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Monday 30 June 2014

Event: Eskayvie Enriching Your Lives

Last month, I attended my first Butterfly Project event in KL, in collaboration with Eskayvie. It was kinda last minute, someone pulled out so I decided to attend the event, since I was just done with assignments.

Eskayvie is a local brand that has built a strong foundation and a large group of loyal users within a few years of launching. They are usually invited on major TV programs such as Wanita Hari Ini, Nona and more, to speak about their wide range of products. 

The event was held at Pullman Hotel, Bangsar at a beautifully decorated confernce room.

The main objective of the event was to showcase Eskayvie Redianze and the latest addition to their product range, the i-Qids. Eskayvie's innovative products are designed to preserve and promote health and beauty using imported premium natural ingredients.

Mr Wong giving his speech.

Dr Syed Ayob Syid Mustafa Al Qudri is the man behind the research and development of Eskayvie products. He specialises in anti-aging. With 15 years experience in practicing medicine and more than 10 years in formulating biotechnological health and beauty supplements, he is the right man to deliver the talk to us on that day. I really enjoyed his "lecture", it has been awhile since I heard so many scientific terms in a day but it was truly interesting and not to mention, entertaining!
Oh btw, can you believe he's 50 this year? :O

I shall try and elaborate a little about the products we were introduced to that day.
Eskayvie Redianze is an advanced nutritious collagen drink for health and beauty. It has beauty reviving and health restoring properties, such as preventing wrinkles, elimintaing blemishes, promoting fairer skin, minimizes appearance of cellulite, maintaining strong nails & hair and boost skin hydration & radiance. There are many success stories claiming the Redianze health restoring properties such as relieving joint pain, promoting cardiovascular health, boosts immune system, aids in weight control and relieving mental stress.

All you need is 6 days to see visible results. Redianze is 6000 times more potent than vitamin C and 3000 times more potent ahtn Resveratrol and Quercitin. It is formulated with the latest innovative HMCP, AstaReal P2AF, Vitamin C and other natural ingredients. According to Dr Syid, this is his secret to looking so young and healthy at his age!

i-Qids is a cutting edge formula, combining brain nutrients of Memofortex and Omegalinol with other "brain-food" for a synergistic drink that delivers DHA, AHA and PC for kids. i-Qids helps to develop a stronger body, immune system, aids in nervous systerm development, supports memory & alertness and promotes better sleep.

We all know that kids should be nurtured from a young age, right? But don't be mistaken, adults like us can consume this too! We just need a higher dosage of it to stay alert and energetic throughout the day!

After the talk, there was a short Q&A session to win RM500 worth of Eskayvie products! :o Congrats to the winners!

We were then invited to try out the drinks. Here's one of the friendly staff mixing the drinks for us!


Finally got to meet the mama butterfly, Tammy! Hope you recover soon! :)

With the beautiful emcee, Tamina.

Got to meet a lot of other bloggers on that day too. I'm glad I didn't feel left out cos everyone was so friendly. Meet my partner of the day, Nicole! <3

Amelea aka Mocchi :D We were both freaking out cos exams were around the corner lol.

Selfie queen, Shini :p

With two Nicoles! Nicole Yie & Nicole Sim.

New friends that Tammy introduced us to, Bing Xin and Ridley!

There was a yummy buffet set up for us, yay! Hungryyyyy.

Not forgetting, a group photo with all the beautiful bloggers and organisers. Thank you for a fun and interesting experience!

*******Product Review*********

Eskayvie Redianze

Ingredients: Peach powder fructose, hydrolysed marine collagen peptide, AstaREAL P2AF micro algae extract, canthaxantin and beta-carotene.

Price: RM 160 (WM)
           RM 176 (EM) 
           Free shipping, box of 20 sachets

Directions: Just pour the powder in the sachet into a shaker, add 200ml of cold water (or room temperature water) and shake it up! Take preferably oan hour before or after meal and maintain an adequate fluid intake daily.

Thoughts: I've been drinking this for about two weeks now, but sadly, not consistently (because I tend to forget). On days that I consume this, I do feel more energetic and pumped up to do more things (like, blog haha). I think that my complexion has also cleared up a little as there are less visible blemishes on my forehead now. Other than that, I don't see much difference such as whitening, etc. Btw, you'd think this is orange-flavoured but it's actually peach! Super yummy and not too sweet.

Eskayvie i-Qids

Ingredients: Memofortex, Algalithe, Omegalinol (DHA and alpha linoleic), Vitaral, malt extract, creamer, fructose and cocoa powder.

Price: RM59 (WM)
           RM 64 (EM)
           Free shipping, box of 20 sachets

Directions: Just like Redianze, empty one sachet into the shaker with approximately 150ml of cold or room temperature water. Shake or stir it up and consume immediately. Take preferably before breakfast.
Suitable for children above 1 years old (one sachet daily) and for 12 years and above (2 sachets daily).

Thoughts: I actually gave this drink to my little brother to try. I myself have tried it and I do like the chocolatey, creamy taste! However, I find that it's quite hard to dissolve the powder? Or maybe I did not stir/ shake it well. Anyway, I prefer to use a shaker as it leaves a layer of foamy chocolate on top, tastes so good! It's a good breakfast drink/ alternative. Other than that, I don't feel any significant difference other than being more energetic during the day.

Here's to a happier, healthier life!

Log on to Eskayvie's website and Facebook for more details.

Lastly, thank you Butterfly Project for the invitation, can't wait to join more Butterfly activities in the future! Check out Butterfly Project's newly launched website and Facebook for more announcements and events!


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Disclaimer: Even though the products are sponsored, the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the products. Effects may vary according to personal health, lifestyle and dosage taken.


  1. what does it taste like? :)

    1. The first one tastes like peach, the second one is chocolate, of course! XD


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