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Wednesday 22 April 2015

Eats & Treats: Passionfood Cafe and Bakery

Haven't done a food review in awhile now, I'm excited to be back on track! I've also have not been cafe-hoppping in awhile so this was really a fun review for me to be with my girls again. Thank you Ler and Passionfood Cafe and Bakery for inviting us to try out Passionfood's new menu!

Passionfood Cafe & Bakery serves French fusion cuisine, pastries and cakes. It's hard to miss the restaurant as you pass by Jalan Perang, Pelangi as there is a bright fuschia pink signboard that will catch your eye. All the food are served with homemade sauces, with no MSG added. Their dessert are all made in-house and not oursourced. And I guess this is why they are called Passionfood - the owner cooks passionately from the heart, hence the motto, "Made with passion".

I haven't even entered the cafe and I already know that the place has a warm, cozy atmosphere. Even the outdoor dining area looks cozy and warm, brightened up by colourful children paintings and accompanied by lovely white and brown furniture.

Upon entering the shop, the first thing I noticed was this white wooden wall and shelf decorated by fondant cakes, all made by Passionfood. These are so pretty! For your information, Passionfood does catering and cake delivery as well and they have catered for large corporate events all over JB. So now you know where to go if you're planning a themed party!

It's quite obvious that the main colour theme is pink, white and brown. It kinda feels like being inside a dollhouse! Perfect place for tea-time or brunch, amirite?.

This particular section caught my eye because HOT PINK! I can imagine coming here with my girl friends for a 'tai-tai' teatime. Haha.

Even the counter suits my girly taste so much!

No stranger in the baking industry, you can bet that Passionfood has a wide array of not only cakes but tarts, pastries, cupcakes, macarons and even gourmet chocolate! I feel so happy just looking at this section. Guess what, you can get a free macaron by following @passionfoodcafe on Instagram, posting a photo in their cafe and showing it to them to redeem your sweet treat!

Hot Chocolate | RM9.90
As you know, I am not a coffee drinker but I love sampling hot chocolate drinks at cafes. Rich milk chocolate with a reasonable amount of milk foam on top is used to create these adorable and delicious chocolate drinks!

Drunken Chocolate | RM9.90
For the chocoholic and alcoholics out there ;) This is hot chocolate with a twist as it contains added Cointreau to give it that extra kick and a slight orangey flavour. Very enjoyable! PS: Don't worry, you won't get drunk on this :)

Vanilla Milkshake

Cotton Candy Espresso | RM12.00
This is the first time I'm seeing this in JB - it's similar to one of the cafe's infamous cotton candy coffee in KL. I was thrilled to find that it is now available in JB, only at Passionfood! If this looks strange to you, you will be in for a treat to see how it is prepared prior to drinking. Basically, you place the cotton candy on top of the milk and drizzle the coffee over it. The cotton candy will melt its sugary goodness into the milk and voila, you have espresso! It's a pretty interesting concept, somehow therapeutic to watch, but for me, the coffee tastes quite normal, kinda like Nescafe (?) Still fun to try out though!

Forest Mushroom Soup | RM9.90
Someone once told me that to gauge the quality of a good Western restaurant, you have to try their mushroom soup. I'm glad to say that Passionfood's forest mushroom soup fits the bill as it is creamy and appetizing. Each sip is filled with mushroom bits but the pepper taste might be a bit overpowering for some. Dip with the crunchy garlic bread and this makes a truly enjoyable starter!

King of Mushrooms | RM12.90
Even without dipping the mushroom in the accompanied tartar and chilli sauce, this snack is great to munch on. I LOVE mushrooms so I might be just a little biased here :p Big, fresh white button mushrooms fried in the delicious batter makes it crispy on the outside while maintining the softness and juiciness of the mushrooms on the inside. It isn't too salty and has a great bite to it. Once you eat one, you can't stop! Highly recommended! (Y)

Eggs Hemmingway | RM16.90
Because of the amount of spinach sauteed with garlic in this dish, I would say this can be considered a "eat-clean" meal for the fitness addicts out there? Haha. It is a pretty well-balanced meal with all the proteins, carbs, Omega-3 and fiber you need. Salmon was nicely smoked, not too salty and the sauteed mushrooms are good! It's also quite interesting to see Eggs Benedict topped with Hollandaise sauce served with croissant instead of the regular English muffins. The only thing is you'd have to eat this dish while its hot to truly enjoy its deliciousness. 

Pulled Duck Confit Burger | RM22.90
Duck burger? Now that's a first. Substituting your favourite chicken or beef patty on a sesame seed bun with pulled duck can be quite a treat. The meat was flavourful, but a bit dry & to chew. I'd say this is a pretty healthy meal too, looking at the amount of vege in the burger and salad. Audrey finished all the fries too because she claimed it was delicious!

Explosive Meatball Pasta | RM16.90
Why 'explosive', you ask? The chicken meatballs are the essence of this dish. What makes them so special is that once you bite into them, they will 'explode' in your mouth with cheesy goodness! Cheese-gasm, I say. The spaghetti bolognaise is also springy and flavourful, quite an enjoyable dish! Eat it while its hot to truly enjoy this dish.

Golden Squid Ink Pasta | RM18.90
I'm aware that the pasta is not golden. But magine indulging in the springy squid ink pasta topped with a perfectly poached egg with runny yolk - now that's gold. The egg was also slightly battered and fried to give it more flavour. I would say this was my favourite dish of the night as I almost finished the whole plate by myself. There are bits of dried squid in the pasta for added flavour. Squid ink pasta might not be the most ideal food to eat on your first date but it sure is delicious!

Finally, it's time for dessert! Big thank you to Passionfood's lovely owner for preparing this awesome array of desserts for us, topped with a specialised plate for us Ma Cherie girls!

Dark Chocolate Log | RM7.90
I love this cake! I even bought an extra slice back for my family. It is made of dark chocolate mousse and contains dark cherry and biscuit. The cake is rich & chocolatey and is not too sweet. It also doesn't contain eggs but is so smooth and addictive that you just can't stop eating it!

Strawberry Paradise | RM12.90
An innovative combination of pie and sponge cake gives you this dessert. The cake base is almond pie, its centre is rich custard with strawberries and the top is vanilla sponge, topped with fresh strawberries. Normally, I prefer vanlla cakes as it is lighter but the custard and pie is a little too sweet for my liking. I'd recommend sharing this with a friend as it is quite a big slice.

Chocolate Chestnut Truffle | RM9.90
I learned something new that day. Apparently, chocolate truffle is actually a combination of chocolate and chestnut. This cake has an oreo base, chocholate chestnut mousse with a dark cherry centre. The cherry sauce contains brandy too to give this dessert that little bit of punch. The cake is so moist, you can't stop at one bite!

It has been way too long since our last food review together and we girls enjoyed ourselves very much. We had a dresscode going on too to suit the theme of the cafe! Haha. Thank you very much, Passionfood's lady boss, for inviting us to test out the new menu before GST starts! Do consider dropping by here whenever you're in the area. Not only are the food good, they are reasonably priced as well and the atmosphere is just so relaxing. You could come for a full meal, a cup of coffee or for the great dessert that are made with love and passion, Perfect place for girly girls outing, don't you think? 

Find out more about Passionfood Cafe & Bakery on their newly-updated website and FB page. Visit them at:
NEW! Address: 71, Jalan Serampang, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor.
Tel: +607-331 5330
Operating hours:
Mon - Thurs: 11am - 10pm
Fri: 11am - 11pm
Sat: 10am - 11pm
Sun: 10am - 10pm
Closed on Tuesdays

Instagram: @passionfoodcafejb #passionfoodcafe

Disclaimer: Even though the review is sponsored, it has not affected my opinion in anyway. The review is based on my honest personal taste and preference after trying out the food and services.

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