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Thursday 5 September 2013

Updates updates!

Omg it's September already?!?!?!

I know I'm a very bad blogger, I've been so busy to update my blog! (everyone's excuse)
But seriously, I have been sleep-deprived due to all the assignments + prom preparations (I am in the committee) that came piling in the last 3 weeks.
I owe everyone an August Faves post! Pls watch out for it! (even though i know no one reads my blog..)

Thank goodness I'm on my mid-sem break now. It's the first time I'm on break and I don't get to go back to my hometown. :( Basically spent this whole week hanging out and going to uni to help out with prom preparations. So since I'm alone in KL, I promised myself that I must cross off a few things from my To-do list this hols!

Study for the test next week ý ok lah i will start tonight ok!
Get my prom dress ý
Practice my prom hair & makeup ý
Clean my room þ
Clear out my wardrobe and sell stuff on Carousell þ
Blog þ I think I'm doing it now?

So I spent the whole afternoon watching Batman Begins, cleaning my room, clearing my wardrobe and updating my Carousell profile. I feel so productive and happyyyyyy! For your information, Carousell is a site for you to snap, share and sell your pre-loved items in just 30 seconds! All you have to do is take a picture, upload it and watch the buyers come in! I personally  love the easy-to-use interface. Let's hope I get buyers soon so I can clean out my wardrobe so that I'll have more space and money to buy more clothes! :p :p

Now I'm really worried about my prom dress and shoes. :[ I ordered both my dress and shoes online at and I've been told shoes will arrive this week. But it's not here yet. Maybe tmr :( I love taobao lah, cos it's so cheap and convenient! They sell EVERYTHING. /mindblown. But the shipping can be quite high and sometimes it takes a long time to arrive. :( I should've ordered my dress earlier, not yesterday. Stupid me thought I could get a dress in malls here but NOOOOO -.-

Image from

This is my pretty red asymmetrical dress that I ordered ytd. SO pretty right! And it's RM69 WTFCANYOUBELIEVEIT. But I'm so worried that it wont reach on time + it won't fit me. Sigh. Fingers crossed!!!!! 

As a backup, I got another dress IN CASE my dream dress doesn't arrive. I've been wanting to get the convertible dress from after seeing so many bloggers and beauty queen wear it. Plus, it's reasonably priced at RM69 (plus RM3 shipping fees) and it will reach in 1-2 working days. So ya I decided to get the short Marilyn Monroe dress in Burgundy and this is how it looks like!

Image from

I'm pretty excited to receive it cos there's just so many styles I can try out! Can't waitttttt.  But hor, it isn't as grand as my dream dress right? :( So let's just hope both arrives on time so I can choose! :p

Erm.. That's all I wanna say for now. Will update more, I promise! Will try to do some ootd posts, cos I've so many new clothes I've yet to wear! Oh ya, I went prom dress shopping on Tuesday, but ended up shopping for more clothes instead! Sigh, incorrigible. But you gotta admit, everything I got from Fblock is damn cute and colourful! LOVING THE PRINTS :D:D:D Plus its all pretty reasonable at RM132!

Confessions of a shopaholic :p

That's all I guess. Toodles! <3

Carinn xx


  1. Hi, what do you think of the convertible dress? I checked on the website and think that the owner tends to exaggerate everything are designed by her even though I saw other online shops are selling the same things. Also, material and workmanship for most of the dresses are not what it described, how can a fabric change colour according to sunlight?

    1. Hi dear. Well, I'm quite satisfied with it so far. The material doesn't feel like cotton, it's quite slippery and doesn't absorb water? I think. Workmanship wise, it's pretty good. I'm not sure about the colour changing though.. And yes, I know there are several shops selling this like emcee couture and more. If you like, i might do a review on the dress soon!


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