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Friday 4 October 2013

My first Carinn x OOTD: Hippie Bright & Colourful

I'm back in JB! (yes, again) And I just got back from a fruitful day out w the boy and decided to blog now. So efficient right, I know.

Anyway, this is my first OOTD post. It's gonna be full of photos (of me) so do forgive me! I love Just Want Coffee The Garden, and I really miss the tiramisu there so I asked the boy to bring me there today. Of course, the place is so pretty that I want to doll up to take photos! The photos didn't turn out too bad today on my iPhone, mostly cos the weather is so nice! Credits to boyfie for patiently taking photos for me (and snapping alot of ugly candid ones too)

While waiting for the food, we went around taking photos. I've been here many times and I'm glad that there's not many people today and the weather is so beautiful; perfect for photos. It's so nice that we opted to sit outside at the garden instead of indoors! 

Happy girl is happy that the food came.

Don't forget to order the tiramisu! Pricey, but awesome. :D Not as up to standard as the one in Permas and Molek branch though.. Anyway, the cold cappucino was good! Both priced at RM13, abit pricey lah..

Sweetest bf :)

Anyone who knows me knows I like colourful stuff. I have literally any colour you can think of in my wardrobe. ._. So since it's a nice sunny day, I put together this flowy, bright-coloured outfit to suit my happy mood! I think it's sexy and sweet (and a little bit hippie) at the same time. And it's so windy, the kimono and my hair kept flying around! XD So fun! I love the kimono btw, doesn't make me look so thin..

Now this is another place everyone takes their ootd at haha. I dropped my bracelet, hence the weird pose.

The iconic arch at The Garden hahaha

 Floral headband from {Forever 21}

Mint kimono/ outerwear {stolen from sister}
Asos inspired aztec print bodycon dress from {Discreet, Sunway Pyramid}
Necklace & transparent shoes {bought online}
Floral shades from {Forever 21}
Nude clutch from {DazzlingCouture}

Photographer: MCY

Thank you for reading! Leave a comment if you like this and I will post more in the future haha. Or if you hate my face it's ok too~ hahahaha. K I know this post isn't that great and I have a lot more to learn so... bear with me! :D 

Oh, and have a good weekend ahead! <3



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