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Saturday 21 September 2013

Eats & Treats: CaRFFee Coffee Bar

Finally, some time to update a short post!

T'was a fun day, cos we had lunch & dinner with my family, then we let off a 'Kong Ming Deng' or sky lantern before having homemade tiramisu. Simple little things like these makes me smile :)

  • Went for tea with the boyf yesterday at a relatively new coffee bar in Taman Molek yesterday. Just wanted a day to chill & spend time together. It was our second time here and we chose CaRFFee cos there's this sofa area with plug points where we can watch movie on our laptops there. So I downloaded Iron Man and off we go.

New shades!
Necklace from Forever 21.

I wouldn't say the design of the place is super wow, but it does have a pretty chill feel to it. The place is divided into the airconditioned and non-airconditioned section and they have these sofas at the side with cushions to relax! The staff are super friendly and they'll greet you 'WELCOME' every time you enter the door. I mean, EVERYTIME, cos we went out to snap some pics and they greeted us again and again when we entered. xD 

After some stalking on their website, I found that they do offer Coffee Brewing classes for coffee lovers, which is quite a new concept in JB. Through stalking I also found that there is an afternoon tea promotion going on whereby you order 2 drinks and get 2 snacks for 50% off, but either we weren't told about it or the promotion is over already when we went :( They do offer lunch sets though.

Because we just had lunch, so we didn't order much but I rmb trying the Smoked Duck Risotto in Pesto Sauce and Grilled Chicken Chop before. Risotto was quite normal (and quite cheap leh) but the chicken chop and fried rice was not bad! Anyway, we didn't order much yesterday, just some drinks and snacks.

Mango Smoothie for RM8! Hmm, not the ideal smoothie as I think they used mango concentrate instead of real mango, but drinkable.

Boyfie's Iced Hazelnut Latte. There are 2 kinds of coffee beans; Northern & Southern. The waitress explained that Northern beans are more fragrant while Southern beans have a sour taste. Boyf chose Northern, but since I'm not a coffee-drinker, I couldn't appreciate the bitter taste..

Make-your-own-pizza! For RM13.90, I think it's quite worth it. There are a variety of ingredients and 2 sauces and we chose smoked duck + bbq sauce. We liked it!

Overall, I would say this place is worth visiting but be prepared as the food are a little pricey IMO. Or is that the way with every cafe? HAHAHA. Coffee is worth a try, but not the other drinks. They do offer complimentary sky juice which is refillable though. Ambience is ok, sometimes music is a bit displeasing but acceptable. Have yet to try the cakes though, next time perhaps!

Me being me, it's OOTD time! 

It's a monochrome-ish kind of day. 

Nekomimi beanie! Meow.

H&M bodycon dress.
Kate Spade zebra-print Kinsey bag.
FBlock polka dot ribbon hair tie (worn on wrist).
Nekomimi beanie, heart shades & transparent heels bought online.

Boyfie's first OOTD post :p

 Cotton On aztec tee & pants.
Everlast shoes.
Fossil watch.

Love you! 

Oh yeah, thank you to the staff for not getting mad at us for sitting there for 3 hours, enjoying our movie! :p Do check out this place if you haven't. :)

  • Address: 51-01, Jalan Molek 2/1, 
  •                Taman molek
  •                81100, Johor Bahru 
  •                (behind Modern Revelation)
  • Business hours: Mon-Thurs: 12pm - 12am
  •                         Fri & Sat: 12pm - 1am
  •                         Sun: 12pm - 12am
  • Contact: +6012-7721663


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