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Monday 17 November 2014

Shopping: Fashion Salad Flea Market by Dreamscape

Woohoo! Got to attend another bazaar yesterday- Fashion Salad Flea Market organised by Dreamscape! I love bazaars because there are always so many good deals to dig out, plus I get to try and feel the clothes that I always see online in real life and save on shipping fees too :p Sadly, this will probably be the last time I get to attend bazaars in KL as I'll be shifting back to JB in like... 3 days. LOL. Time to get my shopping mood on!

The Fashion Salad Flea Market was organised by Dreamscape, a well-known blogshop in Malaysia. It was held at RUANG at SS18 which I'm not sure if it's a cafe or not, but it's a pretty spacious and cool hangout place! It's located the same row as Hop Hop Cafe, in case you're wondering. You can't miss it cos it's the corner lot with a huge signboard! One thing different about this bazaar is that you get to meet and greet with different celebrities and bloggers who are selling off their blogshop & preloved items there :)

Anchor-print top from TeeToo, Sunway Pyramid
Side-split maxi skirt from Dezumondo boutiquez, Times Square
Bag from LoveBag LoveBag
Shoes from Happy2u
Necklace from PhatCulture
Bracelets from H&M

New arrivals and combo deals by Dreamscape, the star! I was eyeing a pair of leather skorts from them, too bad they were too big for me T.T someonefindmeasmallerpairofskortspls

Shopnoirmy accesories - totally eye-catching & bling!

Natural handmade goodies from Claire Organics! I love the packaging, they're great as gifts!

The place was actually divided into two sections - blogshops & preloved on one side and bloggers' booths at the other area. I spent most of my time at the first area but I did walk around a little after that.

Of course I had to whiz by Dress & Style booth cos my friend Pam is the owner! Check out their latest arrivals, too many gorgeous jumpsuits! Eyeing the one that Pam is wearing, but too bad it's also a bit loose on me T.T #WHY

Trendy, dainty & affordable accessories from Little Black Polka Dot!

Pink 'n' Proper's newly launched bikini range were on sale!

The bazaar doesn't only sell clothes, you can get food there too! How adorable are these cakes?!

One thing that caught my eye was the Kendama Culture booth. First time seeing Kendama being played. The Kendama is a traditional Japanese toy consisting of a "sword" and ball connected by a string. The ken has three cups and a spike and the objective is to catch the ball in the cups and on the spike. Sounds easy? It's NOT. LOL. The guys behind Kendama Culture were none other than the boys from TheMingThing!

Met Nanabwincess, she's totally gorgeous in real life as in photos :o

Bumped into these beautiful ladies at the bazaar as well. Bazaars are always so much more fun with friends around! 
From left: Carmen, Eunice, Kishya & Jess

I tried so hard to control myself and not buy anything but I was unconsciously hoping to get some maxi skirts and dresses because of the ugly scar on my leg.... Just my luck to get what I wanted! Good deals like these always make me feel a little dizzy with happiness XD FYI, if you spent more than RM20, you are entitled to take part in the lucky draw! I guess the session was at the end of the event but I had to leave early so I gave it a miss. Really curious what the prizes were though! Anyone knows? 

Finally got the Asos-inspired double-slit skirt I've always wanted! Not really the colour I want but guess what? It's RM5 so I couldn't give it a miss!

Also got this high-slit striped maxi from the Dreamscape preloved booth for RM5 only. In the words of Jess, "If it's RM5, you don't think, you just BUY." HAHAHA. I find this piece quite chic and vertical stripes always makes one look thinner and taller! 

One of my favourite pieces that I got is this much-coveted low-back maxi dress that I've been eyeing from various blogshops for awhile now. It's so simple yet sexy with the crossback design and in the sweetest shade of blue. Perfect for casual or formal events! I got this from DeSassyChic and the original price was RM39, if I'm not mistaken. I only got this for RM20. Whoever heard of a maxi dress for RM20 only??

Um, here's a glimpse of how bad the scar is.. Now you know why I need to get long skirts & pants? :(
Anyway, I got this cute knitted sweater/ jacket from DeSassyChic. I was hesitant at first but um, it's RM25 for one piece, RM40 for 2. Plus, I didn't realise it at first but the owner told me that this slip-on is from a famous Japanese brand, Liz Lisa! For RM20 only, I think I should totally get it! It'll be suitable for my Christmas trip to Desaru! The owner even threw in a free gift for me haha so sweet right.. 

Tadaaa. A clearer view of the scar. No shorts for me for awhile now, but I couldn't let go of this piece. It's my favourite of the lot - the trendiest jumpsuit now, with origami skorts! Extra points for being oxblood red, which I love. I have tried on so many jumpsuits from various blogshops and they were all too big for me, but the cutting for this is just made for my petite body! It was originally priced at RM69 and discounted to RM55 for one day only from Le'Mole Couture. Well, how to give this a miss??

So there you have it, my haul from the bazaar. Which means no more shopping for the month of November (and possibly December). I guess it's a good thing that I'll be shifting back to JB soon.. My wallet will thank me for it. Hehe. 

Hope you've enjoyed reading this quick post. I have a giveaway coming up soon for you guys! Stay tuned!!


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  1. Oh my god!!The maxi dress is so nice!!

  2. i love the maxi dress too...the color so pretty..

  3. I like the jumpsuit most n the colour totally enhance it!

  4. omg babe!!! I saw your wound!!! it is so long and you must be in pain when you taking your bath :(
    anyway, your slit skirt is nice! :)

    1. It's ok now, doesn't hurt anymore. Thanks for your concern! xx I rly hope it doesn't leave a scar :( And thanks, I love the skirts too! :D


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