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Monday 23 June 2014

Beauty: Dead Sea Salt Facial Therapy @ Murall Beauty House (Grantonworld Malaysia)

Hi guys! How was your weekend? It's been really hectic for me these few days after exam. I have been constantly going out, hence the lack of updates on this blog. Am working hard to finish all my reviews so I can fully enjoy the holidays! Lol. So watch this space as I'll be updating regularly yea! Seize the chance before the new sem starts again..

I am honoured to have been chosen to be part of GrantonWorld Malaysia's Affliate Program. GrantonWorld is an up and coming online shopping website which offers a variety of great deals, in different categories.GrantonWorld may be a late entrant into the group-buying world, but they are a promising competitor, especially in the Malaysian marketplace. They aim to serve customers' every need by offering affordable deals from carefully sourced merchants.Aside from food, travel, fun and beauty, there are fashion deals such as deals on H&M gift cards, so watch out for that! 

This round, I got to try out a Dead Sea Salt Facial Therapy at Murall Beauty House, courtesy of GrantonWorld. The deal is valid for all new customers of Murall Beauty House, be it male or female. One redemption is allowed per person and an appointment must be made 3 days in advance to book. Of course, you'll have to print out the voucher and present it during redemption for recording purposes. The treatment is worth RM588 but for a limited time, the deal offered was RM38. OMG WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN PRICE PLS? Unfortunately, the deal is sold out already (duh, everyone would grab it for sure!) but I will share my experience with you and who knows, you might wanna check out the place and other GrantonWorld deals too? :) Sorry if my review seems weird, it's my first time reviewing a facial treatment after all!

Before I begin, I'd just like to share a little about a new app that I tried out that day. I decided to try out UBER for the first time as I have free credits on the app. It's so convenient, just book a driver via your smartphone and he'll bring you to your destination safely! I got a Honda Civic and the driver was so friendly! He opened the door and offered me bottled mineral water in the car as well haha. And guess what? Because I got a referral code from my blogger friend, my first three rides was actually FREE! Saved my RM60 credits for future use. So convenient to commute using UBER now! If you wanna get RM30 off your first ride, do use my code: VD51L. Um, I too get free credits when you sign up using my referral code. Welll, good news are meant to be shared right? :P

Ok time to talk about the facial!

Murall Beauty House is located within Jaya 33 Mall @ Section 13, PJ. It's next to a kopitiam and opposite MBG Fruit Shop at the Lower Ground level :) There are ample parking space outside the mall and free parking at the KL branch. This is actually the sub-branch, as the main branch which is located at Taman Seputeh, KL is under renovation for now. Murall Beauty House was actually started 40 years ago and is a trusted beauty house in KL.

It's a cosy environment as soon as you step into the salon. It may be small, but it's relaxing and clean!

Aside from facial treatments, Murall Beauty House do offer mani-pedi services as well! I can't wait to try this service next time. They also have a certified doctor on board to do aesthetic treatments such as Vitamin C whitening injection, fillers and PRP treatment. Did I mention that they offer body massage too? So diversified for a small store!

Murall Beauty House specialises in using this German brand known as Dalton which has a track record of a few decades already.

All certified professionals are working there, so you can have a piece of mind!

Upon arrival, I was led into this room for a quick consultation.

My beautician of the day, Ice (her name damn cool hor! #punny), told me that my skin is more sensitive and on the drier side. So they will have to be gentle as sea salt tend to be rougher. Um, skin condition really deteriorate after those weeks of rushing assignments lah :(

Ice then led me to this cute cozy little room for my facial!

Got changed in the robe provided. #butfirstlemmetakeaselfie

Tools of "torture" for my face luuuul XD

Highlights of the treatment include:
♥ Besem Machine from Japan to deeply fibro-blast into skin to remove impurities
♥ Relief neurodermatitis, psoriasis, skin congestion, stress and nervousness
♥ Using Dead Sea minerals including bromide, sodium, bitumen and sulphate
♥ Exfoliates face for smoother and more refined skin

I'm ready for my facial!

I will try my best to discuss the steps below. Sorry for the silly camwhoring pics during treatment lol! Ice was so nice to let me camwhore! XD She was also nice to switch on the light too as orange light was too dim for my camera lol.

First, Ice used a rose cleansing milk to remove makeup residues. Then, a cleansing gel foam was used to cleanse thoroughly. Next came the sea salt scrub. I was initially afraid that it would be rough but it actually feels quite mild on my skin! The point of the sea salt scrub was to remove impurities and dead skin.

There are three masks to be applied in this treatment. For the first mask, Ice used a softener mask to soften blackheads and whiteheads on congested skin. It felt a little stinging on my dry skin ._. 

Then came the scariest part.... The extraction process D: I hate extractions as it's usually painful but Ice was quite skillful in removing all the pimples and blackheads! YAY no more pimple "colony" on my cheek! After that, she soaked cotton pads in antiseptic and left it on my face. 

A collagen gel mask was used next to hydrate and reduce sensitiveness. Before we went on for the next step, Ice gave me a quick shoulder massage using rose extract and das oil mixture, which is used to reduce stretchmark.

The most interesting process was when the Besem machine was used. It's a tool that helps the penetration of the Jordon emulsion that was initially applied, to allow it to be absorbed into the dermis. It is usually set to the "Cool" setting so as not to stimulate sensitive skin. I was given a face massage too to facilitate the absorption process. of the base mask

For the third and last mask, Ice covered my eys and mouth with a cotton pad and netted sheet. It's for a good reason as you can see, the green mask is applied next! It is a peppermint cooling soft mask to reduce sensitiveness and cool down the skin. I was allowed to rest and nap for 20 minutes before the mask was removed. 

Lastly, toner, moisturised and sunblock (the usual) was applied and Ice gave me another quick massage and we're done!

As you can see, my face is quite red but it does heal within a day or so. I felt so rejuvenated and relaxed after the whole treatment! Plus, my skin feels soooo much cleaner and refreshed. Treatment effect varies, depending on each individuals' skin condition.

Time to get dressed and go for lunch! I love that they provided a hair dryer too so I can style my messy hair lol.

I'm pleased with they do provide tea during the post-consultation, as your skin needs lots of hydration after the treatment.

Thank you Ice, for the pampering facial and chit-chatting!

Overall, I'm really pleased with the service provided and the friendly personnels there. For girls like me who are concerned about your skin conditioin, you should go for a facial once in awhile to really rejuvenate the skin and be pampered! 

Do watch out for more deals on GrantonWorld such as this! For the price paid, the service given and products used were definitely worth it. GrantonWorld Malaysia is going to be the next big thing, make sure you jump on the bandwagon and keep up with the trend now!

Log on to and follow their Facebook and Instagram pages for more details! 
PS: Don't forget to CLICK on the 'GrantonWorld Affliate' widget at my blog sidebar to get immediate access to even more affordable deals!

For more details on Murall Beauty House, visit:
Murall Beauty House - Jaya 33 PJ
Lot PG15, Ground Floor, Jaya 33, Jalan Semangat, Seksyen 13, Petaling Jaya, 46100 Selangor.
Tel : 03-79552737 / 03-79570506

Murall Beauty House - Taman Seputeh KL
22A, Jalan 2/87G, Jalan Syed Putra, Off Jalan Taman Seputeh, 58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-22763296 / 03-22737882 / 016-2625388

Operating hours:
Monday to Saturday 10.30am - 7.30pm
Sunday 10.30am - 5.00pm
Closed on selected public holidays. Call to enquire.


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Disclaimer: Even though the treatment is sponsored, the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the service. Effects may vary depending on individual skin condition and other factors.

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