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Saturday 21 December 2013

Fashion: Holiday Outfit Ideas

Year end means there are many events and parties coming up. Christmas, New Year.. And CNY and Valentines' Day the next two months. Of course, you'll need to dress up and look fabulous for these events. Unless you really don't care about your how you look when you go out, of course. 

I made these collages for a few weeks back. They have posted some of these in their Style Files to feature my design and a few other bloggers' looks that showcases one of their sunglasses or glasses. Thank you Daniela from GlassesOnline for approaching me. :) Here are some looks you can maybe try to replicate for various occasions!

Note: I made my collage with Polyvore, hence these pieces are randomly put together with disregard to the brand or price. For more information on where to get these pieces, check out my Polyvore account here: All glasses featured here can be found on GlassesOnline!

Something Casual, Something Stylish: 

Here's something for those days when you're just lazy to dress up but still wanna look good. The shades are from 3.1 Philip Lim and you can find it here. I really love the blue colour! Because the outfit is mostly monochrome and gold, adding a touch of pastel blue will really make it pop! The dreamcatcher necklace is in blue as well to match the sunglasses. The aztec-print cardigan is the main thing that makes this outfit look less plain. You don't even need much accessories to go with this. You can wear any tops you want- I chose a cropped top - but as long as it's plain, the cardigan will really stand out. Throw on a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike and you're good to go!
View this set and other styles here.

Usher in the New Year:

I feel this outfit can be really versatile; throw on the blazer in the day for a more formal look and take it off at night and you have an outfit ready to partehhh! The 3.1 Philip Lim Tyga Blue sunnies (here) and pastel statement necklace seems to go with the bodycon skirt, don't you think? The skirt really caught my eye cos of it's colourful design. The cropped top is not too plain as well as it has a bit of mesh at the sides like cutout. And don't you just love that Celine tote? *.* Shoes, I just chose the teal pumps and paired it with midi rings and skinny bracelets to complete the look. Now you can usher in the New Year in style!

Christmas Party:

Plaid is the in-thing this autumn/ winter. I've seen so many of these especially in black & red! Sooo want a plaid shirt like that.. Not sure how suitable this look is for a party, but you can always wear it for a yumcha session/ Starbucks date! :p It's also quite casual and might be a bit warm for our weather here in Malaysia XD Just omit the scarf if you're going to be indoors. My Christmas parties are usually held at home so the sweater would be comfy enough and the red plaid tights would make the outfit feel more festive. Can always replace the cat-ear beanie with a Santa hat! The Cambridge satchel and wayfarer glasses from Rexe Eyewear (here) makes you look a little nerdy so, can wear this to college too? What matters is that you look and feel good!

Pretty in Pink:

For me, this look is very Bohemian-like and can be worn during spring. Maybe during CNY or Valentines' Day? It's a pretty romantic look, what with the long, flowy floral maxi dress and floral headband! I chose the nude sunnies Tom Ford (here) from to keep the look clean and classy. Make sure the accessories are in neutral shades and not too big and overwhelming. If you're petite like me, nude pumps will elongate your legs and  make you look taller. I have yet to find my perfect pair of nude pumps though, any suggestions? The Miss Dior perfume has a distinct floral scent to go with this look and I personally like the white & gold clutch cos it's edgy yet elegant at the same time.
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GlassesOnline is having a #GoWishlist campaign which ends on 22 December (TOMORROW!). All you have to is browse the GlassesOnline website for your favourite pair of glasses, copy and paste the link in the comment box here and hashtag #GoWishlist and you may win yourself a pair of glasses for Christmas! Go join naooo!

I hope you can find replicas of these pieces at a cheaper price at other places cos frankly, some of these clothes are expensive as........ If you do find it, tell me too! XD I can't wait for the holidays, can't wait to plan more #ootds! Hope this helps you and gives you a clue on what to wear during this festive season :) Remember, always dress for the occassion and location! Good luck!



  1. love all the look you put up especially the one in pretty in pink !

  2. hahaa wow girls can imagine urself wearing those huh? =D


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