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Tuesday 31 December 2013

Memories in 2013.

So it's going to be 2014 in a few hours' time. Take this time to reflect back on how your year has been.
I know I've changed a lot this year. I've also learnt a lot, made new friends and even got attached. Did I enjoy 2013? Heck yeah, I did.

1. I am happier and more optimistic now.

 2012 was a really tough year for me, what with living apart from my family for the first time. But I survived and 2013 is even better now! I've learnt that the good things can disappear in the blink of an eye, but so can the bad things. Yes, I've lost my wallet this year which made me super duper sad. But I've also encountered so many events that made me realise how lucky and blessed I am, so I complain less now!

I've also learnt to manage my time, not as well as it should be, but definitely better than before. It's not easy traveling back and forth JB and KL every 2 weeks but I've managed it AND did not neglect my studies! I'm pleased with my results despite the busy schedule, but it can be improved. Joining VUBC definitely played a part in helping me be more active both acamedically, and socially. 

Living alone has also taught me to appreciate time spent alone. Sometimes you'll see me wandering the malls or eating alone at home but that is just the best time to have my thoughts to myself. I'm not a loner k!

2. Knowing how much my family loves me.

There's no family trip overseas this year, but even a simple day trip to Singapore with them can make me happy beyond description. When I used to live at home, I usually just lock myself in the room and stare at the computer. Now that I'm living away from home, I do appreciate the time I get to spend with my family. Yes, I've missed a few family events like the trip to Langkawi and my grandmother's birthday celebration - things I've had to sacrifice for studies, but they never fail to make me feel like I'm there. My parents and sister will constantly update the Whatsapp group chat with photos and my aunts will tag me in photos on Facebook even if I'm not there. And we try to have family gatherings when me or my cousin are back. We are a big family, and you won't believe how close we are!

And.. I realise I'm more open with expressing my feelings now. I don't know about you, but I'm never one to tell my parents I love them. Now, if I'm stressed, I will look to them for advice and encouragement and I think my parents are better at expressing THEIR feelings too.. They reciprocate now if I tell them I love them. XD Good, good. There's still room for improvement. XD

3. Experiencing new things.

Sorry for the bad photo editing, I randomly threw a few photos together. XD 
This year, I got the chance to try out soooo many new things; attending events, trying new food and even organised a school event. These are mainly what compelled me to blog, to share my experiences and joy with anyone who wants to read my blog :) Thank you to my friends and family who has supported my desire to blog.
 I got to experience Sunway Lagoon with my boyfriend and it was really fun even though it's just the both of us. Because we got to spend time together and do something different besides going to the cinemas all the time! Haha.
I lost my "concert virginity" to MTV World Stage and lemme tell you, it was one of the craziest things I've ever done! Ok so you know I'm not very adventurous.. I've never even been clubbing despite living 2 years in KL ok! What's even better is I got to attend the concert with some of my closest friends and it was all our first concert so we definitely had fun.
Attended my first Nuffnang event too; Nuffnang FoodFest! Of course, I'm happy that I got to go with my two housemates and not only the food made us happy, but each others' company generally. <3
VU Night 2013 was probably my second and last prom and it was an honour to be able to work with the amazing VUBC Committee. Actually, they are more like family :) I learnt so much from organising this annual event, I'm sure it will help me a lot in my internship and even future job.
Tried out something new which was ice-skating with the gang! I can rollerblade, but imagine my amazement to find that I can ice-skate too! Soooo fun :D
And of course, the latest event that I attended was the IMAX launch, thanks to Butterfly Project & TGV Cinemas. It's my first time attending a bloggers' event so it was indeed and eye-opener. Plus point is that I've made new friends and we are now working on a few reviews in JB together so that's fun! :D
I have also done my part by donating to victims of Typhoon Haiyan, volunteering at orphanages and old folks' home and helping the Orang Asli. It feels good to help others less fortunate than yourself. Knowing that there are others in the world who need your help and helping them is within your limits, it is definitely worth the effort.

4. Spent time with friends; both old and new.

I've made so many new friends this year; drifted apart with some old friends but got closer to more. 
Living with Eunice and Jie En was seriously the best decision I've made. Somehow when we met each other, we all just clicked. I have to thank them so much for making me feel more at home in KL and for taking care of me, cooking for me and even going shopping with me. All the encouraging texts and sticky notes I'll keep till I'm old, I swear :D I hope I've been a better housemate this year.. My life in KL will suck without you girls! <3

Erica  and I often plan meetups now that I've shifted out and we still gossip when we meet, just like old times. Now that Elyssa has gone to Ireland, we don't really get to meet but when she's back, us three musketeers from college still meet up for Karaoke and it's like she's never left. I appreciate having you girls around because there's never a boring second with you two and for the fact that we can talk about anything and EVERYTHING. <3

Of course, it has been one hell of a year rushing for assignments and attending uni events with the Uni Ohana. It's thanks to this big family in KL that I got to go so many new places and eat so many nice food. It's also my first time going on a trip with friends and I'm glad it was Malacca with you guys. And also it's the first time friends came down to my hometown for a visit, so it was really cool being the host to my Marketing gang. I miss all of you so much, can't wait to meet you when the new sem commences!

5. Finding someone who loves me.

Very cheesy, but it seems obligatory that I have to write this lah... :p
Last but not least, one of the best things to happen to me this year was finding someone who loves me for me. We started off as best friends and slowly got closer. Never did I think this noob fella would be my boyfriend. :p 

Thank you for everything. For chaffeuring me around because I can't drive, for bringing me around JB to explore new cafes, for worrying about me when I'm sick, for finishing my food when I can't finish, for listening to all my rants and complaints, for giving me moral support when I'm stressed, for buying me random stuff, for spending time with my family, for supporting my every decision, for making decisions for me when I'm being fickle-minded, for tolerating my temper and habits, for loving me. :)

Thank you, each and everyone of you for an amazing year. I do have some resolutions for 2014 but it's for me to know only, sorry :p One of it will be to write better though.
Here's to a more fulfilling, more interesting and more amazing 2014. Wishing you all the best and hope that you will give and receive love abundantly!




  1. 2013 was great, and one of the reason will be getting to know you and the fellow bloggers. You babes made the blogging world even more fun now! Well, may 2014 be a wonderful year for all of us~! ^_^

    1. I'm glad I got to know you all too! Meet up soon k! Happy new year and all the best! :) :*

  2. i like your number 5 the most! you two are just so sweet! reminded me of me and bf too!! ((( :
    hope 2014 will be greater than 2013 as this is the horse year, everything will be strong and fast ( :

    1. Aw, hope you and your bf stay sweet too! Thank you! Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true and may your year be filled with lots of happiness and love! <3 :)

  3. wow good year u have in 2013! make another great one in 2014! =D happy new year!

    1. Thank you! Happy New Year and here's wishing you a great year ahead too! :D


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