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Sunday 11 November 2012

Adventure time! XD

Best adventure I've had in KL was last Thursday night. What a way to release stress after exams!

We've been waiting for weeks to visit Pasar Malam Taman Connaught, the longest night market in Malaysia. And trust me, all the other night markets you've ever been to is NOTHING compared to this. No wonder it's so packed and jammed every Wednesday night. So we left around 5.30pm and reached around 6.15pm. First thing we SMELT when we got down the car was the pungent smell of CHOU DOU FU! Super excited, cos the last time I had it was in Hong Kong five years ago! It smells bad from afar, like a mixture of rotten eggs and faeces LUL but when we were queuing up, it actually wasn't that bad. At 80 cents per piece, it's actually quite filling if you have like 4 each! Super duper good with the crispy batter outside and juicy fragrant tofu inside, especially with the chilli sauce and pickled cabbages. This is prolly like the only pic I took of among the food we ate there though........

Smelly yummy smelly tofuuuuuuu (Y)

And here's a photo of my sexy face eating it.

We had a lot of other foods like assam laksa, fried kuay teow, lime juice, tong yuen tau fu fa, gula melaka rice cakes, grilled squid, pork satay, prawn cakes, curry fishballs, passionfruit ai yu bing, Taiwan pizza, dragon beard candy, bing tang hu lu, etc! Damn why did I forget to take pictures... There were so many cheap and nice things to see! They even sold dog food and DOGS! Anyway, the night market was about 1km long and we only walked like 500m of it before it started raining heavily. Being the champions that we are, we decided to make a run for it to the car and ended up getting badly drenched.

And from there our 'adventure' started. I turned on my Waze GPS cos apparently we didn't know how to get home. But then there were too many conflicting opinions from everyone in the car so we ended up driving in conflicting directions and missing a lot of Bandar Sunway exits as a result. -_- Then we paid RM2.50 to enter the SMART Tunnel and ended up in KL city! LOOOOL. The girls wanted to drop by H&M since Bukit Bintang was so near but the guys glared at us. Sheesh. Imagine us going into H&M while dripping wet. XD We took a U-turn back.... but no one knew the way home. Still. And nobody was listening to the GPS lady!

So we decided to turn on the iPhone map....

But we got even more lost, ended up in some apartment place and drove around in the carpark until we found an exit..

When we finally left the place, the driver was complaining about not being able to see the humps on the road when.......

BOOM! We parked at the side and realised his tyre was punctured. -_- Actually punctured is an understatement, it BURST. XD

We panicked, but luckily there was a furniture shop ahead and a couple of people were parked in the shade changing their tyres too. So we parked there, the boys took half an hour to change the tyre while the girls went off to ask for directions. When we were done trying to fit the tyre into the boot, we continued driving and stopped to ask for directions again at a petrol station.

We finally reached home after 2 hours on the road. Could've went to Malacca...

All in all, it was a really cool and fun night, one of those unplanned adventures that you'll definitely remember. Would so love to go to the night market again, who wants to bring me?! XD Anyhooo here's pics of the snacks we brought home.

Expensive Bing Tang Hu Lu (caramel plums) for RM5 per stick  -_-

Dragon Beard candy! Long time no see!
Alright, that's about it. I'm not really sure my blogging skills are good enough to fully relate the cool night but hey, I'm trying!


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