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Sunday 21 April 2024

Lifestyle: Help me pick a Grand Opening Flower Stand!

Recently, my dad asked for my help to order a grand opening flowers for his friend's restaurant. I've been browsing Flowerchimp and have yet to decide on which design - help me pick one?

I've narrowed down my choices to these 4 which have vastly different price points. Each congratulations flower stand from Flowerchimp has their own unique factor. I've ordered from them before and to be honest, the best part is no matter which you choose, the flowers are always fresh and they'll deliver on time. 

Everyone would be sending a typical grand opening flower stand with red base and flowers - how about sending a balloon bouquet with hints of baby's breath blooms instead? Personally, I also like the regal look of these lilac, purple, silver and white balloons!

This gorgeous medley of stunning pastel roses, orchids, carnations and gerbera blooms will surely stand out! It looks so sweet and the little Congratulation balloon in the centre adds a unique touch to the bouquet. Plus, I think the price is definitely worth it for the design.

Celebrate your recipient's big day with this dazzling and lovely congratulatory flower stand that consists of delicate pastel pink and purple baby's breath blooms. I love baby's breath and personally think this flower stand can still be used as an upcycled decorative dried flower bouquet after the event.

The most luxurious looking of the bunch is this Fortis Fortuna. Not only does it have an eye-catching blue and golden orange colour palette, the arrangement of hydrangeas, roses, sunflowers and gerbera makes it a truly perfect arrangement to symbolise great fortune for the recipient.

If you're also looking for grand opening flowers and congratulations flower stand to send your best wishes, don't forget to check out Flowerchimp as they have a vast selection that will surely stand out from the crowd!

Disclaimer: This post is published in collaboration with Flower Chimp & Cakerush.

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