worry! The good thing is that the shoes are categorised according to sizes so you know where to make your way when you enter. Just look out for the signs.

You can literally find shoes of any shape, colour, style, height and pattern here! Nudes, neons, prints.. Wedges, peep-toe, flats, pumps, stilettos.. Formal shoes, boots, casual wear... You name it, they have it lol. And the best part is, the shoes are selling for as low as RM29! My eyes almost fell out when I saw the price tag. It's even cheaper than my slippers XD To find the good deals, you just gotta keep your eyes sharp but I think most of the C&K shoes are less than RM99.

A few of my favourites from the size 34 section. I was so happy cos they have shoes for petites like me! And it's super nice because there aren't many people squeezing at this area unlike the conventional sizes hehe. I thought of getting a pair of kitten heels which I don't own for formal presentations and also casual wear. So many to choose from! The staff are really friendly so don't hesitate to ask them for new pairs when you're done choosing. You can also check if they have the sizes you want even if you did not get the shoe from the designated size section. They will actually take the shoe from you and run to the other sections to check with their colleagues omg sweet or what~

C&K bags, clutches, handphone pouches and purses for RM 29 - RM149. See. some are even wrapped in the plastic! 

Pedro was in the same section of the warehouse too but there were less choices as compared to C&K. I did spot some pairs that I really like but they are priced slightly higher (RM49 - RM179) and a lot of sizes have ran out! :( I would say their shoes are more comfortable though.. Oh they do sell flats and boots too. Knee-high boots were going for RM49 only! Everyone was going quite crazy and I heard a couple of girls saying that they can only see the shoes but have yet to go near them cos there's just too many people. LOL.

Guys can definitely come for the sale too! Pedro offers mens' casual and formal shoes and slippers as well. Slippers were going for RM99 and men's loafers were about RM119 and above. That's really reasonable for Pedro ok! Wanted to get a pair of shoes for my BF but he wasn't on Whatsapp so I didn't..

A few pairs (I think they're called boat shoes?) which I think were quite nice-looking and they are made of leather. RM119.

Pedro wallets which still in their boxes, about RM119. Tie and small leather goods such as card holder and belts were also going for RM29 - RM99!

Pedro bags for RM69 - RM159.

I was quite disappointed with the amount of bags initially. Then I walked out of that one section to look for VS goods when I spotted another section of the warehouse. That's where all the bags are omg! It was crazy. C&K bags were literally thrown on the tables. Quite sad for the bags lah, but happy news for bargain hunters! XD It started getting crowded around 6pm cos that's when all the working crowd knocked off work and came here to shop. There really are a lot of suitable bags and shoes for them, I would say. There are bags for everyday and shopping use too. My aim was to find a book bag to use in uni!

C&K bags going for RM29 - RM149 here. It's even cheaper than buying in Singapore airport omg~ No wonder everyone was going crazy. Mika called to ask me where I am and I asked her to come and pick a bag for me. In the end she ended up buying one too. XD 
You can take your desired back to the staff and ask them if there are new ones too. Mika got a brand new bag with an attached pouch for RM79 and it was wrapped in the plastic with paper stuffing still!

Ooh, didn't know they were selling C&K iPad covers and shades too! Didn't check the prices though.

We were finally done around 7pm and made our way to the counter. We didn't have enough cash on us so I paid with debit card (yes, they accept cards!). If you can't get your purse out of the plastic binding thingy, you can get the cashiers to cut open the bag for you. If you want to make your way over to the VS section though, you would have to re-tie the plastic bag -_- The VS section is after the cashier btw.

There were limited stuff left at the VS section when we got there. We wanted to go over and say hi to Darren who was working part-time there. I guess everyone already took the good stuff the day before :( Because seriously, the perfume which are selling for RM100++ in stores are only RM51 here omg?! Btw, below pics are from Mika because my phone died -_-

Grab your pink recyclable bags before you enter.

VS panties at 70% discount! I spotted 5 for RM60 ones and 10 for RM99! Even cheaper than the usual VS sale wei~

VS bags at 60% discount! *jaw drop*

They even have boomz VS iPad covers for sale at 60% discount too.Y U No iPad Mini ones?!

I bet there were more perfume, hand cream and body lotions selection before this. You can tell by the empty shelfs.. Anyway the VS lotion and 'Body' perfume was going at RM51 only! Kwai See and Vincent snapped a bottle each and it smells quite good.

VS eyeliner and lip gloss at 60% discount which means its only about RM14!

VS lip plumper at 60% discount as well.

Mika got a VS Trio toiletries bag for RM35 only omg! Too bad it was the last one :( Wonder if they will restock tomorrow? After that we had to leave already as the sale ends at 7pm. So many things, so many people that I am getting a little confused with the figures already but I tried my best to give you the correct ones already. Maybe you can find better deals than me at the sale! Erm, I did get something but decided not to show you. See from my Instagram lah! :p 
The sale ends this Sunday so hurry up and make your way over before the good stuff gets snatched up! What a great way to end March~

Warehouse Sale
Date: 27th - 30th March 2014
Time: 10am - 7pm
Venue: SSTwo Mall (Level 1)



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  2. Replies
    1. Yes!! Didn't plan to shop but I couldn't resist!

  3. wow...great review! did they accept cimb debit card?

    1. OMG so sorry I didn't see this earlier! :( FYI, they do accept debit and credit cards!

  4. Very Classy and elegant Charles and Keith Bags indeed ...sometimes less is more and in this collection everything’s restrained, relaxed and – even better – comfortable, with a pulled-together elegance !!

  5. I went there also yesterday but so sad...bags are not available anymore. Anyway, manage to grab C&K shoes at rm19 and even got another 15% discout. ah crazy!

    1. Hi Dhiya, thanks for letting me know! This is in fact last year's sale post but I'm glad to hear about your hauls as I couldn't make it for the sale this year! Hope you had fun shopping! :)

    2. Check out the charles & keith autumn campaign 2015 collection. I find this season's design to be much better than the previous one.

  6. This makes me want to shop again. I recently bought some charles and keith bags from Major brands India Website. Check them out if you're planning to buy new ones.

    1. Ah, I wanna shop too! Feel like getting another C&K bag ><


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