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Sunday 11 November 2012

Hey look, I'm Back!


Your girl is baaaaaccccckkkkk!!!!!

So excited to be back. It's pretty sad that throughout my whole year in uni, all I've been looking forward to was this 4 months break. I need it so, so badly. A huge break from all the assignments and exams.......

Don't ask me what I'll be doing these few months though. I have no idea. Mum wants me to get a part-time job. Any suggestions? :) Else I'll be too broke to meet up with anyone. *GASPSSSSS*

It was a weird 4-hour drive back with my friends.. who happen to be a couple... who... let's not talk about what they did in the car. XD It took me about 5 hours in total to pack most of my stuff like my clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, nail polish... man, I am a hoarder... into two luggages- one big and one small- and two bags! So proud of myself! :')

Before we left, we went around checking that we switched off everything and we had to sign this contract that shows we've done everything on the list to keep the house safe and if anything happens, we're liable for the damage. Quite cool. XD My friend told me to say goodbye to the apartment... Yeah, I did feel pretty sad leaving that place, especially my bedroom, cos I won't be living there next year anymore. Hmmm. Now I'll have to stress over finding a new accommodation! :O More on that later.

Yep, gonna miss them.

Last pic in our KL room! I'll miss roomie :)

We had A&W on the way back! Yay, root beer float cravings satisfied! Slept for so long in the car! And the best part of the whole journey was reaching home!


It's been great so far! Good food, not having to spend a cent (teehee), lovely bed, cuddly soft toys and TV! I haven't watched TV in ages so I spent the whole morning watching cartoons with my brother. Even mopping floors doesn't seem much like a chore now... I lie. XD
Yesterday we went to JPO to shop for winter clothings! Too bad there wasn't much choices. Only bought a super cute earmuff and a shirt!

Hellooooo, Ted :)

Cute beanies that I really wanted to buy but they were for kids. :(

Dinner was great too, had the best or chien (fried oyster egg) in JB! Then went and catch up with some friends over a Kuay Teow Kia supper. Oh, how I've missed this food! And the feeling of being able to chat and laugh with everyone about everything and anything.... Man, I've missed that.
This is Kuay teow kia.. Best food in JB! :9

Being away made me realise how all these little simple things can make me feel so blessed. I'm genuinely happy to be back. :)


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