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Thursday 13 July 2017

Beauty: Merz Aesthetics Celebrates 1 Million Ultherapy® Treatments Worldwide

I do believe this was my first event in KL after a long while lol. Anyway, I was at Mid Valley Convention Centre over the weekend and attended the Health, Beauty & Fitness Expo 2017. I dropped by the Renee Clinic by Merz Aesthetics booth and attended a talk by Dr Cheok Jia Rhong to learn more about the Ultherapy treatment that recently celebrated the milestone achievement of providing one million treatments globally!

Did you know that there is more than one way to age gracefully instead of going under the knife? Aesthetic treatments are the solution for those who wish to slow down the aging process with minimal pain. It was an interesting session as we discussed the differences between real and fake aesthetic clinics and also the differences of Korean and American beauty procedures. The most shocking takeaway I got from the talk was that we should start age-prevention treatments in our 20s, not only when the wrinkles start appearing! :O

So, what is Ultherapy®? It is a revolutionary treatment that is the only US FDA-cleared for non-invasive skin lift for neck, under the chin, on the eyebrow and décolletagé (chest area) to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The ultrasound device has become a game-changeer in physician offices worldwide by using the body's own regenerative response to gently and naturally stimulate collagen growth. Not only does the treatment deliver incredible benefits, it also requires little to no downtime, allowing those treates to quickly get back to their everyday routines.

Dr Cheok Jia Rhong, Aesthetic Medicine Practicioner (LCP Holder) also demonstrated the machine to us so we could see how it worked first-hand. Ultherapy's proprietary DeepSEE ultrasound imaging allows physicians to accurately see the correct layers of tissue targeted during the treatment to ensure energy is deposited where it will be most beneficial. This unique technology has been supported by more than 50 clinical studies, more than 60 publishes, peer reviewed papers and has over 100 patients worldwide, so you know just how trustworthy it is.

The machine is fitted with a unique head called the transducer that stimulates more than one point on the targeted area at once, which is why it takes a shorter time to complete the treatment. Did I mention that you will only need to do the treatment ONCE A YEAR to get your desired results? No more monthly follow-ups at clinics! Each machine comes with differently-sized transducer in order to provide more targeted results. The transducer and handpiece also ensures that it targets each area with consistent result (up to 4.5mm beneath the skin), all of which may not be seen by the naked eye, but you can still see it happening on the control unit thanks to the scanner.

There are many counterfeit machines and clinics out there that try to emulate the Ultherapy treatment, just make sure you look out for the authenticity seal before getting your treatment done! The authentic Ultherapy technology gives you:
- Consistent performance, reliability and safety so you can have a peace of mind
- Optimum patient results with little to no downtime
- The ONLY system with integrated precision imaging
- A user interface system designed for consistency and accuracy
- Supported by rigorous scientific and clinical evidence

With Nicole

With Charmaine

Sharing some photos taken with the girls and Dr Cheok over the weekend. Thank you Merz Aesthetics once again for the invitation, we sure learnt a lot!

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