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Tuesday 29 April 2014

Travel: Seeties Getaway Treat Campaign!

Wanna win a free stay at your favourite villa? :D

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I was recently invited to become a Seetizen Expert for What is Seeties?

Seeties is a new concept website which combines local know-how, passion to share, social media, mobile platform and location based service, all in one place. Seeties aims to connect local Experts with users who seek meaningful information spontaneously or when planning trips. As a Seetizen expert, I can make Recommendations for various categories like fashion and beauty, food & drinks or outdoor & attractions, etc. Sounds so cool! Another reason to sign up is because of this Getaway Treat Campaign that is being held whereby 10 lucky winners and 1 lucky draw winner will win a stay at a villa of their choice! Woohoo hope I win..!

After signing up, I found that Seeties is really quite fun to use! It's kind of like micro-blogging as there is a 300-1000 character limit and you get to upload pics and share you experience with other Seetizens. Omg just realised it means CITIZENS. XD 

Here are some of my recommendations in the Outdoor & Attractions category..

How can I miss the chance to promote my beautiful hometown eh? Introducing to you... One of my fave places to hang out in JB! Just Want Coffee - The Garden is extremely popular among Johoreans as they have a few branches. However, I particularly love this branch cos of its beautiful deco.. Perfect place for OOTD! I've done a few 'photoshoots' here and here if you'd like to read. :p

Another pretty place that I've been to is i-City at Shah Alam! It was quite a spontaneous trip planned with my friends to go there and take pics before I left for JB for my three-months summer break. It was so pretty, I wish we had taken more photos! There's also a fun-fair, 3D museum, wax museum and other attractions to make it more fun. Kinda like.. a night time themepark.

Speaking of pretty places, I really love scouting for beautiful locations! One thing is because I love to take OOTD shots at these places, hehe. But I can't say I'm a well-travelled person, because I haven't been to that many countries in my life. The bf has always promised to bring me on a staycation to some island some day, but with our limited allowance and busy school lives, I wonder when that day will come....

Which is why I really hope to win a stay at one of these villas! It'll be so cool, and my whole huge family can come along and vacation too! The last time we had a family trip was way back in 2009 in Hong Kong. I was what, 16 then? 0.0 Yeap, definitely time for another family trip!

Here's a sneak peak of some of the villas that are in the list. So beautiful, aren't they?

At first glance I thought these venues were overseas. Turns out they're all private villas located in our very own country! Oh my, what wouldn't I give to be able to explore each and every one of these places :) My fave is The Stable Malacca and The Happy 8 Retreat, Pasir Puteh! Hmm.. Actually, Berembun House, The Dusun and Deluxe, The Majestic Hotel looks super pretty too! Argh can't make up my mind when I see pretty things/ places 0.0

image from thestablemalacca

Freaking falling in love with this rustic room. It's such a private and comfy place, I love the atmosphere! Perfect place to rest & relax.

image from thehappy8

Omg is that an open air bedroom?! Always wanted to stay in one! Er, might have mosquitoes but it'll be so private and cooling lor! Perfect getaway :D

Seriously never knew such pretty places existed in Malaysia. Remember to join in the campaign from now till 30th April 2014 if you're interested in winning free stay at your fave villa!

Whoever said you have to travel abroad to far places to experience nature in its own beauty? Follow me on Seeties at to learn more of my Recommendations, especially as I try my best to bring out the best in my hometown. :)



  1. Whee! Nice photos! Hope you can win! :D

    1. Doubt so, but thanks Cece! Always so sweet :) <3


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