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Friday 27 November 2020

Beauty: WHITEKISH Magic Charcoal for Whiter Teeth!

Ever since doing Invisalign, I started to take care of my teeth more. However, it is not easy to get and maintain your pearly whites. My dentist himself has told me that my teeth is naturally not that white so I really have to brush it well. Recently I've been trying out the WHITEKISH Magic Charcoal to see if it does indeed whiten my teeth.

Whitekish Magic Charcoal is a product from Jamumall. Each Whitekish set comes with the Magic Charcoal and a unique microfiber toothbrush to use with it. Whitekish Magic Charcoal helps with teeth whitening and getting rid of bacteria that causes bad breath as it neutralises the pH of the mouth. It also effectively removes the plague or tartar build up. The active charcoal is made from natural coconut shell without corrosive chemicals such as peroxide to whiten the teeth.

The product packaging on the outside seems pretty simple, but the internal product looks kinda regal with the crown-like cap. 

However, do be careful when opening the screw cap because the charcoal powder inside is tightly packed and will definitely get all over the place when you open it. Yes, this product is quite messy but that's what you get with most powder products (even face loose powder), so be sure not to open it in a windy place!

Not sure if you can see the toothbrush bristles out close, but it is made from very fine and soft bristles that are tightly packed for a comfortable brush. I usually use a harder bristle toothbrush but I think I might change now because this microfiber brush is so nice to use, what with its uneven surface that helps to reach hard-to-reach gaps too! Too bad the brush will never be fully white again after being dipped into the charcoal powder for constant use haha. 

The reason why a soft brush is used with the Whitekish Magic Charcoal powder is because the carbon might be a little abrasive on the teeth, hence it is advisable to use a soft brush to reduce the abrasiveness. There is indeed a correct way to use the product:

1. Use twice a day for the first week

2. Use twice a week subsequently to maintain whiteness

Do remember to use a flouride toothbrush when you are not using the Whitekish Magic Charcoal to protect your teeth's enamel.

To use, just dip the attached toothbrush (make sure you wet it first) lightly in the charcoal powder. Then just brush as you usually would! After 2 minutes, spit the black liquid out (I'm warning you, it can kind of look like a murder scene haha). Gargle your mouth and you're done! Don't forget to brush your tongue and gums too. For me, I will usually use a flouride toothpaste and floss after that just to get rid of the residue black charcoal from my teeth.

This is my before/after testimonial after a week of use. It is said that you can see a difference after just one use but that was not the case for me. However, I started to see some results after 1 week of consistent use. If you noticed, my teeth has some "bumps" on it because they are attachments for my Invisalign aligners. While my teeth did not become super sparkling white after that, I do notice that the plague build up around the attachments are less and the edges of my teeth start to look less yellow. While I do miss the minty fresh taste from toothpaste after brushing my teeth, I was pleasantly surprised by how much smoother my teeth is after each use because it really does help to remove build-up. Another cons is that because it is in black powder form, be prepared to go through a very messy process everytime you use it. But once you get used to brushing your teeth this way, it should not be a big problem. Just make sure you clean your sink properly after use!


Price: RM89.90 (WM), RM99.90 (EM) OR RM65.00/ combo pack
Volume: 10gm
Combo Pack Contains: 2x WHITEKISH, microfiber toothbrush, pouch bag
Where to Buy: Website or Call/ SMS/ WhatsApp +6017-889 8878

For more information or if you wish to purchase WHITEKISH Magic Charcoal:
Website | Call/ SMS/ WhatsApp +6017-889 8878

Disclaimer: This is a non-paid sponsored review based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after personally trying out the products.

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