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Monday 4 April 2016

Beauty: b.liv CC Pores Away & Immerse Me Utmost Moisture Mask

Yay, more b.liv products!! I feel it's such an underrated brand, the products are mostly great to use to me! Don't you just find it interesting that the names are all not capitalised too? XD #random Before you move on, have you read my previous b.liv posts here and here? Today I'll be teaching you how to achieve naturally flawless skin with just these two items - the newly launched CC Pores Away and Immerse Me Masks.

   B.liv CC Pores Away   
The CC Pores Away is a colour-correcting cream (CC Cream) that serves the purpose of bringing out the natural radiance of your skin with proper correction of your skin tone & texture. It also protects your skin from the harsh external environment and has pores tightening properties to give you that flawless skin effect. "Smooth like porcelain, dewy like an angel's kiss", this product promises to bring out your inner glow! The purple series from b.liv are well-known for their pores combating products.

The main active ingredients found are marula oil, brown algae and red algae. I mean, algae? Don't be freaked out, they're really good for your skin!
Marula oil is mainly enriched with vitamin C, anti-oxidants and oleic acid to rebuild skin barrier for healthy skin, provide in-depth hydration and repair scars. Natural oils like these are effective in tightening pores too.
Brown algae is a natural plant-based UV absorbent ingredient that has the ability to defend against harmful UVA/UVB rays. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent against sun damage and is suitable for sensitive skin!
Red algae contains vitamin D & free-radical SPD and is known for its anti-oxidant properties. It contains mucin which contributes to instant moisturisation and softens the skin.

The CC Pores Away comes with a plastic pump for easier dispense but I do wish that I was given a full-sized bottle along with the box though. Also because I really like this product, I feel this might not last me as long as it should! Most b.liv products have this simple, minimalistic design packed in hard plastic so they're very lightweight and easy to carry around, so that's a plus.

At first glance, the cream looks white in colour but it actually has a slight pinkish/ brownish hint to it made up of tiny little spots. I believe the brown and red algae is what gives it that colour. As with any CC creams, the colour will skin once you rub it into your skin.

See! It INSTANTLY brightens my skin once I spread out the product! The super fine tone-matching beads contains essence that will be released to match your complexion once you massage the product. There really isn't much coverage or colour to it, just a sheen or slight shimmer. Once I wipe off the product with a cotton and makeup remover, you can tell that it has a slight beige tint to it, that's all.

The results? It's damn obvious! No more pores!! Can you tell from the photos? I feel this product is really good especially on good skin days when you just need a little bit of coverage to cover up the redness and pores for the illusion of smooth skin. I just use the CC Pores Away and some concealer for my undereye, and I'm good to go. My skin looks brighter too but be careful not too build up too much product around the T-zone as it can look quite shiny. The product feels so lightweight on my skin, as if I'm not using anything and that I have naturally good skin. It's also quite moisturising throughout the day! 

I'll be honest, I've used many CC creams before in the past and I've never really found any that I truly liked as they start to dry out my skin and flake by the end of the day, till I've lost faith in CC creams. The CC Pores Away managed to change my mind! I put it to the test and after 12 hours, my skin still looks poreless, just that it's a little oily. Most importantly, it's not drying! The minimal coverage has pretty much disappeared but it's understandable after 12 hours. I just love the illusion like I have naturally good skin :p

What I love:
- Fave CC cream at the moment! Really smoothens out the skin
- Poreless finish, covers up redness 
- Brightens skin
- No sticky feeling!
- Moisturising, and can last for almost the whole day

What I don't:
- Little to no coverage
- Can look a little oily after long hours, not recommended for people with oily skin
b.liv CC Pores AwayPrice: RM75.00
Volume: 30ml
Where to Buy: b.liv website

   B.liv Immerse Me Utmost Moisture Mask   
From the blue series from b.liv, you can find many products aimed at moisturisation & hydration, including these masks. b.liv Immerse Me Japan silk mask is a salve for parched and dry skin as it soaks your skin in an instant with long-lasting hydration. This moisturising mask has charge-carrying essences to chase away all the dry spells from within by burrowing moisture into the deeper skin layers while it engages in a lavish boost of hydration that replenishes & sustains. The main active ingredients are Cationic hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid,cogongrass extract and sodium PCA that concurrently reinforces collagen synthesis, binds moisture and aids moisture penetration deep into skin cells for supple & hydrated results.

There is a shiny plastic film when you remove the mask from the packet. What I like to do is to put on my mask sheet first before peeling off this outer layer. The mask itself is quite thin & sheer but I noticed that it has soaked up most of the essence in the packet so it tends to be wetter and jam-packed with goodness. Seriously though, be careful when readjusting your mask because it's so paper-thin, I accidentally tore it at one point. FYI, you can get these masks separately or in a box of 7pcs.

You can't really see the results on camera, but my skin was quite dull and dry before using the mask. After 20 - 30 minutes or so, I found that my skin is definitely more moisturised. The mask is seriously full of essence as it is still soaked even after I peel it off! So a good tip would be to massage your neck, arms & legs with the remaining essence so as not to waste it. There is a slight stickiness after removing the mask but it isn't uncomfortable. I do appreciate that the cutting does fit my face and it doesn't irritate sensitive skin.

What I love:
- Instant hydration & moisturisation
- Fits my face
- Thin & lightweight silk mask sheet
- Sooo much essence!
- Not much of a scent (for people who doesn't like artificial fragrances like me)

What I don't:
- Slightly sticky
b.liv Immerse Me
Price: RM52.90/ box or RM9.50/ pc
Volume: 7pcs in a box
Where to Buy: b.liv website
For more information on b.liv products, log on to:

Disclaimer: Even though the products were sponsored but the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the products. Effects may vary according to individual skin condition, etc.

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