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Monday 3 November 2014

Beauty (HiShop Review Campaign Part 1): Skin Talk Snow Flower Cleanser & Snow Flower Toner

Happy November, guys! It's almost the end of the year! :o

I was recently contacted by The Fabulous HiTeam to try out an exclusive beauty brand, Skin Talk. This brand has yet to be launched on the market so I'm kind of like one of the pioneers? Feels kinda cool being you guys' guinea pig at the same time :p Since there are almost no information about this product on the Internet, I will try my best to write down what I've experienced from the 2 weeks of using this range of products!

Wanna know what goodies did I get in this big pink box?

Skin Talk Snow Flower Cleanser

Skin Talk Snow Flower Cleanser uses a Special Ice Care technology to provide instant relief and soothes the skin once cleansed. The instructions are in Korean so sadly, I cannot really tell you what other benefits this product promises. It contains green tea extract, glacial water and ash extract for brightening and has anti-oxidant properties. This product is suitable for all skin types.

It looks just like an aerosol spray. I was quite surprised at the packaging. The nozzle resemble is the spray kind that most hairsprays use. It is quite easy to operate.

What??? I got the shock of my life the first time I sprayed the cleanser. Cold gas comes out first before it dispenses these white dense bits. The most amazing part is when you touch it, it feels EXACTLY like snow! It's also icy COLD! The particles also melts in the warmth of your hand after a few seconds, just like snow! Guess we know where the name of the product comes from now then. 

On my second try, I shook the can and the snow particles sort of disappeared. It then came out in the form of soft white mousse or foam, like meringue which has been well and properly-whipped with stiff peaks. 

Disclaimer before we start the review and I scare you with my bare face. This is when I have minimal makeup on, just barely enough foundation to cover up my blemishes and dull skin. I guess you could say this is one of the worst conditions my skin has been in because of exam stress, unhealthy snacking, period and irregular sleeping patterns. Right now, no amount of skincare products can help me because I have not been getting enough rest. Hopefully, my skin condition will improve after exams and I can then update you all on the results of using Skin Talk products when my skin is happy!

Directions to use:
Squeeze a tiny amount on the palm of your hand, just like how you would use normal face wash. Rub a little on the face. Contrary to normal foam wash, the foam builds up as you wash your face but as this one dispenses as a foam directly, the foam kind of disappears once it comes into contact with water, leaving a soapy feeling. Once you're done, rinse off thoroughly with water or wipe off with a clean facial cotton.

Likes: After using, the cleanser leaves a very smooth feeling on the skin. Makeup can been removed quite effectively and does not leave much residue when I use a toner after that. My skin feels squeaky clean and it means that all the oil on your face has been stripped off. The smell is very pleasant and fresh. The freezing effect can make your face feel slightly numb but it is good for waking up the skin!

Dislikes: It is not easy to control the amount of cleanser you squeeze out because of the aerosol method. Sometimes even after I shake up the can, cold air and icy particles comes out but most of the time, only the foam is dispensed. I can't seem to figure out what causes this to occur. Also, the cleanser can be quite drying so I would only recommend it for people with oily skin as it tends to dry out the skin after washing.

Skin Talk Snow Flower Toner

Skin Talk Snow Flower Toner is made with glacial water and green tea extract. It also uses the Special Ice Care technology and is perfectly paired with the Snow Flower Cleanser. It is also icy cold when applied to the skin and this chilling and freezing sensation acts as a moisturising effect. It is also suitable for all skin types. Just like the cleanser, the toner also comes in an aerosol can, in a lighter blue shade and snowflakes pattern. Looks like a perfect Christmas gift, huh?

The toner comes with a aerosol pump too that is quite hard to control as the spray usually goes everywhere once I press down on the nozzle. 

The product comes out as tiny foams at first then slowly evaporates to become a liquid.

After shaking up the can, I sprayed it again and the foam started building up on the palm of my hand. Really weird sensation!
Directions to use;
After cleansing your face, squeeze a little of the Snow Flower Toner on a facial cotton pad. It is not advisable to squeeze it on the palm of your hand or directly on your face as the product evaporates quite quickly and it is harder to control the amount to use that way.

Gently rub it on your face and leave it for a few seconds. You will feel a chilling effect on your face.

Likes: The toner is really gentle and does not stimulate the skin. It also smells pleasant, like flowers. It's also quite fun to use because really, have you seen a toner in an aerosol spray can before?

Dislikes: It can be quite messy to use if you do not use a cotton pad as the spray is hard to control the amount needed. 

I swear these has got to be the most innovative and unique products I've tried before! I've had so much fun experimenting these products but it took me quite awhile to think what to write because they are not on the market yet. So far, I don't see very significant effects from using this range but I will continue using it to see if my skin condition will improve. I think they would be value for money even if you were to gift it because the packaging itself is interesting and quirky enough to grab attention already! I guess these two product should cost about RM45 - RM60? Both are 150ml bottles which can last quite a long time as you only need a tiny amount for each use.

Thank you for reading and if you're interested to purchase the product, remember to stalk HiShop's website, Facebook and other social media on the announcment on when this brand will be released in the market! 

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Disclaimer: Even though the products were sponsored, the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the products. Effects may vary depending on individual skin condition, skin colour, application technique and other factors.

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