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Saturday 9 September 2017

Carinn x Invisalign: Post-Extraction Updates + KL Invisalign Open Day!

So, you guys know that I’ve recently just had extractions done. 4 in one shot! Quite proud of myself actually :p I’m here to tell/show you more about the process today, nothing fancy but it is just my way of recording in my online blog diary as well as some tips so that you guys can know what to expect if you’re about to do extraction for Invisalign or braces too J

I had a family staycation the day before, and we did a BBQ. My relatives were so cute, they made sure I had plenty to eat in case I can’t eat some of the food after extracting 4 teeth HAHA. So anyway, we checked out quite late from the Airbnb, so by the time I reached Dr Tiew’s clinic in Bukit Indah, the Invisalign Open Day was already over. >< But I’ll be catching the next one in KL though, read till the end to find out when and where!
I was suuuupeerrr nervous prior to the extraction, as you can tell from my face here, like I’m awaiting to face my biggest fears hahaha. Shoutout to my bf for driving me so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the bleeding/drooling while driving, accompanying me and taking pics & videos of the process!

First, Dr Tiew injected local anesthesia into my gum and inner cheeks to numb my mouth so I wouldn’t feel pain during the process. While the needle does look huge, it did not hurt at all. Just a teensy prick could be felt when he inserted the needle on my gums, and also a slight pain in my nose when he injected the top gum. After that, I had to wait for around 20 minutes for the local anesthesia to set in. You probably can’t see from this photo, but my face felt so swollen and I couldn’t really speak. It’s a weird feeling.. 

Then comes the most dreaded process… the extraction. JENG JENG . Dr Tiew prodded a little to see if I felt any pain. The top right and bottom left were completely numb, but I felt that the bottom right and top left could still feel some sensation. To be safe, Dr Tiew injected more local anesthesia for me (also cos I requested, I’m timid like that haha). He then proceeded to extract the top right tooth, then the bottom left.

Look how elegant Dr Tiew’s hand is over here :p But don’t be fooled, my teeth was actually SO hard to pull out, mainly because they’re long and they are kind of wedged between the other teeth. FYI, I had to extract all the premolars, which are located between the canine and molar tooth. At one point when he was extracting the lower right tooth, Dr Tiew said that his arms were tired already cos he had to use so much energy to get my tooth out. 😂

The whole process took about 20 minutes or so, I believe. It felt like forever to me, but I was just nervous. My head was shaking quite a lot from the force, and the nurse had to hold my head still while Dr Tiew did the extractions. I have a video somewhere, but let’s spare you that image XD Anyway, you can see one of my (bloody) tooth here. It's super long!

So.. This is how I looked right after the extraction. Super unglam, like a vampire! Dr Tiew got me to bite down on two chewies (if you forgot what they are, please refer to this post). After that, he swapped it to some gauze for me to bite down hard on to get rid of the blood.

Welcome back my old friend. Long time no see. Lol. I'm actually pretty relieved to be starting wearing aligners in peace again! I promise to be more disciplined this time 💪 There are a total of 55 pairs. I think the whole process should take about a year plus?

As per normal procedure and also as a refresher for my memory, Dr Tiew helped me to try on the first pair of aligners and demonstrated the right way to wear them. The plastic does not touch the gums at all, so it does not my freshly ‘wounded’ gums, thank goodness.

On the journey back, I was trying to converse with my bf in the car but kept drooling everywhere. There were so much tissues and cotton everywhere cos I had to keep wiping the blood and drool when the cotton got too soaked, haha! I was also given two kinds of antibiotic to finish and some painkillers. The ‘care pack’ given also consisted of some gauze and chewies. I also took an MC just in case I had a fever and couldn’t go to work the next day. Lemme tell you, the pain only started to kick in around 2 hours after the procedure when the anesthesia wore off. It wasn’t like super painful, but I felt so drained, idk why. I couldn’t eat, so my dinner for that night was McDonald’s Durian McFlurry!

Now for some tips that I picked up from this once-in-my-life albeit short experience.
Lemme tell you, ice-cream really does soothe the pain! But I was also coughing at that time so I didn’t really enjoy much food for the first 2 days. My upper right canine tooth hurt for some reason, so I could only eat soft and semi-solid food for the first week. Dr Tiew said that the ulcers on my extraction sockets would heal within 1 – 2 weeks. I think I had a fast recovery though, I tried to eat fried chicken by the 3rd day where I shredded the meat to pieces before chewing haha. It’s much better for me now after 10 days of extraction and actually, you can’t really see the extraction sockets when I smile slightly or put on my aligners. So, I’m not totally ‘toothless’ lah.. :D

A few friends who are dental students and fellow brace-faces texted me and we discussed a few types of food to eat after an extraction. Hope these tips and food list helps you!

-       Ice-cream
-       Milk
-       Yoghurt
-       Soup (warm, not hot – mushroom, minestrone, etc)
-       Porridge
-       Steamed egg (Chawan mushi)
-       Tofu
-       Jelly
-       Cooked oats/ overnight oats
-       Soft kuih-muih

If your extraction sockets hurt and continue bleeding, these are some things that you should take note of:
-       The bleeding should stop within 4 hours. But if it doesn’t, take note to bite down hard on the cotton, don’t keep changing cotton or gargling as it will aggravate it. (I know, the cotton tends to get soaked up with saliva, but try to bear with it)
-       Remember to FINISH UP the antibiotics as prescribed!
-       If there is ulcer on your extraction sockets, consume some vitamin C to speed up the recovery process.
-       Use mild mouthwash (no alcohol kind) and salt water to help kill germs.

I’m glad that the extraction procedure was somewhat painless! Dr Tiew really did a good job and got everything done swiftly and painlessly. Kudos to the nurses for their help too and also my bf for being there. I probably scarred him for life after seeing how the dentist pulled my teeth out, idk how he did not squirm haha!


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Disclaimer: [Sponsored] I have received complimentary Invisalign treatment from Align Technology, Inc & White Dental Cosmetic Centre (Bangsar South branch). This post was written in kind on my own accord for a subsidiary branch of ST Tiew Dental Group (White Dental Cosmetic Centre, Sri Petaling branch).

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