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Saturday 26 April 2014

Event: Malaysia Clothes Buffet 2014 x Blowout Sale x Aussino Sale x Fashion Bazaar!!

All those years of shopping... All the times you ran around in malls and shopped for hours without even flinching at your painful feet... All that training, has boiled down to this.......


I just came back from the biggest, most creative event cray cray shopaholic's like me today! It's Day Two of the Malaysia Clothes Buffet 2014 and I thought it would be a good idea to share with you what to expect before you go, and what will you expect to see there. Not only that, the Aussino Sale was also held at the same time and a fashion bazaar was on as well! It was SO fun!

I hardly ever attend events in KL but I knew that this one was not to be missed. Thankfully, I had a teman and this time, it was Kim. She came to KL ytd and stayed overnight at my place, then we went together by cab this morning. When we arrived, it was about 11.45am and we went and met Isabel at the counter to collect our ziplock bags. Isabel asked if we can wait for another hour because there was a surprise Blowout Sale from 12-1pm! Whuuuut. So we decided to grab our Aussino goodies first at their clearance sale before going for the Blowout Sale.

UPDATE: You can read about my 15-mins hauls from the Clothes Buffet and other buys from the Fashion Bazaar HERE.

Ahem.. OOTD first :p Casual boyish style today!
Singlet from Kitschen // Shorts from Cotton On  // Boots from  // Kate Spade bag // Accessories from Cotton On, Forever 21, Lovisa and H&M

Lemme give you a tip first. The whole event is held at an open area at Syopz Mall, Taylor's University Lakeside Campus. There is NO air con provided, but there's lots of fan. Also, it's shaded, and so is the bazaar area. It's important to DRESS COMFORTABLY because you don't want your clothes getting in your way when you're rushing around, grabbing clothes! Also, it's really hot especially in the afternoon -_- Which is why I chose this casual outfit and made it less boyish with the ribbon necklace. Just got it ytd from F21 for RM10 cos there was a Weekend Special buy 2 free 1 sale! Plus, I super love the comfy RM30 shorts which I got from Cotton On when it was on sale! <3 The boots look heavy, but they're not. Super comfy and adds some height hehe I so love it, and it's for RM40 only.

Anyhoo, I digress.

******Aussino Clearance Sale*****

Let's talk about the Aussino Sale first. I bet there were a lot of nicer stuff on the first day, because today it seems to have decreased a lot :( That's cos they're all of good quality and going for super cheap! Luckily for me, I only wanted plain white sheets which they still have.

The price list in case you were wondering. For most of the items I think you gotta refer to this or ask the staff to get the discounted price.


MORE bedsheets....

Duvets. I wanted a pure white one but this didn't come with a duvet cover! :(

Cushion, bolster and pillow cases.

Bath gloves and kids' bathrobes.

Sadly, there were not much stock left already. Hope they'll restock more tomorrow for the sake of the last day sale-goers!

*****The Blowout Sale*****

I was told that they decided to have a surprise Blowout Sale for girls who went for the early session and had to stay back till 4pm for the afternoon Blowout Sale sesh, and they didn't want them to wait that long. So considerate of the organisers!

Basically, this is how the sale area looks like.

There were 8 bins (or treasure chests) altogether. Hmm, not as big as I'd expected... Or so I thought.

Sneak peak of the clothes that you can expect to find at the sale! I spotted a few that I want already omg!

Emcee and DJ playing all kinds of songs from old school to Korean to Malay to Cantonese to English songs. Hahahaha.

All the girls were going crazy, grabbing whatever they could find because everything was going for RM10 ONLY! Tank tops and singlets were also going for 2 for RM10! 

Oops, crazy shopper caught in actioin.. XD

I guess it was kind of an advantage for us to have our buffet session at 1pm cos I got to survey a few pieces that I like before the actual buffet started :p I even bought a few pieces that I REALLY liked first because I was afraid that it'll be gone later or that I can't stuff it into the bag. Hahaha. Don't worry, there's no time limit or bag stuffing problems for the Blowout Sale and you can take your own sweet time choosing the items you want.

*****Clothes Buffet*****

Finally, it was almost 1pm and our turn to go for the REAL Clothes Buffet. I've never felt so anxious and nervous for shopping omg. It's like there's this adrenaline rush and panic that what if my bag burst. Please note that bags are not allowed in the buffet area and if your bag bursts, you'll have to pay a penalty of RM20 and continue shopping with whatever time there's left. 

Staff restocking and remixing all the clothes in the bin. Smart move there. So that for every session, there won't be too many similar pieces and more fresh variety!

I managed to snap a pic of the session after mine to show you the chaos. Have to queue in a line first before entering the buffet area. Kancheong kancheong.

Pretty sure there were more people on the first day but look at everyone going crazy grabbing the good stuff! Quite fun to watch LOL.

Met Miss Low Hui Yi at the sale! Sampat even had time to stop and pose for the camera XD

Oh, did I mention that there's even a huge TV there to show you the time? Not sure if it's helpful or scary, watching the clock counting down! :s

Funny story here. I happily grabbed my clothes and even saw a few nice ones which I passed to Kim. Lol I'm so kind right :p TBH, there weren't as many nice ones as I thought, but they're really good material and versatile pieces which can be worn as casual or formal wear. So that kinda made my decision-making easier cos most of the things I grabbed were dresses. Also, a lot of the clothes are in S-M sizes, lucky me! I even used the reflection of the glass door of the shops at the side to see if the clothes fit me XD

 Then I realised that I only have 4 mins left on the clock.Decided that it was a good time to pack my clothes into the bag already (I think I got about 10 pieces?) so I went to a corner and started ROLLING my clothes up and stuffing them into the bag. BIG mistake. The bag wasn't long enough horizontally to fit the clothes. Panicking, I tried folding two together but it only made the bag fatter -_- Then my worst fear happened..  THE BAG BURST AT THE SIDES.

Omg NOOOOO! T.T Almost cried cos I was so bent on trying to beat the record (ytd was 14 pieces) and there was only about 43 seconds left on the clock. I panicked and asked Isabel if I can have another bag and she said go to the back exit counter. The girl there asked for RM20 from me but of course I didn't have my wallet with me. So keep some spare cash on you IN CASE ok. XD She said that I can leave my clothes at the counter and go grab my wallet, which I did. After everyone left, I tried packing my clothes again but this time, I'm SLIGHTLY calmer. The guys kept trying to scare me by making POP sounds and the girls gave advice on how to keep the clothes! LOL! So cute right. My hands were shaking lah seriously. In the end, I only managed to stuff 6 items into the bag cos the fear of it bursting again really made me paranoid. I even had to throw a few of the pieces back into the bin which I regret now :( 
BUT OMG. IT WAS SOOO FUN. I wanna do it again!!!

The Top List. Think you have what it takes to beat them? Today's record was 20 pieces during the game session which you can join for free! :o I realised most of the record-breakers are guys.... My tip is to take small items like tank tops and chiffon tops if you wanna stuff more into the bag. You can choose your clothes first and stuff them in the bag in like the last 5 minutes? Don't roll your clothes together, don't make them too bulky and hold the sides, and bottom to avoid your bag from bursting! Make sure you cut your nails beforehand in case it tears the bag! And try to zip it GENTLY when you're done packing . :)


Didn't expect to see you there! <3

Thank you, my dear Tyypey for borrowing me your powerbank and shopping with me! Hehe. Love you babe :*

Teman of the day, Kim!

Met pretty Chanwon again. She still remembers me from Instagram XD So sweet lah.

Met new friends today :) Hello Angeline, Nicole and Carolyn!

We had lunch w Angeline and Carolyn after the bazaar at Jek Cafe. Food wasn't that good but we had a good time chatting! Also, big thank you to Nicole and her bf for looking after our bags while we were in the buffet area. It was nice meeting you girls! :)

*****Fashion Bazaar*****

Oh wow this is gonna be a looooong post. Heh. The bazaar was held in some tent area and it was pretty hot. I can't believe there were so many vendors in that one small space though! There was food, clothes, accessories, preloved items, bags and creative scrapbook items there! I wish I had brought more money, because everything was so nice and just tempting me to get them! I'll just let the photos do the talking, alright :)

Dresses and skirts from Nyo for RM 25-35.

Malibu Beachwear and their super cute bikinis! It's time to get summer-ready!

Cakes and iPhone cases from Fraiche Designer Delectables!

Pink n Proper bikinis going for half price, as low as RM29! Dresses imported from UK was also going for RM99.

Hang.Over had a creative way of selling their clothes. They sell it in Surprise Packs from RM35 onwards and you can mix and match any two items like dresses, blouse and tees that you like in the pack!

I think this was Emcee Couture? Anyway they have some really nice and affordable pieces here.

Bags and floral crowns by Jeda Jinx Jeweleries, who shares the same booth as emceecouture. The crowns are for RM25 only and I bought one for Eunice cos she loves them as much as I do.

Accessories and clothes from I Can't Sew for RM25-49. I love their blogshop name eh.

Super cute belts, bags and skirs from Le-Copine!

CUTE DIE ME. Washi tape and deco items from VanesDay from as low as RM6.

Whoa World Cup merchandises. My dad would love it.

Poppet Charm! So cute and cheap!

Omg just realised she was posing for the camera HAHAHA. This really nice lady was having a booth selling her preloved items for as low as 3 for RM10 :o 

So.Chaotic selling hair dyes, accessories, new and preloved clothes!

Aww! Cute personalised gifts!

Un-Masqued! Too bad the jeans and skirt I wanted was sold out dy :(

And everyone's fave booth... FH Club! They're a new company selling authentic imported cosmetics, skin care and accessories from Korea! Their bags are also authentic ones imported from the USA like Michael Kors and Coach :o I spotted a lot of popular Korean brands too like Clio, Skin Food, Etude House, Missha, etc. I got myself a beauty box too! For RM 10, you'll get two full-sized masks, two sample-sized products and two accessories (necklaces and earrings!) WORTH IT OR WHAT. The accessories alone costs more than RM10 already! I got one box for myself and Eunice. Plus point is the team is really helpful and friendly in helping you pick your items. Aww.. <3


So tempted to get more accessories, but I resisted...

Ending the post with a skirt that I really wish I could've gotten from Le-Copine, but it was kinda loose for me :( Still love this shot though!

So yea.. This was how I spent my weekend. Will blog about my hauls in another post. I can't wait to show you what I got! :)

If you've time tomorrow, do make sure you drop by Syopz Mall from 10am - 6pm for the sales and bazaar! Even though it was crazily hot, it was a super well-spent Saturday. You can check out the event page here for a sneak peak of the clothes you'll get and bazaar vendor list. Link to FB page here.

Have a great weekend!



  1. I love your post! so Informative lah! I wish I could have read ur post before going to the buffet haha ^^

    1. Aww, thanks babe! But read or not, both of us still same fate.. Bag broke! Hahahah! XD

  2. Carinn, cant wait to have a look at your hauls!! :D

    1. Thank you, Cece! Working on the post now! :D

  3. i practically drool at the clothes~~
    NOOOOOOoooOOoooOO wish i CAN GO!!
    are you going to post the clothes you get from this buffet? want see want see haha

    1. Hahaha aww! Next year we go together ok. I'm working on the post now so stay tuned! :) x

  4. Hi Carinn!

    Thank you so much for featuring us on your blog :)
    We hope you had a wonderful time shopping during the event.
    Do follow us on Instgram @malibubeachwear for more sun-soaking bikini updates <3

    Have a gorgeous day!

    1. Hi there! Thank you for dropping by my blog :) I wish I had gotten something from your booth that day >,< Anyway, you have a great day too! <3

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