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Tuesday 7 July 2015

[Guest Post] Looking Great on a Budget!

Yoohoo! Back with another guest post for the month! I love having fellow bloggers share their thoughts and ideas with me, and today I'm going to share one from Regina of Tee and Me in Australia. She's got some great ideas to looking great on a budget. What with GST implementation and all now, perhaps these tips would be a great help to you to look & feel great without spending a bomb :)

The common misconception for most women (and men) is that looking good costs a ton of money. Many young and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to match up to well-dressed and established business owners struggle with this. After all, buying an entire top of the line wardrobe can be costly.
While it is true that buying clothes can be an investment, it does not always have to break the bank to look nice. There are a lot of options to looking professional and well-polished without going broke.

1.       Go Back to Basics

One of the keys to not spending so much on clothes is to have pieces that you can wear over and over again in different ways. This is where basic items come into the picture. For this, it is worth investing in high quality pieces that will go a long way and last through the years even after being worn many times. These will become the platform for most of your outfits so choose wisely. Tanks tops, crew neck tops, jumpers, jeans, khakis, black pants and even a few ladies dresses are some items you will want on hand.

2.       Be Neutral

As you build up your stockpile of basic clothing items you will also want to stick to a neutral clothes pallet. Black, white, beige and some navy or grey pieces are all colors that you can build on. These are versatile and can be worn in many different ways, with a many other colors. Neutral tones will give you more options for wearing things many times over.

3.       Add a Pop of Color

Once you’ve built a basic foundation for your wardrobe, then you can start thinking about how to jazz things up. The great thing about basics and neutrals is that it allows you to add color in various ways. For example, you can wear red pumps with a black dress, or put on a bright colored cardigan over a white shirt and jeans. What’s more is that since you start with a versatile base you can add any color or print that you want.

4.       Think Outside the Box

Looking good on a limited budget does not always have to equal sticking to classic and neutral pieces every day. By all means, express yourself and go with current style trends once in a while if you feel like it. However, keep in mind not to buy overly expensive items which are only part of a fad. Opt for low to mid-range priced trendy items. There are many different womens clothing online which are fashionable, but don’t cost an arm and leg.

5.       Don't Forget to Accessorize

Many women skip accessorizing and stick to minimal items like earrings and a watch. However, ask any expert and they’ll tell you that accessories bring life to any ensemble. The accessories you choose to wear can make an outfit different even if you put the same pieces together. A belt, a scarf, or even a hat can completely change a look without costing a whole lot.

Author Bio: Regina is a trend setter and fashion blogger for Tee and Me. Her passion lies in helping women look their best by sharing her knowledge in fashion. 

Hope this has inspired you a little on how to dress on an Entrepreneur's budget! Till then, have fun dressing up!

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  1. Great guest post babe! Most of my clothes in my wardrobe are also under budget! Always best to get some basic pieces and just layer them for a new look :)



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