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Sunday 6 October 2013

Fun: Nuffnang FoodFest 2013 - Malaysia's First Tw(eat) Fest.

There is no free lunch in the world?

Whoever said that has obviously never been to the Nuffnang FoodFest 2013. Nuffnang proved that statement wrong yesterday by putting together this event to let everyone enjoy free lunch and dinner (and possibly supper)!

It's my first time attending a Nuffnang event as a Nuffnanger and I'm glad I rushed back from JB that morning for it! The NN FoodFest was organized to bring together the best vendors in one place. Most of the food were in small portions or bite-size to avoid us overstuffing ourselves. No money is needed, all you need is your smartphone! Everyone uses Social Media Currency to tw(eat). If you're like me and you can't eat without snapping a photo or tweeting about your food first, imagine being rewarded for it! Now isn't that optimising technology to the fullest? 
As a marketing student, I thought this was a cool idea to promote Nuffnang itself and the other vendors get additional promo + likes on their social media networks too. Everyone is happy and got to expand their friend/fan base. What a creative idea!

We got to meet a few bloggers too like Timothy Tiah (co-founder of Nuffnang) and his wife Audrey, better known as fourfeetnine. Was so excited to see them and I swear they look darn cute together! So obviously had to snap a picture w them. 

I know, my friends must be wondering who's taller; me or Audrey. Hahaha. This was a candid photo snapped by the Yakult lady and I was amazed cos for the first time I'm not the shortest in a pic?? LOL. But I was wearing heels lah! Without them I think we'll be.. Same height? ._. It's ok, she's my inspiration cos she's so cute! :p 

Also saw Bobostephanie, Sherlyn from, Melissa, Jessica, Lumi, Nana, Michelle, Jane and YouTuber Dan Khoo! Too bad didn't get to snap a picture w them :( 

To be frank, I actually thought it'll be indoors but nooo.. Thank goodness it didn't rain! Now bear with me, this is gonna be a picture-heavy post that will make everyone jealous and hungry! :p :p 

I went with my housemates, Eunice and Jie En. We registered at 3pm. Registration gifts include a Sunway Pyramid Card, a cute macaron from Les Macaroons, Churpout 2013 sticker and because we were the first 500 to show them the NNFoodFest logo on our Instagram, we got a free badge too! 

Photo from Nuffnang's FB page

Our first stop was Lifetime Asia's booth. Actually we were attracted by the pretty macaron and cupcake display. Somehow, we got roped into taking part in a cupcake decorating competition. The most-liked photo on Facebook could win an Estée Lauder kit! It was also my first time decorating a cupcake. I think my aunts, who are so into baking, will be proud of me :p 

Just FYI... (image from

Decorating le cupcake 

Jie En and her colourful cupcake

Eunice and her pink cupcake 

Me and my white & red cupcake!

I spot onigiri! Niko-niko onigiri to be exact. But too bad they didn't give the onigiri, but the mashed potato w chicken in the tupperwares instead... ~.~

It's so hot that we need something refreshing! We passed by VinegPlus and tweeted to try their cucumber & lemon vinegar drink. Taste was ok ok only. Then we passed by Yakult! Yakult booth was fun, they change the rules every hour to switch things up a little. The friendly vendors said for this hour we have to tweet a pic w the Yakult Lady so we did just that! 

Yakult was just next to Juiceworks, so Juiceworks it is! We got Lychee Cooler.

Bumped into the emcees, Kevin and Matthew. Good job, guys! They're quite good, can emcee in many languages hahaha. And spot the hot girls in traditional German wear promoting Oktoberfest. 

Btw, I noticed I couldn't use the NN Food Fest app at all cos the QR codes were broken/ my internet was incredibly shitty. Quite sad, really wanted to try out the app and see how it works. And my 3G was so bad I couldn't load tweets or webpages. Angry girl is angry. Then I realized I couldn't stand anywhere with a roof -.- Seriously, U Mobile -.- So whenever there's data, I'll tweet like mad all the food I wanted to eat and screenshot. Housemate liked all the Fb pages and screenshot too. Thankfully most of the vendors were kind enough to let us do that :D

Next, dessert! Sweet Montage had a sweet display. We only got to sample a little bit of the mango pudding though, but it was good! 

I'm a very mean housemate cos I made En lemme take photos of her food before she could eat them hahaha :p 

N-Brew nitrogen ice cream; Coffee from Barista Guild Asia ; SS2 goreng pisang; Kees cream puff 

I spot Humble Beginnings crepe cake! They're from JB and the vendor kept reminding us to go visit their new shop in City Square. Definitely will the next time I'm back. JB Pride! 

In order to try all Royal Post's food, we had to like their Facebook page and follow their Instagram and Twitter. So we did! 

Queue for myBurgerLab was scarily long, but we stuck it out. Got a 10% discount voucher each for tweeting them too! Thanks, MBL! 

Mmm.. Chicken Swisstake! 

My phone was running on low batt the whole day cos I only had one powerbank and I kept alternating it with Eunice haha. Amazing our phones survived that long. 
But at 7pm, we were near the registration counter so we decided to queue for a free #UTOOS2PowerBank! Damn lucky all 3 of us got it :D it's so slick and slim! Thank you for saving our phone's life! 

Chatime next! Take a photo at their booth and Instagram it for a free drink!

Met my friend and blogger Alice Tan :)

Hello Ninja Joe! 

Absolute Thai was clearing stock and selling two boxes of food for RM5. 
Eunice: Are you kidding me?! 
Hahahah. Oh and the packed food came with dine-in vouchers too! Wheeee~ 

Absolute Thai kebab

Nandos after that. They were giving out free Peri-Peri chicken wings. Worth it or what! 
After that my feet hurt so much that I couldn't stand anymore so if you see someone sitting at the sidewalk, that's probably me. ._. Got offered the RM10 beer voucher for Thirty-Two bar but I was too tired to even stand, what more drink...
Housemates went and queued for Crazy Potato yay! 

So tired by then, our last stop was the Maggi booth! We each got a Maggi Hot Cup and played a game to win the new Maggi Big Kari. I got the furthest but didn't complete the obstacle. T.T Ok lah 3 person got 5 packets, not bad lah. XD 

Bad idea wearing heels cos my feet were KILLING me. I walked back on the canopy without shoes HAHAHA. 

Our loots! 


Floral crop top from {H&M}
Leather skater skirt from {Bugis Street} gift from HY 
Bag from {Kate Spade NY} 
Shoes {bought online}
Ankle socks from {Happy2u}

Lastly, just wanna thank my awesome housemates for going with me and helping me to carry my stuff, wipe my lips, etc :p Thank you thank you! 

Photo from Flissco photo booth for RM1 each. 

Although we didn't get to try all the food, but we did try most of it. Happy tummies, happy mood! Thank you, Nuffnang! Hope you'll organize more events like this in the future! Have a great Sunday, everyone! ❤



  1. looks like you had a good time at the food fest.

    do drop by for churpout !

  2. Hello, I did! And ok, will try to go for it! :D

  3. This is such a fantastic idea! I wish it would come to the UK, specifically Manchester!

    1. Maybe some advertising companies in Manchester could get news of this and organize it. It's a rly cool event! :)

  4. How amazing I have never heard of anything like this! I would love to attend one of these.

    1. I think it was a pretty cool idea on their part too :)


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