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Wednesday 9 July 2014

Event: Astro-on-the-Go Campus Tour!

Two weeks ago, I attended Astro-On-The-Go campus tour in my university despite being in the midst of exams. XD I totally did not regret it as it was a fun experience, plus I won something too! You should read on to find out what is it :p To refresh your memory, you can read my previous post about Astro-On-The-Go here. I went for the first session at 11am.

Look at the crowd! Everyone was curious to know what AotG had in store for them.

The funny Emcee of the day.

The main objective of the event was to educate and introduce Astro On The Go to students. Did you know that with Astro On The Go, you can now watch shows anytime, anywhere on your tablets, phones or laptops? The best part is, it's FREE!

I could see a lot of excited faces and there was a long queue where students signed up for their AotG account. Of course I had to join in the fun too!

Finally it's my turn after queueing for so long. The girl in charge was really helpful in explaining all the different packages available to me. I personally think it's most worth it for existing Astro customers, so I did not sign up for a new account but used my house's Astro ID instead. 

In case you're wondering, here are some of the packages that she explained to me:

♥ Super Pack, Multiroom, Sports Pack & Value Pack customers where you can watch Astro on your computer, smartphone and tablet for FREE. The channels include Astro AWANI, ARENA and other Sports channels, Food Network, Cartoon Network, Anime and K-Drama channels!

♥ Other Astro customers will be able to take get AotG at only RM10/per month

♥ Non-Astro customers will be able to watch Astro from just RM1 a day with no contract & installation required on any of your devices!

For every sign up, you'll get a free goodie bag which contains a notebook and FIFA World Cup itnerary/ score-sheet inside! And you'll also get one try at the Lucky Draw box to win yourselves some free channel subscriptions.

Both Jess and I picked the pink ball (I swear we didn't look!) and guess what? It's actually a voucher for FREE 1 month subscription to some channel packs! We both chose the Chinese Channels pack to watch channels like TVB, AOD and more!

Of course an event like this had to have some games to win prizes right? The emcee specifically wanted girls to play the Ball Game. All you had to do is just kick the ball in the air for 3 times and you'll win a limited edition World Cup football! For guys, they had to do 10 kicks hehehe. XD Alice, being as game as ever, tried it first.

She's really pro cos she was the first and only girl to complete the game! Congrats, check out her prize!

Um, somehow I got dragged into playing it too LOL. It was a badddd idea cos I was wearing heels! Also, I'm really bad at sports XD Almost broke my toenail yet I couldn't win. It's harder than it looks! :(
Mempersiasuay-kan only omg XD

Carmen was the bravest, trying it with heels and dress!!

Other girls tried it too but somehow, no one could do it lol! Wonder if it's because we're too bad at sports or this stunt was too difficult? 

Thanks Jess, for being my teman of the day! Photo from Jess's camera.

Not forgetting a group photo with all the bloggers!
From left: Carmen, Alice, Jessica, me, 'Pancake' ChinSherlyn and Yuh Jiun. :)

If you haven't downloaded and signed up for Astro On The Go, I strongly suggest you do so NOW! I'm having so much fun watching football matches and cartoons(heh :p) everyday from the comfort of my bed now, whether I'm in KL, JB or travelling to & fro in between. Should thank Astro for making this happen, it's the best thing that has happened ever since YouTube! Even if you don't watch TV on a regular basis, I'm sure you'll love what AotG has in store for you! For the Kpop lovers, you'll also get to catch your fave K-dramas be it at home or on-the-go and for the sports fanatic, catch the FIFA World Cup Matches LIVE, no matter where you are in Malaysia!

Share with me what are some of your favourite channels, will ya? Until then, do enjoy your Astro on the Go!


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