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Saturday 7 June 2014

Lifestyle/ Fashion: Malaysia Military HD Photo Tag

I bet you've seen these tags around, haven't you? They're known as Military Tags or "dog tags" LOL> Initially, I thought military tags was only worn by men in the army as an identification purpose. But after reading so many reviews from my friends lately, I realised that they're a good accessory, gifts or souvenir too!

I got mine from Malaysia Military Tag a few weeks back. They are a home-grown company that sells creative and customised military tag products, manufactured in their own factory. The owner, Mr Tan, is the young man and innovator behind the company. Their competitive pricing, high quality product and fast turnaround time (only 3 days to produce a high volume of products!) have brought them to where they are today. Beside military tags, they also carry ID tags, keychains, luggage tags, paracord bracelets, paracord military watches and even army boots! Some of the companies that they have worked with include Petronas & Maybank and other event organisers, camps, gift shops, paintball and airsoft teams. Whew! That's quite an extensive and varied branch!

Only a few simple steps are involved to get your order. Also, the tag was sent to me quite fast and I appreciate the service! The owner is very friendly and fast in replying queries and emails too. Here's a quick tutorial on how to place your orders via their website.

1. Choose the product that you prefer. Price varies for different kind of tags. 

2. After choosing, follow the simple steps by selecting or keying in your details. There is a 14 letters character count for the 4 lines 

3. Upload your photo or logo. Only images (jpeg, jpg, png) of 1MB maximum is allowed.

4. Once you're done, add order to your shopping cart. Apply any coupon codes if you have them or you can check the estimated shipping & taxes involved before you make your payment.

5. At Checkout, either sign up for a new account or log in using your existing details. Fill in your personal details, choose your shipping method and payment method and you're DONE!

About a week later, my military tag arrived in an envelope.

Hmm, I would've preferred if the items arrived in a box instead. Do note that extra charges are incurred if you want a metal box to go with your tag.

My friends actually got two tags for their previous review but for this time round, they offered the HD Photo Military Tag. I personally prefer this more, as it's more personalised and suitable as a gift! Each set comes with a double-sided tag, accessory of your choice and rubber silencer.

It's quite small and thin, even smaller than my palm!

How it looks like on the front. The photo is supposed to be HD, but it may be due to my photo quality that it looks grainy here.

The back which has embossed words on it. I actually wanted to do one for myself but funny story, due to the character limit of 14, I couldn't fit my blog name in -_- LOL! So I decided to make this as a gift for my bf! The date is actually our Anniversary :p

I chose the 5cm stainless steel ball chain as I wanted it to be used as a keychain. I chose the white rubber silencer too to make it look less "army-ish" and because white suits my photo better. 

Other accessories that you can choose from.

So many colours for the rubber silencers!

Here's how it looks like with the rubber silencer on. The rubber silencer not only makes the tag looks more refined, it also protect the edges of the steel plate :)


If you're interested in getting your very own, personalised HD Photo Military Tag, you can find it HERE. It's priced at RM32 only, quite affordable right! I'm sure your friends and family will appreciate this little gift. You can even add in their details on the embossed part to make it look cooler! If you opt for the longer chain, you can even wear this as a necklace for a boyish style. Quite multifunctional, huh?

For more information, check out their website and 'Like' their Facebook page for updates. Don't forget to tag them on Instagram @malaysiamilitarytag or #malaysiamilitarytag too when you receive your items! :)


Disclaimer: Even though the product is sponsored, the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after getting the product and trying out the service.


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