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Wednesday 26 July 2017

Lifestyle: Gorgeous Bouquets from A Better Florist

Which girl doesn't love flowers? It exudes a sense of romance, cheerfulness and brightens up the decor of any place. I have come across A Better Florist a few times while scrolling Instagram, and let me tell you, their bouquets are just gorgeous! Even though they are currently based in Singapore (which is very near me TBH), I really hope they can expand to Malaysia soon so that we girls can get a taste of their beautiful bouquets.

Nothing makes me quite as excited and happy then when I walk into a space and spot a breathtaking bouquet of flowers. There’s just something about flowers that makes me feel uplifted and happy. Knowing that I’m not the only one in the world with such thoughts, I wanted to share my recent discovery with you. I fell in love with flowers from a florist that took my obsession with gorgeous blooms to a whole other level. A Better Florist is the best florist in Singapore, and I’m thrilled to have found someone who has made flower bouquet making look like a work of art.

This team is definitely not the usual flower shop that puts a bunch of flowers together, wraps it up, and waits for passengers to grab one in a hurry. Their core values are completely different, and every bouquet they design is a product born out of passion and love towards flowers. And it’s only that kind of dedication that creates such powerful flower arrangements. 

These beautiful blooms are easily accessible on their website, as they hit you right away with exactly what you came for – flower shopping. It makes for a very convenient and simple experience. Each flower creation has a name and the price is displayed right off the bat, without you having to click on the description of each bloom. Not only is this helpful, you get to easily and faster scroll through the most beautiful flowers in Singapore.

Their intentional design captures you immediately, but it’s not the only thing that grabs your attention. These modern blooms are delivered nationwide, every day. They also offer same day delivery, just in case you need flowers right away, which is a testimonial to their efficiency and professionalism.

In addition to delivering blooms all around Singapore, they also have a Hong Kong flowers shop, and a Dubai Florist. In fact, proving that they are not just my obsession, they have been proclaimed the best florist in Hong Kong, and I believe it’s for a good reason.

Besides the fresh bloom selection you can see on the website, you can also request a custom bouquet that’s going to be created with your loved ones in mind. The idea of l being able to create authentic blooms and make them look exactly like you need them to look like amazed me.

The flowers that A Better Florist has introduced to the Singaporean scene enable you to share happiness around the country with blooms that are truly enough as a gift on its own. If you ever thought flowers alone weren’t enough, A Better Florist will change your mind. 

Friends and readers in Singapore, now you know where to go when you wish to purchase some unique and gorgeous flowers with a touch of professionalism in their service level, as well as convenient delivery methods. <3

Disclaimer: This article is published in partnership with A Better Florist.

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