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Thursday 8 February 2024

Eats & Treats: Flower Chimp x Cakerush Cake Explosion Box for Birthday & Valentine's Day!

I'm back! It feels good to be able to share a snippet of life with you guys again and this time, it's a post that's just in time for the upcoming Valentine's Day. 

I just turned 31 recently and Flower Chimp surprised me with their new Cake Explosion Box. It was a sweet and timely gesture. I've seen these types of explosion cake boxes going around on TikTok and was always curious how it'd be like, so here's my thoughts on this.

The Cake Explosion Gift Box is created by Flower Chimp & Cakerush. This unique gift box takes your gifting to another level by allowing you to create a truly memorable experience. When the recipient opens the box, they will be greeted by Flying Butterflies, adding an extra touch of magic and wonder to the moment. 

Here's a real-time shot of me (and my double-chin) as we opened the Cake Explosion Box for the first time. Honestly, I expected it to explode more but it was still beautiful! (albeit, fleeting)

It's such a fun, instagrammable way to surprise your friends or family. We found that the 8 butterflies are actually made of a simple rubber-band contraption and you can actually 'rewind' it and make the box explode again 😅 It was fun to try out and a tip is to wind it up reeaaaallll tight to get that "boom" effect! Remember to not overlap the butterflies' wings as well when you're keeping it under the flaps. Also, when opening the box, I'd suggest loosening the cover a little first before you lift it from the gold knob so your shot looks more seamless.

Priced at RM129, I'd say it's a pretty okay deal since you get a little surprise with the cake. The packaging and ribbon is of really solid material and for those who are fans of upcycling, you can surely reuse this box and re-gift it to your friends in the future as a little novelty gift - though I think the butterfly effect won't be as nice then. Although I must say, the cake is smaller than I expected. But if you're someone like me who doesn't really fancy desserts or have had too many cakes, this 4-inch cake is the perfect size for 2 - 3 pax to share!

Speaking of cake, of course we have to talk about how it tastes. Happy to report that the Pandan Gula Melaka flavour that I chose is super yummy, even my husband agrees. The fresh whipped cream goes so well with the decadent pandan cake with drizzles of gula melaka, and is just the right level of sweetness. If you're not a fan of local flavours, there are other flavours that you can choose from too and they are:

  • Rainbow Cake
  • Chocolate Fudge
  • Pandan Gula Melaka
  • Walnut Carrot
  • Ferrero - this is not a cake, but a cluster of Ferrero Rocher chocolates for that added romantic touch
You can also opt to spice up the cake with some add-ons to up the drama, such as:
  • 4x extra butterflies
  • Customised pictures
  • Extra flowers
  • Extra sweets

No more basic old birthday cakes - it's time to get your loved ones a gift with a 'BANG'! Thank you Flower Chimp & Cakerush for the gift!

Disclaimer: This post is published in collaboration with Flower Chimp & Cakerush.

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