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Tuesday 20 November 2012

Travel: KL 4-days Shopping Trip.

FYI, typing speed has drastically reduced due to the injection I just got today- cervical cancer prevention. My  left arm hurts and I can't hold it up for a long time to type. I can't even lift it to wash my hair! Oh well. The bengkak-ness will go away in a few days, I hope.

Note: I think all 1993 girls should totally go get the free jabs given by the government this year! There are a total of 3 jabs to be taken, the other two taken one month after the first jab and 6 months after the first jab. According to the brochure, it says that all females are at risk. Side effects are normal brusing/ bengkak/ redness/ occassional fever, puking or headache. They'll make you stay in the clinic for 20 minutes after the jab to see if anything happens to you, like in case you get breathing difficulty, faint or die or something... choi. Remember to drink loads of water and have a good rest after the jab! I'm not 100% sure how the vaccine works but for those who are interested, you can check out for location and injection details :)


So my first week of hols was pretty well spent, with the first few days spent with friends and the next four days with my family in KL. Love going to KL with my parents cos I don't even have to spend a cent to shop! :P Sis stayed back home alone to study for SPM, the poor soul. Gotta say, this trip was quite productive as I managed to (almost) get a new room to stay in next year. The location is good, about 5 minutes walk to uni and the facilities of the condo is pretty cool as well.

Basically, all we did everyday was eat, shop, drink beer. HAHAHA. As soon as we arrived, we straightaway detoured to Bukit Bintang. And never in my life have I stepped into Pavillion looking liike crap. No make up, nerdy specs adorn. Ish. At least I got a lot of winter clothes for the Japan trip from H&M, Uniqlo and Daiso! Only thing missing now are my boots.... Either too costly or there's no size available. WHY LAH!!! I think I spent the most during this trip though. Oops. :x

There was nothing interesting during this trip so I'll just post pics of stuff I took photos of. Dinner every night is more or less the same, with beer and.. more beer later on for supper.

Nyonya nasi lemak @ Luiz Cafe, pitstop at Jonker Walk, Melaka, for lunch. Super yums!

Would've gotten this if it was a size smaller :(
Wheeeeeeeee! <3.<3

Oh yeah, has anyone heard of the Mother Mary image formed on a window at the Subang Medical Center? My dad just HAD to drop by there to take a look. Pretty cool leh! Lotsa people go there everyday now to have a look. I guess even the guards are used to it haha.

Dad: Ada tu cermin...
Guard: /points. SITU.

There was a huge crowd there, what with people praying silently, praying with beads and praying with candles. Some even brought holy water and flowers! Couldn't snap a clear pic of the image with my 4S so dad got a girl to email us this photo taken with her DSLR.


Ok more pics of food and my face now~

@ Brotzeit. Bacon pizza is AWESOME!

Saw this kid @ Publika. SO CUTE!
The Social duck platter.
I is a bunny.
Strongly recommend The Cup which sells packed Korean meals on-the-go in Publika!
PS: Am thinking of personalising and decorating my blog,  but I have no idea how to. Help?



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