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Friday 18 October 2013

Beauty: Timeless Truth Deep Sea Extract Moisturising Mask

Good things are meant to be shared. So don't say I never share ah, for those ppl who ask me where I usually buy my stuff.. This was my first time buying beauty products online and what can I say, I LOVE HERMO.MY!

Hermo is a beauty website where they sell many ranges of products from cosmetics to bath & body to fragrances and skincare. They carry many many brands such as 3CE, SKII, ePure, Shiseido, Biotherm, etc. All items are authentic so no worries about that. Their motto is 'Turning Beauty in a Click" and they stress on convenience. The website was introduced to me by a friend. For one, they have super fast delivery (within 1-3 days) and 14 days refund policy! And their main office is situated in Skudai, Johor. Heh so near my place! They have different items on sale everyday and I kinda stalk the website everyday for good deals ._. These are what I got the first time I shopped with them:

I love the feeling of waking up and receiving your parcel at the door!

Other than the BeautyQ Foot Mask, the rest are mine. All these for RM 119 only! (would've been cheaper if I hadn't forgotten to apply the first time purchase 10% discount -_- So DON'T forget to Ctrl+C when you checkout the first time) 

They also offer free shipping for 2 items and above AND a free gift for every purchase. (too bad free gifts sold out when I bought..)

AND they have this credit system. RM 1 discount for every 100 credit earned (which means if you spend RM100 you get 100 credit). AND you can log in to the website and take your attendance 10 days in a row and you'll get 200 credits. AND when you post on Instagram & tag them and/or blog about them, you get another 50-100 credit. What can you do with these credit points? You can apply it as discount the next time you shop with them! 

So, good anot my lobang? :p You can sign up here:

Laneige Basic Step Trial Kit for RM33. Ori price RM59. They were on sale the day I got them :D 

Yadah Anti Trouble Spot for RM28

Timeless Truth Deep Sea Extract Moisturising Mask for RM 10 (per piece/ RM30 per box)

My skin has been quite dry & dull lately and since gramma's birthday dinner is tonight, I had a reason to try out this much-talked-about mask (chehwah).

TT Masks originated from Taiwan. I first heard about it from a friend too and decided to do some research. There are many many choices of TT masks, but this range caught my eye the most. Mostly cos they offer it in many colours heh. No, the colours are not just for fun! Each colour represents the different benefits of the mask. For me, I chose blue as it is moisturising, just what my skin needs.

It says here to leave it on for 15-20 minutes after cleansing face. Also states that it will leave skin hydrated, luminous and glowing.. WAH.

Remember to use the darker side instead of the lighter one! Each blue square contains the nutrients which is the Deep Sea Extract. So cool huh.

Do I look like an A v a t a r? My dad got a shock when he saw me XD

Okay, the mask is quite big for my face but it fits like a second skin. As in, it grips on very well (?) I don't know about you, but I usually do masks while lying down as it tends to slide off, but not this one! 

Still so much essence left in the packet, I decided to apply all over my neck, arms and legs as moisturiser/ lotion. 


Oh ya, I've never posted any bare-faced photos before so don't be shocked XD I'm aware I have very bad hair and eyebags :(

You know how after using some masks it leaves this sticky, disgusting feeling on your skin? Well, this doesn't! After like a minute when it totally dries, I can feel my skin feeling fresher and softer dy. Maybe it's not so clear in photos (unless you zoom), but my skin looks brighter and less pale. Whee!

What I think:

This mask is definitely different from the rest (not only in terms of colour), but quality as well. It is made of a patented Functionality Cloth. Somehow you can feel it being absorbed into the skin, cos the mask gets tighter and dryer as time goes by. :O Next time gonna try the other ranges for more visible effects.

Now I can look pretty for the dinner :D 

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post and the review is based solely on my personal thoughts and experience after using the product. 



  1. Actually, they do sell it in retail stores..

  2. Wow... I never seen the mask like you have.
    The pattern sheet of the mask blue with white square looks like uniform.
    Pretty haul ;)

    1. Yup! Do check it out if you have the chance! :D

  3. I love the pattern on the sheet mask; I've never seen anything like it! I need to get me one of those sleep kits; my sleep pattern has gone for a toss over the last 4-5 months :( And you don't have eyebags at all, compared to mine! #giglove
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Haha you're wrong, dear. My eyebags are mostly genetic+due to lack of sleep. Rly bad! I need me some eye cream!


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