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Sunday 1 June 2014

Carinn x OOTD: Oversized Cardi & Platform Boots

It's been waaayyyyy too long since my last #ootd post, so I thought I should do quick one now! These photos were taken when I first got my camera, idk why I never got around posting them. Which explains why my hair was still red and I had bangs XD I really love the photo colours and quality here! 

Yellow studded top - Kitschen // Brown ripped shorts w/ lace belt - Forever 21 (Xmas gift from cuzzie in the UK!) // Oversized knitted cardigan - H&M // Platform boots - Happy2u // Round tortoise-shell shades -Vincci // Bag - Thrifted // Gold chunky bracelet - Cotton On (only RM3!)

Photographer: MCY

Actually idk what style I'm trying to go with this. Lol. Anyhow-wear-style. I absolutely love the oversized cardigan because it's so sheer and cooling to wear. Not only that, it adds more texture to my outfit because sometimes casual outfits can be too casual for my liking. It's a very summery cardi, in my opinion.

Like I said before, I am in love with the platform boots from Happy2u too! I can wear it for the whole day and it gives height, without the added pain. Sometimes when I wear the boots out to shop, they're kinda like my "signal" to buy whatever outfit I try on because they match ANYTHING. Even dresses! Will do a "How to Style" post featuring the boots soon. :) To finish off the look, I used my 3CE Lip Pigment in #Neon Pink to make the outfit more fun!

Really love this shot and it's still my iPad homepage photo. The soft-skin effect on the cam seriously makes my skin look flawless o.o

Super photobomber boyfriend. Bleh~ 

I'll try my best to update this space more often yea. Exams are coming up soon and I'm supposed to be studying! But I came up with a resolution to update my blog more, especially with fashion and food posts. Haven't done those in awhile too. Don't want my readers to get bored with beauty posts all the time yea? Of course, it all boils down to time management and my determination. One fashion post every one to two weeks ok? :)

Love ya all. Happy Sunday! <3

If you'd like to see more, you can view my previous Carinn x OOTD post here :)



  1. omg i love oversize cardi with high platfrom booties too! <3

  2. love your boots!! What camera are you using? :D

    xx Mandy

    1. Hi Mandy! Thank you! I'm using Sony NEX-5T :)

    2. Ahh okok. Thanks for sharing :DD I just followed your blog too ^^

    3. No prob! Thank you, dear :)

  3. Yes to fashion posts! Jiayou together in exam ya! :D

    1. Thanks, Cece for dropping by! Jiayou too! <3


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