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Monday 31 March 2014

Beauty: Maybelline BB 8-in1 Mousse & Color Sensational Lipsticks [PART1]

First cosmetics review post! And it's with drugstore makeup :3 I'm not afraid to admit that I love drugstore makeup. To a student, they are affordable, good-quality and varied so you can buy cosmetics for your whole face without breaking the bank! I'm not very good at makeup and I only know and own the basic ones so drugstore makeup is my solution! Although there are some items which is worth investing in more expensive brands imo.. I will be splitting the post into two parts, part 2 will be a simple makeup tutorial using drugstore makeup from Maybelline & L'Oreal!

Today I will be reviewing Maybelline Pure Mineral BB 8-in-1 Mousse and two Color Sensational Lipsticks. FYI, these were given to me by OnlyBeauty & Kim of Test and Share blog for review purposes. If you remember, I did a giveaway and a quick sale update about it here. One lipstick was a free gift for adding their sister company, Fiiesta on WeChat. Stay tuned to find out how you can get RM10 discount on your purchases from this beauty website!

Maybelline Pure Mineral 8-in-1 BB Mousse

For me, this is a really cool product cos I've used all kinds of BB creams, but never in mousse form! If I'm not mistaken, this product comes in two shades and I got mine in a lighter shade. The product boasts that makes the skin instantly smoother and contains micro minerals. It is also ultra light and has SPF 30++! I wish I knew what the 8-in1 part represents lol.

The bottle is quite lightweight, made of light steel (just like a hairspray bottle!) but a bit too big to bring out in your handbag.

Instructions were in Japanese, so I had to guess/ google how to use it.. :/ The ingredients however, were typed in English on a white sticker and stuck onto the plastic wrapping which I removed before taking this pic heh.

It comes in a pump form. However, it isn't as convenient as it looks. It's not easy to control the amount that you want due to the pump being quite stiff. 

Directions for use:

It is not advisable to pump the whole thing and apply straight on your face but rather, blend it on the back of your hand before applying on your face. This is because the colour will change! Another reason is because as I said, it is hard to control the pump pressure. I tried to pump a 50 cent amount on my hand but ended up with quite a huge blob 0.0
Tip: It is advisable to use your fingers to blend instead of a sponge. 

How it looks when it's straight out of the bottle. Whitish, light brown.
Sorry bout the messy table XD

Hopefully you can tell the colour difference from the photo! After leaving it on my hand for one minute, the product starts to 'melt' into my skin. It has also turned a darker shade of brown and starts to feel more like normal BB cream texture. This is the real colour of the product.

The WRONG way to apply the BB Mousse. Like I said, it's better to blend it at the back of your hand. This is the results of blending it instantly, you'll get a watery mixture of uneven colour, super hard to apply on your face :/

If you let the product sit and 'oxidise' for a while, this is the texture you'll get! A creamy texture for easier application. 

My skin looks whiter yea? However, it seems like the product does get into my hand creases and emphasizes on the lines more instead of making it smoother lol. Let's see how it works on the face!
Btw, manicure done by Sydney aka @somethinkblack on Insta! Go check out her feed :)

There's not much noticeable difference which shows how light the BB Mousse feels on the skin! A small amount is enough to cover the whole face! Erm, provided it doesn't dry up.. 
 It may not be obvious in photos, but I think my skin colour also looks more even. Even though it is lightweight, the product is quite buildable as a few layers can cover up blemishes and redness well. Unlike on my hand, it doesn't look like it fills in the fine lines gaps around the eyes, which is good! (maybe it's my hand's problem..)

 Final effect:

How it looks when I'm done. Freshly applied. One good thing about the BB Mousse is that it leaves a matte finish! No powder needed! I'm used to using the Korean kinda BB creams whereby it leaves a translucent finish so this was quite interesting to me! It's like I did not apply any makeup. 
Tip: The mousse does feel sticky at first, but dries quite fast so be sure to apply on your face quickly. Otherwise, it'll leave unpleasant looking patches >.<

But will it stay that way all day? Let's put it to the test!

After 12 hours:

Ok so on that day I was at the cafeteria's student area for a bazaar that we organised. Just hanged out there, went for clas and waited until it was time to clean up the place. The cafeteria is really stuffy and it smells like oil, I SWEAR. -.- In a way, it was also a good place to test out how well the product works heh.

The coverage around my cheeks looks fine, but it becomes oily on my forehead and nose. See my shiny forehead? (ignore the pimples T.T) 
Also, in the hot weather the product tends to run and smear, especially around the eye area. Ermergerd quite scary leh.. I would say it's good for people with normal skin, not oily around the T-zone one like mine.

What I think:

- super lightweight and natural looking
- no powder needed because it leaves a matte finish!
- contains SPF 30++ so no need to apply sunblock (but I still do)
- comes in a unique form
- big 65g bottle so it should be able to last quite long
- small amount needed for whole face (that is if you can control how much you pump out)
- affordable

- tedious to use, don't really like the pump
- some waiting time is required for the product to 'melt' so it's not advisable to use if you're in a hurry to do your makeup
- settles into some fine lines and feels sticky initially
- not long-lasting and not so suitable for Malaysia's weather as it tends to run and smear easily
- not suitable for dry or extra oily skin

Overall, I am okay with this product because of it's light texture, but I do not particularly fancy it. Would not repurchase because it does not really suit my skin. However, I've read great reviews about this. Guess those people are lucky they have nice skin! :( You can get the Maybelline Pure Mineral 8-in-1 BB Mousse from regular pharmacies for RM49.90! :)

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick

As I mentioned, I got two lipsticks from the sale and I was quite thrilled to try them out! After some research, I found out that the Color Sensational range actually has a few types. Some are labelled with THE JEWELS, as they are shinier and brigher!

Left: Maybelline THE JEWELS by Colorsensational and right: the regular Color Sensational.

I got #631 Red Garnet for THE JEWELS. Look at that crazy rainbow packaging, I love it! Looks even prettier than the regular one :p

Quite weird that my #105 Pink Wink looks darker from the sticker colour lol. Both lipsticks have plastic covers so be careful not to drop them cos I think they will crack easily.. It's the conventional square shape, nothing fancy or expensive looking.

Let's try them out!

Regular lip colour, only applied Vaseline to moisturise my lips and not leave stains.

Red Garnet sounds and looks intimidating as I've never had dark coloured plum lipstick before. However, this one was quite pretty and not as deep plum coloured as I thought! You can also opt to apply the plum colour in the centre only by dabbing on with your fingers to create a gradient effect. The colour also doesn't stain your lips.

Pink Wink. Again, the colour isn't what's indicated on the sticker so make sure you swatch before you buy! Lol. It's a darker pink than I expected but it's wearable daily. Even though it's not from THE JEWELS collection, the colour is still quite shiny to me.

What I think:

- Easy and smooth to apply
- Doesn't settle into fine lines, smoothen out the lips
- Quite moisturising
- Opaque colour
- Has a wide colour range, suitable for all skin tones
- Affordable

- Doesn't last long, wears off easily with eating and drinking
- Has an artificial fragrance which might cause allergy in some people

Both the lipsticks are easy to apply and glides on smoothly. It's moisturising and doesn't emphasise on the lip cracks. However, there's a strong artificial fragrance when you apply it. Have you ever played with plastic lipstick in those cosmetic toy sets when you were young? That's exactly how it smells like, which is a bit of a turn off. It's also not long-lasting as I hoped it would be.
You can get the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick for RM29.90 in regular pharmacies :)

Sooooo remember I said something about a discount code? Well, Fiiesta is quite new and they are currently only carrying a few brands but for now, they have masks and skincare products from Juice Beauty, Bidanpo and my favourite TT Mask! The discount code to use when you purchase RM50 and above is and you are entitled to RM10 off for a single transaction :)

Do remember to check out OnlyBeauty to get latest updates on their next sale!
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Disclaimer: Even though the products are sponsored, the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying on the products.

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  1. Your skin definitely look smoother with the bb mousse.I tried it long time ago but i was allergic to it.My skin got so itchy and i actually suffered breakouts :( ever since then i was terrified to use any of Maybelline's base makeup

    1. I still feel it's a very light layer, enough to cover redness but not so much on smoothen. I have too many pimples on my forehead :( And yea, it kinda feels like the product might "seep" into my skin when it starts to smear so I so try not to use it too often too! >< I feel bb cream and foundations are some of the cosmetics that are worth investing in. Thanks for reading and I hope you found your perfect foundation, babe! :)

  2. the bb cream looks really cute!! but it's too much hassle if you have to wait until it melts..


    1. True, which is why you should only use it when you have ample time to get ready. Hahaha. Thanks for reading! :)


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