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Sunday 20 July 2014

Hygiene: bloop Germ Blaster- Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

What with the recent haze and water rationing in KL, it is important to stay healthy and safe. Your hands are a vital part of taking care of your health and it is important to keep them clean. A quick and sanitary way is to use hand sanitizers. Little things like these do help keep you surprisingly more immune to germs!

I have received the bloop Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel a few weeks back from HiShop through their bloop Buddyz program. I've actually seen these around cos they really caught my eye being so small and cute!

There are 5 designs, scent and colour in the bloop Germ Blaster series. I got the blue one with the cute little Travelling Germ Blaster, perfect for me as I'm always travelling up and down KL & JB. Because it's so tiny and light, it hardly takes up space in my bag so I bring it out with me all the time.

image from Google

image from Google
Aren't the Germ Blasters all so cute with their unique traits and colour?

bloop Germ Blaster can kill 99% of germs with its active cleansing beads (Triclosan 0.3%) and germ killers to clean hands and leave the skin lightly-scented. Mine smells like perfume or air freshener and I like it because it's so light and fresh. 

Not only is the bloop Germ Blaster portable, it's also so easy to use! Just pour a one or two drops on your hand..

..and give it a good rub.

Tada! Clean and fresh-smelling hands! 

How do you like my hipster specs? Haha. I actually bring the bloop Germ Blaster out with me and use it to clean my hands before meals. Yea, I took these photos in a restaurant to demonstrate how convenient it is to use the bloop hand sanitizers. What a quick way to get clean hands. It's like soap on the go but please don't use it as shower gel. Perfect for situations when you can't find a sink or are lazy, like me XD It's also really gentle but try and avoid broken skin areas as it will sting. 

HiShop is having a promotion now whereby for RM24.50, you'll get a 5 bottles of the complete bloop Germ Blaster series (29ml each) and 1 Germ Blaster holder or keychain. Which means one bottle costs less than RM5? There's several designs and the keychains are so cute and versatile to suit different occassions! You can find it here!

For my readers, don't forget to key in 'CARINNTAN' to get 15% rebate off your purchases on HiShop!

I'm off to Bukit Tinggi fruit orchard now, will definitely be carrying the bloop Germ Blaster in my bag heh. Have a happy Sunday! <3

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Disclaimer: Even though the product was sponsored, the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the product. Effects may vary depending on individual skin condition and personal habits.

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