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Friday 4 April 2014

Fashion: Havainas Summer Kit; The Cinderella Project [The Butterfly Project x Havaianas]

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♥ Tell me that isn't the prettiest, fanciest pair of flip-flops you've ever laid eyes on? 

 I have a weakness for shoes, especially high heels, because I'm so short. T.T
 But sometimes, my feet needs to take a break from all that strain and just slip into something comfortable for a day in uni or window shopping. And that's where my most trusted flip-flops come in! If you must know, Havaianas is one of the "atas" aka high-end flip-flops to me and to own a pair would be a dream come true! 

And not only are they comfy and durable, they come in various designs too! Just like these premium artist pin-up girl illustrated flip-flops which comes with an added bonus of a matching towel, it's perfect for any occasion. I want them because I'll be going to Port Dickson tomorrow for a team building activity, how I wish I have these pair of Havaianas Summer Kit to bring along with me! After all, it's summer everyday in Malaysia so I just know I'll fully utilise them! Btw, I have small feet so I really love Havaianas cos they come in my size, which is size 4 (35) :) 

Check out some of the looks that these celebrities have paired with their Havaianas flip-flops. Whoever said wearing flip-flops has to make you look sloppy? I say it's effortlessly chic!

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Just so you know, the artist who is famous for his classical American-girl illustration on these flip-flops is Gillette Elvgren. This man is a genius, as his illustrations totally depicts the perfect everyday Cinderella. To me, a Cinderella is someone is a woman that is confident, stylish and subtly sexy. Just like in Elvgren's illustrations, he depicts paints these average girl-next-door doing everyday ordinary tasks, whose charms are caught in that instant when she is unaware, making her most beautiful. A Cinderella is independent, she doesn't need her glass slippers or Prince Charming. A modern day Cinderella only needs her charm and a pair of Havaianas flip-flops to be on-the-go!

For more information, do visit The Butterfly Project - Beauty Blogger page to learn more about the Cinderella Project and how to win the Havaianas Summer Kit. Only 20 pairs in Malaysia and they're not for sale, how exclusive! I wonder who will be the two Cinderellas to win these :D Also, check out Havaianas website, Facebook and Twitter to lust after more designs!

I can already plan the #OOTDs I'll be matching these babies with in my head already! 
Happy Weekend, guys! 

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