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Monday 30 September 2013

Fun: MTV World Stage 2013!

Hello! September's almost ending and I know this is a waaaaayyyyy overdue post but hey, who wouldn't wanna document their first ever concert experience?!

My 'concert virginity' went to MTV World Stage 2013! And even though the lineups weren't all my faves, it was fun as heck. Big thank you to Veena & her friend, Jo Yeen and Hazel & her cousin for the free tix! <-long story of how we got the tix hahaha. Also, thanks Erica, Hui Ying & her sis, Hui Min for going w me! :D /kiss kiss

The long-anticipated MTV World Stage 2013 has been held for 5 years now at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach with awesome artist lineup. This year it was Joe Flizzow the Malaysian Hip-hop artist, the Korean boy band EXO, the super rad Far East Movement, and sexy Robin Thicke! The event this year was mainly sponsored by Sunway Resort City, Xpax, Suzuki and Hong Leong Bank so you can be sure it's a BIG THING!

First of all, the queue was HORRIBLE /.\ And it was only about 3pm when everyone stood up to squeeze in. Entrance opens only at 4pm lah aduh! 

The amount of people pushing and squeezing is TOO DAMN HIGH! We literally didn't have to walk, everyone will push you and you'll just go with the flow~ Now I know how sardines feel like. 
There were wayyyy too many EXO fans. Played a game w Rics to see who could spot non-EXO fans first hahahaha. We both lost cos we're practically mobbed by them. 
There were KIDS pushing and screaming and squeezing there. I call them kids because before that they were busy studying Moral nilai murni for SPM trials the next day. SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE -.- 
Also, most of them were below 16 and had no IC so they begged us to bring them in as chaperones. One 13-year-old who was shorter than me (imagine that) was so squashed up behind me that she started gasping for air and I was so afraid if she had an asthma attack 0.0 

Inside, we split cos HY and her sis managed to squeeze to the center while Erica and I opted to stand at the side cos it was seriously too hot and noisy what with cray Kpop fans all around us. Not complaining, but I was seriously shocked to be standing in the midst of so many girls who can scream even by just looking at EXO photos on the Social Media Wall (which btw, is damn cool cos it shows live feed from everyone's tagged #worldstagemy Instagram photos) 

Funny story here. We were just chilling and sitting at the side, getting a kick ass side view -.-, when a Ugandan girl and her friend appeared behind us and said, "What are all these people screaming about?" To which I replied: "EXO, the Korean band." 
Her: "Are you here for them? Who are you here for?" 
Me: "Robin Thicke!"
Her: *screams and high five*

Erica and I camwhoring. It rained a little, but kudos to MTV for providing free ponchos and fan!

Finally, Natalie from and a male DJ from Myfm were there to kick start the show and give out freebies! And omg so cool lah, we kept waving to the camera which was moving around on a crane above us! :p Catch us on TV next year when you watch MTV World Stage recap :p

Then  the VJs and World Stage Insider, Matthew Zachary Liu, came out. Good job, Matt! And the VJs, Alan and Hanli were so good! Their enthusiasm, jokes and emceeing really wowed us and they really brought up the atmosphere! Plus, they're both really good-looking hehe. 

Alan and Hanli made us take the best selfie ever!

Omg I think I'm crapping too much, please bear with my poor-quality photos now! (again, wish I had a camera. Sigh) I tried to upload some short clips on the artists though!

Joe Flizzow started the show with some Malaysian power with Iller Iller, Havoc, etc! I know, the photo is rly blur.. But you know the crowd hasn't gone totally crazy yet....

Met Elza during Flizzow's performance!

Finally EXO appears. Everyone, and I swear EVERYONE, stood up with their cameras filming. It was crazy! They did the famous Growl, History & 365. Their dance was synchronised but that's all I enjoyed I guess, since I don't listen to Kpop at all. >< I get why the girls were so crazy though, they do look good.

365! Credits to Hui Ying for the vid!

Smart Rics and I decided to wait for EXO's performance to be over before squeezing into the centre of the crowd cos all the kids left after that! LOL! So ya, we did manage to get to the front but there were still some tall people blocking us and this girl on two guys' shoulders kept kicking me -.- The atmosphere in the front was so different. You could tell that these were party people cos there were no more screaming Kpop fans around us lol! 

Next up, Far East Movement! Definitely the ILLEST of the night and made everyone feel Fly Like A G6! They rocked for about an hour which was great to dance to, but tiring. DJ Virman's remixes were epic, woohoo! Some girl came out and sang Rocketeer, which was rly good. They even did a  rendition of No One by Alicia Keys and ended with Turn Up The Love. After that, they threw a giant rubber duck into the crowd. Then Prohgress jumped into the crowd & bodysurfed! DAMN COOL! 

Last but not least, ROBIN THICKE! He's even sexier in real life, trust me. ♥. He was the most mellow among all the performances imo but I liked it cos he did some fast songs and slow songs and of course his famous, Blurred Lines! There was some technical problems at the start but he did and acapella of Blurred Lines w the crowd and he sounds SO GOOD live! Also everyone swooned when he sang Dreamworld. Plus Give It To You & my fave, Lost Without U. Ahhhhh~ He ended the night well with some fireworks!

Best view of the night was Robin Thicke!

One man show, but oh so good.

Veena (and her friend Regina) joined us for #THICKE!

All in all, it was the best fun I've had in a long long time! I've met and seen all kinds of people; some kind, some not so kind, friendly people, helpful people and made a couple of new friends too! One girl gave Erica her poster that she got from the VJs and we gave her our water lol. Must defo keep hydrated throughout if you're planning on screaming and dancing... 

Shall end with some random photos and OOTD!

My girl can die happy now that she saw the sexiest man alive. Lol.

 Thanks, XPAX for the polaroids! #timetomuxic

OOTD // concert outfit

Shirt & shorts & scrunchie from Fblock
Sneakers from Converse
Hobo bag from Starbucks
Shades from Vincci
Gold bangle from Cotton On

I hope you all have a nice day ahead! :)
PS: Can't wait for next year's World Stage Live In Malaysia!!

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