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Sunday 23 March 2014

Event: FURLA Candy Brissima Show Tour Event in Kuala Lumpur!

One of the coolest things that happened to me this month was experiencing my first ever event in KL- the FURLA Candy Brissima Tour! It was actually kind of like a roadshow that is open to public but thanks to my senior Wendy, who is working for DNP Clothing, I got invited as a guest for the preview of Candy Brissima Show Tour on 6th of March at Pavillion, KL.

With the pretty Wendy. Thank you for the invite! :)

After registering at the counter, we got our doorgift and proceeded to get our pics taken at the backdrop wall. My +1 of the night was Jessica. Thank you for driving me there, Jess!

I look so awkward and tired that day -_- My simple OOTN:

Chiffon top from Bugis Street, Singapore
Leather skirt from Jaspal
Transparent heels from Taobao
Kate Spade zebra bag
Earrings from LAZO Diamond

Wonder what's the colourful pieces hanging on the wall? They're actually parts of the Candy Bag which will be assembled during the show later. Read on to find out more!

Check out the super colourful and pretty bags on display! We were allowed to pick them up and snap pics. Too bad can't bring them home as souvenirs. :p /wishful thinking

They're all so pretty! Which one is your favourite?

Jess's fave bag. She loved it so much that she wouldn't let go of it. Hahaha.

ew my eyebags One of my fave Candy Bag. I prefer the smaller bags cos they fit my petite frame. This one's extra sweet cos it's PASTEL-coloured! And just look at the detailing on the buckle! <3

Another small Candy Bag that I love. I wish I can actually afford these o.o This bag has a twilly scarf wrapped around the strap, damn stylish can! 

Had to take a pic cos the lighting was good. Look at the amount of people cramped in that small area! FYI, it's my housemate's camera cos I haven't gotten mine, which is the exact same model, at that time. XD

Around 8pm, the show was about to start! 

Hosted by the amazing Patricia K, I love her sexy voice! Such an ease to listen too, plus she's got a cute sense of humour too. Hope to see her more often in future events!

Introductory speech by Mr. Eraldo Poletto, the CEO of FURLA Italy.

Followed by another speech by His Excellency Mr. Mario Sammartino, CEO of FURLA Asia Pacific.

Next was the bag-assembling show. Five celebrities were invited on stage to customise their very own FURLA Candy Bag based on their own styles and interpretation, with the help of students from Limkokwing University. So now you know what those pieces hanging on the wall are for! The celebrities are international award-winning actress Yeo Yann Yann, actresses Diana Danielle and Anzalnar Nasir, Malaysia singer/ songwriter Zee Avi and little starlet Crystal Lee.

So hard to get good pics, everyone was lurching forward to see what's going on on the stage, but I'm quite pleased with the shots I took.

Everyone was rushing around on stage, grabbing the bits they love. They were only given 20 minutes to assemble the bag's top, base, straps and any other additional accessories. See, it's so easy to make your own bag with FURLA!

Yeo Yann Yann's furry bag. She likes that it shows her love for rocker styles and that it can be used to keep warm in cold countries. Haha!

Crystal Lee's pink bag. It's one of her favourite colours besides purple.

All the celebrities with their creations. Amazing, isn't it? All the bags look so pretty and over the top (OTT)!

Group shot with the CEOs.

She's so cute!

Close-up of all the celebrities' creations. Which one caught your eye the most?

A lot of Malaysia fashion bloggers were invited as well. now you know why I was a bit overwhelemed hor? XD 
Spot your fave blogger here?

DJ of the night was Eva T! She's amazing, seriously!

Walked around snapping pics and getting refreshments after that. We were lucky to get some photos taken with the celebrities and bloggers! 

With Zee Avi. Omg freaking love her! Coincidentally, I just went for karaoke the day before and I was singing her songs lol.

With the FURLA CEO.

Chanwon! She's so friendly and cute omg. :D

Isabella Kuan who came with her boyfriend. 

Jane and Nana. They're so tall and slim omg o.o

Oops I think I accidentally snapped this while fidgeting with the camera. Anyway, Nana was really friendly too! Had a short chat with her about Sunway cos she just graduated from there last year.

Joyce of Felt bad that she had to bend for me but she told me she's used to people bending to take photos with her so she will gladly do it for people shorter than her too XD

Our doorgift was this super adorable 4GB FURLA bag pendrive! Oh yea, there was a machine that allows you to print your Instagram photos instantly when you hashtag #furlacandymy at the event. I chose this pic to get printed! Not bad, eh? Apparently uncollected prints will be pasted on their FURLA Candy Brissima Tour wall, which is pretty cool as well!

It was a really fun event and an eye-opener indeed. Didn't expect so many people to be there! My first event somemore. I was quite shy lah >< One thing I learnt is that at events, you should be more approachable and don't be shy to talk to people! The same goes for your daily life, just be friendly and SMILE cos you never know who you'll meet :D 

Anyway, if you're interested in getting any of the bags, drop by FURLA stores at Pavillion KL and Bangsar Village II! For more information, check out their Facebook page.



  1. the giveaway is just super cute! and their bags too! lucky you for having attended the event.


    1. I guess i was lucky to be invited. Love the bags! :)

  2. So nice! Hope to join event like this in the future! :D

    1. Thanks! Sure got chance! Hope to meet you then :)

  3. So good and nice can get invited. ;)

  4. Whee~~~~ so happening!! So Fun!! Uhh... the Furla CEO looks so charming~! lol

    1. He very cute right! And tall! Haha. The Italian ambassador was quite funny too, didnt take a pic w him.

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