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Tuesday 1 September 2015

Note to Self: Love Yourself More

This post is mainly for me to read, to look back on in a few months' time. In the midst of chasing material wealth, rushing work to meet deadlines and keeping up with friends, families and social media to please everyone, I realised, I've completely neglected an important person... myself.

August, you have been a great month. It was the month I've finally taken the leap and finally brought my blog to new heights after hesitating for so long. It was the month that I realised as long as I work hard, people will see the efforts and good things will come my way. It was also the month that I got the least rest.

My August weekends were all packed and fully booked since July, leaving me with little or no time for myself. If random plans were to pop up, I had to make time for those and neglect my blog. The other day I finally went for a facial, the lady told me that it has been more than half a year since my visit before CNY. That's how long I haven't even had a chance to pamper myself.

I told her I haven't been sleeping well lately. In fact, if my sister isn't around, I sleep with the lights on so I'll have to force myself to get up in the middle of the night to finish my work. I told her my back and lower back hurts & I keep getting headaches and it has caused me to feel uncomfortable so I cannot fall asleep. Recently, I've been having bad digestive problems as well. And in turn, she told me, "You are too stressed." And it was only then, after months of denying, that I realised I really am.

She told me the best solution is to meditate. But I said, my mind is filled with work, I can't seem to clear it. And she reminded me to always keep some time for myself. These pains are 'signals' from my body, a request to 'listen' to it. Listen to every heartbeat, every cell. Practice deep breathing if things seems too overwhelming. Eat healthily.  Exercise. Don't just sit down and stare at the computer all the time, stand up and take a little walk to stretch your limbs and rest your eyes once in awhile. I never understood how or why these things matter or why they're classified as life's little pleasures, but now I guess I do. Just a few minutes of spending time alone each day, eating my favourite food, going for a facial or massage is more than sufficient for my body to reset.

So as we enter the last quarter of the year, I've decided to take charge of my health, my life and live more healthily. I'm going to put ME first. What's the point of getting all the things you want but you're not healthy nor happy enough to enjoy it? Gonna take it slow and start small, maybe by eating less junk food and drinking more water? I'll need time to adjust my work and sleep schedule but I believe I can do it with a little bit of discipline (and minimal distractions). I never liked massages but after she did aromatherapy massage on me, I think it might become my new favourite since it can clear my senses and loosen up those knots in my back. Instead of writing sponsored posts all the time, this blog needs a personal touch to it as well because it is MINE. So hopefully, I get more of these revelations to pen down. That wake up call was just what I needed to stop & smell the roses. It's not gonna be easy, but it'll be fun and worth it!

Hello, September.


  1. Take care Carinn! Health must come first before anything else, follow your own pace! :)

  2. That's absolutely correct! This is your life so you're the most important person in your own life, you're the main lead in your movie! So live healthily and happily ^^ You rarely write something so personal in your blog and to be honest, I prefer such post cos I can know you better from these posts. :)

    1. I like this.. "You're the main lead in your movie". Hehe. And you are absolutely right! I'll try and write more about my life if I have the time. Thanks for reading, babe! Can't wait to meet you <3


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