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Sunday 15 December 2013

Music x Giveaway/ Tech-Apps: Spotify Christmas Playlist [The Butterfly Project x Spotify]

It's 15 December today, which means it's 10 more days to Christmas! I'm really excited for all the parties lined up and who knows, maybe I might get a gift this year? :p

Out of so many kinds of festive music, Christmas carols are my favourite! Most of the songs are just so apt for the occasion; cheery and meaningful. Although I'm not a Christian (I know a lot of my friends think I am), I do celebrate Christmas with my family and when we were younger, Mum used to play Christmas songs in the car from a CD and that's how I learned to sing so many Christmas carols. Nowadays, I play my own Christmas music from my phone. How? Using Spotify, of course!

I'm sure everyone has heard of Spotify. Spotify is the world's largest digital music streaming service. With Spotify, it makes finding music easier as there are literally MILLIONS of tracks on Spotify. You can use it on your laptop, your phone, your tablet; just about anywhere. Music lifts the spirits and can suit whatever mood or occasion you're in.

How to use Spotify:

1) Log onto and click on 'Get Spotify for Free'.

2) Sign in with your Facebook account or email.

3) Download the Spotify app on your desktop and there's also a Spotify app for your phone! They are synced to your account so you can access the same music anywhere. 

4) Start using Spotify to listen to your favourite songs by your favourite artists!

Did I mention that you can Browse music on Spotify? You can even Discover what are the popular music in your region. Maybe you'll even find songs you never thought you'll like. And you can also stalk your friends and favourite celebrities by Following them and find out what they're listening to. Share your playlists on your social networks. If you like, you can follow me and listen to this Christmas playlist too! There's also Spotify Radio where they play one great track after another and you can like the songs you want to listen to in the future.

My friend Shiat Hui was the one who introduced me to this app. I mean, I know everyone has been using it cos when you log in with Facebook, your friends are notified on what you're listening to. But I never had the incentive to try it out. We were at Hui's house studying one day and she kept raving about how awesome Spotify is cos "You can access the whole Taylor Swift's album!" <- Swiftie alert! XD

When I got home, I downloaded the app on my phone for fun. Unfortunately, it was only free for 48 hours. How frustrating, and just as I was so into it. Then I logged on to the website and guess what? You can get a Spotify Premium Account for 30-days trial! You can continue to use the app after that for RM14.90 (ad free) a month. I'm still on the trial, but it's expiring soon. Which is why I am here writing about this!

Spotify is giving out TEN (10) Spotify Premium Gift Cards worth almost RM90, each lasting 6 months! If you're a blogger, all you have to do is sign up for a Spotify account, create a Christmas playlist with at least 20 Christmas jingles, write about your inspirations behind the playlist and share it on your blog (details on how to embed here). Contest ends on 16 December 2013. For more information, click here. Be as creative as you can; go crazy! Here's mine:

Hahaha ok as you can see, it's mostly Michael Buble songs. What can I say? The man brings out the best in Christmas songs with his sexy, jazzy style. I named my playlist 'Santa Songs' cos I think Christmas songs are what Santa listens to when he works :p I have about 40 songs (some are insturmental) in here, and I think I know how to sing most of it. Ooops.

A little story of my inspiration behind the playlist: 

Santa Claus is Coming to Town // Jingle Bells // Jingle Bell Rock // Rocking Around the Christmas Tree // White Christmas // Frosty the Snowman // Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer 

These are songs I listened to as a child and I'm pretty sure most people know these songs. Very upbeat which is why we usually play them at our Christmas dinner parties at home. Really brings back memories of the good old days when mum played these songs in the car. Only difference is, in those days they were sung by kids with high-pitched voices XD

Christmas Don't Be Late

Alvin & the Chipmunks are just too adorable!

O Christmas Tree // Silent Night

 My sister used to sing these two songs in the wrong melody and it used to crack us up. That's how I remember how to sing the REAL version.

Last Christmas // Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas // All I Want for Christmas is You

It has been exactly 365 days since my Japan trip! I remember these songs very well cos we heard it EVERYWHERE in Japan, in both English AND Japanese. Ahhh, miss Christmas in Japan so much!

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Because, KLAIN. 
Yay Glee!

O Holy Night //  Deck the Halls // Light a Candle // We Three Kings // Angels We Have Heard on High // Hark the Herald Angels Sings // Feliz Navidad // Joy to the World // We Wish You a Merry Christmas

I love to sing and we sang these songs during my high school's annual Christmas Concert! We usually had it in October due to the exams but it doesn't make our Christmas spirit less enthusiastic. We used to sing a medley of some of these Christmas songs. The Convent JB Choir really sound like angels carolling, imo. I miss choir so much! Not sure if I'm in this, but you can watch us here!

I'm not done yet. If I win, you guys, my readers, will be in for a treat too! Spotify will be giving away THREE (3) Premium Account Cards for three months, worth almost RM50, to three of my readers who has the best comments on this post. So if you're a music lover and you can't live without Spotify, make sure you comment below! Even if you don't want the cards, comment anyway if you'd like to gift them to someone who loves music. Be sure to click the follow button and tell me which Christmas songs you fancy and why you love Spotify. Anything goes! 

Let's get into the Christmas mood together. We can all get awesome Christmas gifts of music from Spotify! <3 Don't forget to like the Spotify Malaysia Facebook page here:

Merry Christmas in advance, everybody!




  1. wow niceeee! all the best to u! =D

    1. YAY my name is featured! Ahaha. :D Hope you win it. I love Spotify so much I can even get live music records from my fav artists. Love Christmas too. Bet you've seen my christmas tree deco video Ahahahaahah <3 <3 lololol

    2. Aww thanks hui! Merry Christmas to you yea! I can't wait to meet you! :)


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