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Sunday 1 December 2013

Carinn x OOTD: A Series of Black & White

Happy December! I can't believe it's the last month of the year O.o

I've been really uninspired lately to dress up. Which is weird because it's the holidays and I've been going out quite frequently. Maybe I'm just lazy.. Haha. So I took a short cut and just threw on some simple old pieces together and then I realise most of my clothes are either black or white -_- Wow I need more colour in my life.

Monochrome outfits are quite in fashion this year. They are classic and anyone can pull it off! However, it can be considered boring. It definitely goes beyond boring tshirts and slacks though. Try and make your outfits memorable. Here are some of my B&W outfit ideas.

Study Date @ Cestino Cafe & Bakery: 

Top from Kenanga Wholesale City
Checkered shorts from Times Square
Kate Spade bag
Shoes from Taobao

I think my whole outfit put together was less than RM80 (minus the bag cos that's a gift). XD Just a very simple, casual and comfortable outfit for a study date at Cestino Cafe with bf!

Buffet Lunch @ Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa:

Top from Brands Outlet
Floral skirt from Orange Sorbet
Belt from Fblock
Necklace from
Kate Spade bag (again)
Heels from Taobao

Perfect weather for an outdoor shoot! Even made iPhone photos look so clear! I expected the place to be pretty and I was right. Our dress code was black & white so I oped for something girlier + formal, hence the floral skirt. A hotel is a perfect place to wear my necklace without it looking too over-the-top. You can get it here, and for a very decent price & quality too! Very thankful to the uni for treating a bunch of us to lunch for volunteering to help out at a charity event :D 

Chilling @ Roost Recycled & Repurposed: 

Top from Sungei Wang
Bandage skirt from H&M
Flats from Rubi

My friends came down to JB last week and we brought them here. They love this place! So do I, how come I've never taken a pic here before? 
The outfit is too bland, so I paired it with my mint flats. Never knew how to pair the fishtail top except with shorts, then I got this genius idea of pairing it with my swallow-patterned bandage skirt as it shows off the little swallow design on the sheer top too!

Ok and that's all for my lame excuse for a blog post. Internship starts tmr and idk how busy I'll be. It's pretty unique as it requires me to work from home for Carousell, but I really can't gauge and guess what or how much I have to do lol. Will try to blog frequently! Oh, and do follow/ comment if you like my post thank you :)

Btw, hype me on Lookbook here, will ya? :)

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  1. I like your necklace, chic and stylish!

    1. Thanks! Can go check it out at!

  2. Your legs so slim, look good in every outfits!

    1. Nooo my legs are shapeless :( but thanks anyway! :)


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