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Saturday 12 September 2015


Life is a big joker at time. Sometimes when you think everything is going just fine, something stupid has to come along and screw it up.

I was feeling so optimistic and good this month, so determined to be happy, healthy and productive, especially when it comes to work and blogging. Who knew, my camera had to go and break down again. It might not seem like a big thing to be sad about, but it is for a blogger, especially since I just fixed it less than half a year ago. This time I swear I didn't do anything, it just happened. The lens got stuck again. And it was halfway through a food review in front of the boss, nonetheless. Talk about embarrassment.

My laptop is broken as well and I was faced with the dilemma of fixing or buying a new camera. Just my luck that the warranty ran out already and I need it urgently for an event this weekend. Sigh. For the price of the repair twice this year, I could've gotten a new camera already :( But I didn't, because I still had other responsibilities and a laptop to save for. So please, bear with me a little as I try to continue maintaining the style of my blog, yea? Sorry in advance if there are inconsistencies in the photos and what not >< 

I was sad for a few days and I'm really grateful for all the people who messaged me to ask if I was ok. Truly appreciate the little gesture which has helped to cheer me up because I realised, material things don't matter as much as family and friends. Thank you for helping me see that. 


  1. hope you are fine =D .

    i think you can buy a new camera ady, since this camera keep broken down without any alarm also.

    1. I am, thank you! The repairs this time round is not as high, thank goodness!


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