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Friday 28 March 2014

Boyfie's 21st Birthday

Just a quick post to update my blog! March is almost ending, and I want to document this. 1st of March was a very special day for my darling boyfriend because it is his 21st BIRTHDAY!! Almost a month after mine. He made my birthday a very special one and I wanted to do the same for him :) You can read about it here and here.

I was in KL that week because class had already started. Luckily, his birthday was on a Saturday which means I can go back to my hometown that weekend to celebrate with him. Class ended pretty late on Friday afternoon (I hate Fridays now sigh), so I had no choice but to take the night bus back, which I don't usually do cos I feel it's dangerous.. But what to do, I had a surprise in store for him so rushing home a day earlier was my only option! :p

Ok lah maybe my surprise wasn't the best ever, but due to time and resources constraint, I did something I think he would like even though it is quite simple. Prior to his birthday, I had already made a booking for our birthday lunch at a Japanese Restaurant and also made him a card and bought his presents. So everything was ready.. All that's missing was a cake. So I decided to bake him a cake!

I can cook and bake, but I don't usually do it cos of laziness (what else). For him though, I made an exception and woke up early on a Saturday morning (something I hardly do too) to bake his favourite chocolate cake. I got my mum to prepare the ingredients and aunt to prepare the ganache way before so I bake with ease that morning.. Whew, thank youuuu! I used this recipe over here in case you're wondering. It's my aunt's recipe for Steamed Chocolate Cake and it is really, really easy! You don't even need an oven to do it plus the cake is guaranteed moist and you can decorate anyway you want and make it look pretty. :D

Auntie look -.- piping the cream on the cake but it failed in the end. Hahaha! Read till the end to see how the final results look like!

We met up at Ajisai Japanese Restaurant at Taman Pelangi that afternoon for lunch. As usual, he'll arrive earlier than me. XD I gave him his first "surprise" of the day, which was the card I made him and told him to watch out for another two mini surprises lolol. I'm damn lame right.

I forgot the name of the dishes dy... His tonkatsu ramen. Quite a huge bowl, the broth is quite flavourful and charsiew is smooth!

My zaru soba and tempura set. The tempura and salad are fresh! For someone who doesn't like to eat veges, my bf liked the fried vege and also salad cos the dressing was quite unique. They even gave complimentary salad as appetizer and coffee after your meal if you order a set like mine. Plus point is the place isn't very costly to dine in and the food is quite yums.

I heard so much about this place (and its overpriced ice cream lolol) but I still wanted to try it out. We went over to Kate & I-Scream, which is just opposite Ajisai, for dessert. And I must say, I did not expect it to be THAT overpriced -_-

This ice-cream set of two flavours and two toppings for RM 28. WHUT. I can get a tub of Haagen-Daaz with that and it'll definitely be yummier! :/ But I'm happy with my choice of raspberry sorbet and cookies & cream ice cream.

Guess what he's imitating. XD

Guy, Y U photobomb me.

All these germy looking things have names! Lolol.

Who used to do this as a kid?!

Eating the waitress OM NOM NOM.


We had time to kill before dinner so we decided to catch a movie at KSL. Before the movie, we just walked around looking for phone covers for his new iPhone 5S (which he hasn't even gotten hold of at that time, just prepare early lol). I got my phone a new sticker too! Pink with Chanel words and flowers, so pretty and girly, I like! 

Bf loves action movies and when we saw the Liam Neeson movie, Non-Stop, in cinemas for the first time we were like, "Omg sure damn nice we have to watch this!" And it is really nice and thrilling! Sadly, the MH370 happened just a week after we watched movie. Sigh..

The movie ended just in time for dinner! His elder sister had already booked a table at Grill Bar to celebrate there. So yea, I had to "collaborate" with her ahaha. I told her I would bake the cake and bring it to Grill Bar in the afternoon and she helped me to keep the whole thing a secret. XD

Aiya, didn't realise the photo was blur -_- My baked salmon thingy with cheese. This is really yummy, the salmon doesn't have any fishy smell at all! The skin is so crispy and goes very well with the cheese sauce.

Boyfie's parmesan cheese chicken (?). It's quite good as well and anything topped with cheese he will like for sure.

Tadaa! His third surprise! Cake time! The waitress caught my signal and brought out the cake. How thoughtful of them to place it on a plate and decorated it with some cocoa powder! Haha.
I didn't think the cake was very pretty and I almost gave up on it and bought a new one instead but his sis told me it's ok! And he didn't know I baked it and thought it was store-bought so I'm quite pleased :p /pats self on back


Uh, I think they messed around with my strawberries?! Maybe it fell off -_- 
Mm, the cake turned out to be a little rough (?). It's either because I steamed it for too long or that it was just taken out from the fridge. Either way, there's room for improvement!

With his family. 
Our friends from college happened to be there too that night so everyone joined in and sang Happy Birthday for him. Quite cool, uh XD

Happy birthday, baby :)

Presents and cards for him :)

How the cake looked like. Nice anot? :p

It wasn't a very grand celebration and my initial plan to get his friends to surprise him kinda failed because they were all either overseas or busy :( I'm glad that the cake did turn out ok and it made him touched, which is all that matters. My boyfriend is a simple guy who loves his family so I guess getting to spend time with them made him happy already. Oh yeah, felt quite bad that he still had to drive me around even though it's his birthday. Next year, I'll learn how to drive and fetch you around ok! :p Love you.



  1. damn nice wei his cake. btw happy belated birthday cariin's boyfriend <3


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